Our company vision is to make a difference; by igniting real change in the world. We do this through education (our passion) and by inspiring one student at a time, empowering them to shape their own world.

This is the motivation behind us launching our CAL Charity Program in 2019. It is through this program we hope to give back to our community (near and far) in very real and meaningful ways.

Blood Drive – Tuesday 9th April 2019

Attending the CAL blood drive were seven eager (and slightly nervous!) team members giving up their time to donate. We had some staff who had never donated before, and others who donate on a regular basis – however by the end of the blood drive, we all felt privileged to be able to give, knowing it would change another’s life.

“For the last five years, I have been a volunteer with the Australian Red Cross Organisation to donate blood. When I was younger my parents encouraged and educated me on the importance of giving blood, it feels good to know that by doing something so little I can help so many in critical situations. Being able to give blood with CAL was a great experience in which I was able to donate with my colleagues and give back to the community.”

– Daisy, our Student Engagement Coach.

Only 1 out of 30 Australians donate blood each year, even though 1 in 3 Australians at some point, will need blood to save their life (Australian Red Cross). Donating blood is a small individual sacrifice to make with a life-changing result. We hope to contribute to a social movement of regular blood donation across Australia, as more donations are needed every day.

CAL’s Biggest Morning Tea – Thursday 23rd May 2019

A fantastic team effort for CAL’s Biggest Morning Tea resulted in an abundance of delicious cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and homemade scones for a great morning on Thursday. With fundraising and gold coin donation at the door, CAL was proud to be a part of a national initiative for Cancer Council. “Morning tea brings people together, it facilitates chats and builds relations. This is a great added dimension to excellent tea and cakes.” said Michael, awarded the Best Baker for his freshly made scones.

“My donation was a token of my appreciation of the great work they do. I was delighted to participate in our workplace event and it was lovely to share some time with my colleagues. This cause is close to my heart because I lost a dear friend to cancer. I know every dollar counts in the fundraising efforts they do,”

– Coach Meagan on her contribution to the morning tea.

Cancer is the leading cause of death in Australia, with 150,000 new diagnosed cases estimated to arise by 2020 (Cancer Council). The Biggest Morning Tea has been running for 26 years and has done an immense job of raising awareness, funds and bringing people together in support of cancer sufferers. To be involved and united in a strong community like the Morning Tea, can ultimately make a huge difference to others’ lives.

“It was great to be able to come together as a team and raise funds for such an important charity,” CAL team member Narelle mentioned. CAL’s Morning Tea raised $700 in contribution for Cancer Council.

MS Walk and Run – Sunday 2nd June 2019

The weather just held out for our group of walkers taking part in the MS Walk and Run – raising money and awareness for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis. Our CAL Group had a great team that was thirteen strong, with three little ones along for the ride. Upon arrival, we got together and dressed up in our team gear to commence the beautiful walk around the lake at Albert Park. Before we knew it, we were at the finish line and being rewarded with a petting zoo!

“It was an incredible turnout and an encouraging sight to see so many fundraising for the cause. My sister was diagnosed with MS a few years ago, so this is a cause that’s very close to my heart – it’s so important that those diagnosed with MS get the support and resources they need to live their best lives, in spite of the disease. I’m proud to have been a part of that,”

– CAL team member Chloe.

Steve also enjoyed the day, “It was a nice Melbourne morning to get outside and go for a walk with the team and some of their families. MS is a cause close to my family as my mother-in-law has been a sufferer of MS for over ten years,” he explained. MS affects 25,600 Australians a year (MS Australia) and with no known cure, MS fundraising events raise money for research, awareness programs, and treatment and support services. The Walk and Run event brings together around 9000 people each year across Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Launceston. Giving up your morning to get outside, run or walk with a huge crowd in the fight against MS is a morning well spent – and an amazing way to feel a part of something bigger.