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  • 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee
  • One-on-one Expert Tutor Support
  • 100% Flexible Online Learning

Our vision at the College for Adult Learning is centred on creating real outcomes for students. We’re committed to helping students achieve their goals through tailored learning journeys, engaging and industry-relevant course content, extra study resources and tools and unlimited mentoring and support from experienced professionals.

We’re not just CAL’s team, we’re your team.

Courses designed for success

We take the time to research and design our training products for success and proudly specialise in creating the courses that industry demands and future leaders – like you – need.

We believe that the employability and success of our students are dependent on the relevance of their studies to the real world, so our courses needed to be aligned with industry expectations.
Beginning with the research phase, we sit down with employers and find out exactly what they need from their teams and what makes a great leader in their industry.

Then, we develop our courses to have a strong workplace focus, design our assessments around practical applications of the coursework and tailor our content to meet industry-specific needs. This helps to ensure our courses deliver the content and skills needed in today’s workplace and tomorrow’s industries.

  • Courses created in Australia for the world stage

    Instead of buying courses or outsourcing our design and creation process overseas, we create our courses in-house. That means the learning experience is unique and you won’t find the same coursework being delivered by our competitors.

    By keeping our course creation in Australia, we can ensure the learning materials are relevant to Australian workplaces while being able to tailor the skill sets to an international stage.

    We weren’t built to make money fast. We were created to help people make a difference in their careers. That means delivering relevant coursework designed to develop future-focused skills and create real outcomes.

  • Unique courses for a competitive edge

    In our research into the needs of a modern workforce, we found that employers are looking for dynamic leaders, not just specialists. Employers are increasingly looking for transferable team leadership and project management skills to ensure they have a future-focused, dynamic workforce.

    We believe that continuing to partner with industry leaders when we develop our training solutions is the best way to ensure that our content is accurate, current and relevant to the workplaces of today with the visions of tomorrow.

  • Double diploma courses that make you stand out

    That’s why we’ve created a suite of integrated Double Diploma and Dual qualification courses to deliver more in-demand skillsets so you have a competitive edge in your career.

    By carefully weaving together hand-selected unit sets, you can earn more industry-relevant competencies while eliminating hundreds of hours of extra study time required to complete two separate qualifications.

    Our integrated Double Diploma and Dual qualification courses will arm you with two nationally recognised qualifications, deliver the practical skills your industry demands and set you up for success beyond your studies.

Focus on our students throughout their journey

Here at CAL, we are committed to our students’ success from enrolment through to graduation and beyond. This commitment starts with taking the time to understand your goals, providing personalised and flexible learning solutions and is driven by passionate mentors and support teams.

As an individual with your own set of circumstances, you have unique training needs, and our goal is to support your learning journey in a way that works for you. We’ll customise a learning plan and create a pathway to accommodate you and your experience; whether you’re a seasoned professional working full-time and looking to formalise their experience, a parent with prior experience returning to work or someone hoping to break into their dream career, we’ll help get you there.

  • Tailored learning solutions

    Unlike TAFEs, universities and large RTOs, you won’t be treated as just a number, you won’t be made to follow our schedule, you won’t feel deserted, and you won’t be held back when you’re ready to soar.

    We take the time to understand you and your level of experience so we can focus on getting you the training you need. By getting to know you first, we can tailor a qualification pathway that aims to accelerate your learning and help you achieve your goals faster.

  • Unlimited support when you need it

    Everyone has a different learning style, so it makes sense that everyone will need different levels and types of support.

    While some students are happy to study with minimal external contact, others like to book regular coaching calls and some utilise every tool we have available to get the most out of their experience with CAL.
    Our Student Support team will strive to help you get the best outcomes and your Student Success Advisor will help you.

    In addition to our dedicated Student Support team, we hand-pick our Learning Coaches to deliver the best mentorship and support to our students. With over 20 years experience in their respective industries across various functions and verticals, every one of our Learning Coaches is committed to helping their students succeed.

Real outcomes for your career

We’re not here to run a business and tick some boxes. We’re dedicated to making a difference in our students’ lives. It all starts with our commitment to future-focused, outcomes-based training.

  • Mentoring beyond your coursework

    We focus on providing real outcomes, not just a piece of paper. One of the reasons why we hand-select our Learning Coaches is so we can ensure they have the experience and mindset to provide valuable mentoring for our students. This goes beyond working through an assessment, it’s an opportunity for students to talk to someone that’s been there and done that. An opportunity to bounce ideas off someone and get a deeper understanding of leadership and hands-on advice you can use straight away.

    Our Learning Coaches aren’t just trainers, they’re industry leaders and mentors. And they’re available to all of our student to book in for one-on-one support.

  • Career Success Package

    Not only are we committed to going beyond the competencies, we offer a free Career Success Kit with each enrolment. We’ll help you showcase your new skills with a free CV proposal, an interview preparation and a career direction consultation.

    With hours of elective study resources, available and mentorship from Learning Coaches with real-world experience, our students have all the tools they need to succeed in their studies and take their careers to the next level.

Study on your own terms

We know that you need courses that work around your lifestyle, so we deliver our courses 100% online to ensure content is accessible for our students anywhere, at any time.

You won’t be expected to shuffle work hours or battle traffic to accommodate face-to-face classes, no need to buy expensive textbooks or mail in hard-copy assessments. Our courses were created so you can study as you want around your lifestyle, not as we dictate around our schedule.

Flexible payment options for every budget

We’ve created our business model to be accessible for all students. We’re not looking for profit from every administrative request and we don’t try to trap students in unfair loans.

  • No hidden fees. You’ll know exactly what you’re paying, and when.

  • Discounted upfront fees. We’ll reward you with up to 13.1% off your course fees for paying an upfront deposit.

  • Flexible payment plans to suit any budget. Completely transparent fees with the option to change your plan at any time, free of charge.

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Risk-free guarantee

We take the time to meet and understand our students so we can be confident when we create their learning path. But, if you find that the course is just not right for you, you can withdraw in the first 30 days. Terms and conditions apply.