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Here are some of the questions that we’re often asked and their answers. If you can’t see your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

CAL has over 15 years of experience in adult learning and have delivered programs for thousands of adults. We know everyone is different. Different learning styles, levels of education, behaviors, perceptions and prior knowledge.

5 Ways CAL leads you to succeed in your career, your way

You will soar with our commitment to 1 on 1 coaching

At CAL you are not just a student number, you are a person. You can contact us when you need to and always receive the support you need. All our facilitators and coaches have global knowledge, real world experience and skills to assist you achieve your real world goals. If you do the work, we can ensure you pass with flying colours.

When you accelerate your learning, you accelerate your earning!

If you are eligible for RPL (recognition of prior learning), we will help you collect the evidence you have earned with your experience. Plus an optimal intensive study mode means you can complete you course in six months or less.

CAL is where adults go to learn

CAL understands adult learners have demanding jobs, varying lifestyles and limited spare time. Assessments are streamlined and staggered so you can progress naturally through the course. Plus you have access to other adult online learners with like minds and experiences.

We give a hoot

We take pride in producing informative and interactive, voiced over online tutorials that appeal to all learning styles. Our facilitators ‘talk’ to you and walk you through the program. You will not find boring click through slideshows that leave the actual ‘how to’ to your imagination.

We’re who you trust

For quality and current content, career advice, wide elective choices, relevant results and a respected qualification that adds value to your CV.[/drop_down]

We are now offering all of our Diploma and Certificate IV programs online. The online program can be taken at your own time, pace and convenience and includes regular feedback and personal assistance from our trained facilitators.

Please contact us for more information.

We offer a limited number of Diploma intakes for workshops at our Richmond learning centre. If you prefer to learn in a group, please contact us for the next available dates. In addition we also hold regular one and two day short courses on a range of business related topics. You can find these under our Short Courses Tab.
A Nationally recognised Statement of Attainment (SOA) for all units successfully completed and a qualification testamur upon successful completion of the program

Each of our programs offers different tutorials and outcomes, however with any of them you will receive:

  • A Gold Standard, Nationally Recognised Diploma or Certificate IV
  • Pathways to higher learning qualifications
  • Recognition of Prior Learning for the skills you already have
  • Intensive coaching from leading Australian learning consultants
  • Free access to webinars, tip sheets, and articles to keep you up to date with the latest strategies
  • Discounts on other CAL programs and products

Extra Mentor services include:

  • Access to over 50 hours of elective tutorials
  • Career Planning Advice
  • Job Ready Resume Advice

This really depends on your other commitments, your prior work experience, and the access you have to documentation that can validate your experience. For highly experienced mature aged students, you could be eligible to complete a Certificate IV or Diploma program in four weeks. Others may take 2-3 months. People who need to schedule study around their work and family commitments will usually take 6-12 months to achieve their qualification.

We have 15 years of experience in assisting adults to achieve credible learning pathways. The best approach is to email or call us and talk to a CAL learning coach about your work history.

In a 2012 survey of 150 of our Diploma graduates:

100% said CAL met or exceeded their expectations
97% responded that CAL’s courses offer value for money
83% recommend CAL courses to others

Explore our website for testimonials or read our case studies here…

We do not have restricting intake periods so with all of our online programs you can start at any time. If you wish to take a workshop program we hold these according to demand, please enquire for the next available dates.
Yes, our coaches work late on selected nights of every week so we will book in after-hours calls without hesitation. We also have lots of interstate students and our coaches are based in Melbourne, we are also happy to take into account the time difference.
No, at CAL we don’t think you should be put at a disadvantage because you’re not currently working. After all, your course is designed to help you work in the fields you wish to. Talk to your coach about accessing our handy case studies that you can use for your assessment instead of your workplace.
You will receive thorough feedback for every unit that you submit but if you’re nervous prior to submission then send a draft to your coach who will have a look and give you feedback right away.
That’s impossible! There is no chance you will fail. You will receive either a ‘competent’ or ‘pending’ result. If the result is pending you are given thorough feedback as to what is missing or what needs extra work. Then you can review and resubmit to achieve the ‘competent’ result. There is no extra cost or time restriction.
Each of our students receives an individual learning plan and the reason they are ‘individual’ is because they are flexible and designed to fit into your life.

We understand ‘life’ can sometimes get in the way of study, so if it isn’t working anymore, we will revisit your learning plan and amend it if necessary. There is no need for you to rush and sacrifice your learning just for the sake of due dates, that’s not our philosophy – we want you to get the most out of your learning and if that takes a bit longer, so be it!

Simply complete an online enquiry or call us on 1300 907 870

We will discuss which learning pathway and plan is right for you, assign you a login and show you how to use the online education learning system. By this time tomorrow you could have completed the Introduction and be well on your way to achieving your qualification.