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About Us



Passionate about education

The College for Adult Learning formed as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in 2009. As passionate educators we were continually frustrated with the explosion of cookie cutter and ‘one size fits all’ training standards being offered in the Australian marketplace.

We witnessed well meaning adult learners (and businesses) wasting their money on too easily given Certificates and Qualifications that did not endure under employer scrutiny, when matched to their actual level of skill.

While an accreditation may get you a job, only a quality program with substantial content, like a CAL Gold Standard Accreditation will provide you with an accelerated and accomplished career.

A combined 30 years in Vocational and higher education has shown us that sustainable career success requires a CV that demonstrates actual experience in partnership with the achievement of a Certificate or Diploma qualification.

Coaching is fundamental to CAL’s approach.

Knowing that there was a better way, CAL’s educators went to work and developed a highly efficient and effective training model for an adult learner that includes a strong workplace focus and specific, personalised coaching.

As an adult in the workplace, you have unique training needs that CAL aims to fulfil with a tailored approach. Unlike TAFEs, universities and large RTOs, you will not find school-leavers in your sessions or be treated as such.

Instead, we offer supportive online learning environments with experienced mentor facilitators. Your team is familiar with your CV, your goals and your unique needs.

You will discover that CAL is different to other RTOs

We will take the time to understand you and your level of experience. You will be matched to a qualification pathway that actually accelerates your success because it is built on the firm foundation of your real experience.

You can trust that CAL is committed to each and every graduate being a successful candidate for the job they desire.

Why did we choose an owl in CAL’s logo?

Owls are ancient symbols of learning, endeavour and knowledge. They also ask the most important question – WHO?

Who are you?

At CAL you are a unique individual with your own set of workplace experiences and goals – you deserve respect, recognition and expert advice.

You may also be a senior manager or business owner looking to invest in professional development through quality workplace qualifications or skills focused short courses for your people.  You want a training provider who understands your need for increased productivity, duty to compliance and results.

Who do I choose?

Yes, there are many RTO’s in the market and we understand that you want to make the smart choice. All our graduates have been where you are now. To be confident in your decision you can read the many testimonials and case studies featured throughout our material.

Who can I trust?

In every choice we make in life, isn’t that what it usually comes down to – trust? Some people shy away from using the T word. At CAL, we value it above all else and we proudly stand beside it. We’re who you trust.

Vision, Mission and Values

CAL’s Vision
To consistently exceed customer expectations with a choice of world class training solutions you can trust.

Our Mission
By listening to our customers and addressing their needs we will design and deliver amazing training solutions that will add significant value to people and in turn to their workplaces.

At CAL we value:

  • Excellence in customer service and course delivery
  • Integrity by using open and honest communication
  • Service Equity, where there is access for all to high quality, outcomes focused, people and business development solutions
  • Difference in individual learning needs and in the business requirements of each individual business
  • Time – all training must add value to people and workplaces
  • Tangible Outcomes, for your career and your workplace

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