Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to some of the common questions asked by students. If you require more help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Support and Accessibility

I have sent a contact request but have not had a response yet. What should I do?

We endeavour to answer all questions as soon as possible, however, depending on your enquiry we may need more time. Please ensure you allow at least 2 business days for a response to your coaching enquiry. If it is urgent please call us on 1300 907 870.

During your wait, you continue moving through your coursework, or start on the next unit.

I want to speak with a Coach, but none of the times listed via 'Contact a Coach' fit with my schedule, what can I do?

The times listed on the site via Contact a Coach are your coaches’ availability for calls that week. If the shown times do not fit with your schedule, start a Live Chat or Submit a Support Request with your preferred days and times. You will then be matched with the first available coach that can assist you.

I requested a call via 'Contact a Coach' but have not heard back from CAL yet. What do I do?

Once a booking has been successfully made, you will receive a confirmation email on the email address you have provided during the call booking phase. If you were not prompted for an email, we will use the personal email currently stored in our records.

If you have not received this confirmation, check your junk/spam folders and ensure you have whitelisted CAL emails. If you still cannot find the email, please start a Live Chat (LINK) or call us on 1300 907 870 to confirm your booking details.

I need to take some time off study. What options do I have?

We understand that life sometimes gets in the way of your study plans and you may need to take time away from studies or extend the amount of time you are taking to complete your course. If you are looking for an extension of your course time, please get in contact by filling out this form. Please ensure you’ve read the Course Extension Policy in full before submitting your application. You will then be contacted by the Student Support Team to advise of the outcome and any next steps to take.

If you are looking for a deferral of studies, please complete the Deferral Request Form

Once received, your application will be responded to within 5 business days. Please note that deferral periods are available for 1 – 3 months’ duration and may only be accessed once during your enrolment unless extenuating circumstances apply. Your course access will be deactivated during this time, but your access to your student email will remain active. Your course access will be reinstated on your scheduled resume date.

I don’t have a great internet connection or am often unable to access the internet. How can I keep up with my studies?

We do ask as one of our technical requirements that you have an adequate and reliable internet connection, though we understand you may encounter intermittent outages or loss of access. The Spark Learning Hub will allow you to download individual course material for offline access. To download an item, navigate to the material and click the download icon in the top-right (it looks like a cloud with an arrow).

If you require further assistance please use this form to Contact the College, or if the internet is unavailable to do this, please call us on 1300 907 870

Assessments and Submission Dates

I want to use my workplace in my assessments, how do I use the 'Approval for Third-Party Reporter' form for this?

If you’re using your own workplace for your unit assessment task/s, we will need to verify the skills you demonstrate in your workplace (that cannot be demonstrated in your written task/s). This requires that your current, or most recent manager/supervisor, observes you in the workplace and provides written feedback.

The first step is to get your third-party reporter approved by completing and submitting the ‘Approval for Third-Party Reporter’ form. This provides your assessor with the information needed to approve the person you nominate as suitable to provide third-party testimony.

You will need to submit your filled ‘Approval for Third-Party Reporter’ form to your coach/assessor via email ([email protected]) for them to process.

Once your nominated person has been approved, they will be required to complete the Third-party Evidence Collection Form for each unit you intend to use your workplace for.

This form asks them to confirm (or not) the skills/tasks they have observed you perform in the workplace. You will submit this form along with your final assessment submission for each unit.

Where further evidence is required, your assessor may need to contact them. As a guide, it only takes around 5 minutes to complete the Approval for Third-Party Reporter form and a further 30 mins or so to complete each Third-party Evidence Collection Form.

If you are unable to provide a suitable person for this process, you are welcome to use the CAL Case Studies for your assessment tasks where applicable instead.

I will not be able to meet a submission date as listed on my learning plan, what should I do?

Your Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is simply a guideline. There are no penalties if you miss a suggested due date. Please feel free to amend your own ILP dates so you can stay on track.

If you feel you need a new ILP generated, please Submit a Support Request through our Support Services and contact a Coach page, and we’ll help you out.

Technical Issues

What are the technical requirements to complete my studies?

You will need regular access to a laptop or desktop computer with the following:

  • An adequate and reliable internet connection,
  • At least the equivalent of Microsoft Office or Office for Mac, with word-processing capabilities and spreadsheets,
  • A PDF Reader installed,
  • Full permissions to install and access third-party software as required.

You will also need regular access to a laptop, desktop computer or device with an adequate camera to undertake video calls for assessments as required. Typically, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with the latest version of Chrome. Please check to ensure your device/s align with the system requirements for our major services:

  • Brightspace D2L – Our Learning Management System (LMS) platform
  • Zoom – Our video call platform
  • Respondus – Our quiz assessment platform
  • Vidyard – Our video embedding platform
Which browser should I use to access the Spark Learning Hub?

Any browser with Javascript and cookies enabled is suitable. If you are unsure if your browser is compatible, you can perform a system check here.

To log into the Spark Learning Hub, you’ll use your student email address and the password you have created.
We recommend that you keep your login details email for future reference, and use a password manager to organise and store your passwords securely. Some examples include the Google/Chrome Password Manager, or LastPass which has a student discount available when you sign up with your student email address.

Logging in for the first time

You will receive your login details in an email from CAL. This contains your student email address and a temporary password. Follow these easy instructions to log in for the first time:

  1. Follow the link in the email to go to the login instructions page. Read all of the information on the page and watch the video.
  2. Once you’re ready to log in for the first time, follow the link on the page to go to the Spark Learning Hub login page.
  3. Copy your student email address from your login details email, and paste it into the field on the login screen. Click ‘Next’.
  4. Copy the temporary password from your login details email, and paste it into the password field. Click ‘Sign In’.
  5. Set your alternative/recovery login details to recover your account and reset your password in future.
  6. Continue into Spark Learning Hub

Ensure you memorise your student email address and the new password you have just set. You will use these for future logins.

Please note: The temporary password provided will expire after 60 days if you have not logged in for the first time and updated to your own password. If this happens, please contact us through Live Chat or Submit a Support Request and we’ll regenerate a new temporary password for you to use.

Logging in after your first time

Use your student email address and the password you have created to log in to Spark Learning Hub

If you cannot remember your student email address, please refer back to your original login details email. If you’re unable to find this email, please start a Live Chat or Submit a Support Request and we’ll be happy to help you out.

If you cannot remember your password, please enter your student email address in the login screen, then use the ‘Forgot my password’ link. This will guide you through the process to recover your account and reset your password.

The tutorial video instructs me to download documents, but I can’t locate the files. What should I do?

Please complete our Website Error Log located here to report the issue. Please include as many details as possible to ensure we are able to provide what you need and correct the error on site.

I need to upload a video assessment, but my file is too big, what should I do?

Unfortunately, Spark only allows file uploads of less than 2GB. To reduce your video’s file size we recommend compressing the video, you can read our guide here.

CAL emails are going to my junk or spam folder, how do I stop this?

To make sure you continue receiving important emails from CAL, we suggest that you follow the Whitelisting Instructions to add us to your whitelist.

We also suggest adding your student email account into your email apps to ensure you’re aware of all important notifications.

I have found an error with the Spark Learning Hub or with the course materials, what do I do?

If you need to report an error on the website, please log a case through our Website Error Log form.