Our Vision and Values

The direction we’re taking and the principles that guide us along the way.

We began with the idea that we could do things differently. We didn’t want to deliver training that ticked a box. We wanted to deliver the training that students need, and we wanted to equip them to continue learning beyond a qualification.

We’ve grown and expanded over the last decade to help thousands of students achieve their dreams. But as we reflected on why we started the College for Adult Learning in the first place, it was clear that our vision hadn’t changed.

We’ve always believed that everyone has the power to transform themselves and create change in the world. And we have the unique opportunity to be a part of this. We’re looking beyond the classroom to a world filled with opportunity. We’re looking beyond qualifications to the chance to ignite a passion for lifelong learning.


Our vision is global, but it starts with one.

Our Vision


Make a difference.

Igniting real change by inspiring one student at a time;

empowering them to shape their own world.


How we're making a difference

We know the profound impact we can have on people, and how they can continue to effect change around them. By inspiring one student, we have the opportunity to transform lives, to drive innovation in industry, and to change the world.

We’re not only helping those that come to us, we’re looking for ways to proactively reach out and make a difference.

By sparking the desire to learn, we’re creating lifelong students. We’re giving people the confidence to achieve their goals and live their best lives.

We’re changing lives through learning.

Empowering Students.

We use the opportunity we have as an education provider to not just train our students, but empower them.

Empowering Students.

We use the opportunity we have as an education provider to not just train our students, but empower them.

Creating real outcomes for our graduates

Since the beginning, we’ve focused on understanding our students.

Whether a student is looking to formalise their extensive experience, upskill to advance their career, follow their passion or start a new career – we want to see our students succeed.

We’re dedicated to going beyond the piece of paper and making sure our students graduate with practical skills and the confidence to continue growing personally and professionally.

We’re giving students the power to shape their own world.

Igniting Real Change.

We believe that even the smallest contributions can have the most profound effects.

Igniting Real Change.

We believe that even the smallest contributions can have the most profound effects.

Transforming our world

We’re making a conscious effort to create and inspire meaningful change.

By making thoughtful contributions, we can help individuals, improve our community and change the world.

From saving a life with blood donations, to helping plant trees in our community through to raising money and awareness for conditions affecting thousands in Australia and millions globally, we’re working to ignite real change.

We’re sparking meaningful change in our world.

Our Values

  • 1. We put students first. Always.
  • 2. We embrace individuality.
  • 3. We work together and always support each other.
  • 4. We believe it all starts with a desire to learn.
  • 5. We are future-focused.
  • 6. We are transparent.

Values at the heart of CAL

With a vision so big and so exciting, we needed to make sure our values set up a framework for us to make a difference while still being true to who we are.

As a family-run business, we were always governed by a need to do better and to be better without sacrificing quality, honesty or compassion.

By championing a culture of support and learning, our growing team were always encouraged to have a passion for education, a spirit of integrity and a need to keep improving.

When it came to setting our values, we simply needed to look at what we already did that made us really proud to be a part of CAL.

Our values have always been at the heart of everything we do, it was just time we showed the world.


We put students first. Always.

This is the most obvious value for us. One of the reasons CAL was started was because of the need to recognise and understand that every student is different. Each has a different level of experience, a different learning style, different needs and different goals.

Our move to create a dedicated Student Success Team has changed the game for thousands of students. This is a unique initiative with real people proactively reaching out to students to help them overcome obstacles and achieve their goals.

Our Student Success Advisors are always pioneering new ways to connect with students and improve the student experience.


We embrace individuality.

One of our proudest points of difference was that we always strive to reach out and get to know and understand each of our students. We choose to tailor a student’s learning journey because we embrace the differences – not punish them.

Because this has been at the heart of our business, it just made sense that we also cherish each team member and their backgrounds, ideas, interests, personalities and quirks. We choose to celebrate them, and encourage our people to be themselves, unapologetically.

There are no square pegs at CAL, because there are no round holes. We wouldn’t be where we are today without the brilliant, unique minds in our team.


We work together and always support each other.

We didn’t start with one, we started with a team – a family. As we grew our family-run College, the terms ‘team’ and ‘family’ stayed synonymous and we continued to nurture a culture of support.

While the business grew and changed in different ways, we realised that we simply can’t move forward if we don’t share ideas and encourage each other. We believe that teamwork needs to be beyond walls and departments, and real support goes beyond the day’s to-do list. It’s all about helping people achieve their goals.

At CAL, we not only work with each other, we work with our students, because we are one team. And together, we can make a difference.


We believe it all starts with a desire to learn.

Learning is at the heart of personal and professional growth. We believe that the willingness to try new things and step outside our comfort zone is one of the most powerful indicators of success.

If you can develop the mindset that there’s always something to learn from everyone, then every interaction becomes an opportunity. If you can set a goal to learn something new each day, then no day is wasted. If you can spark your passion for learning, then you can inspire thousands.

We nurture curiosity and encourage the habit of continuous learning and improvement. Through creating lifelong learners, we can drive innovation and create a better future.


We are future-focused.

We have always looked beyond the present. By simply understanding that not every student can be treated the same and deciding to make a change, we created a foundation that looked towards tomorrow.

We challenge the status quo and think about what can be done better. We take on stale paradigms and design the new standard. We analyse the past and build a better future.

By focusing on what the workforce needs tomorrow, we can deliver cutting-edge skills today. We can transform industries and future-proof careers. By focusing on the future, we’re setting our students up for success.


We are transparent.

At the heart of every student-trainer relationship is trust. This is built on honesty and openness. It’s fostered through respect. It’s strengthened through vulnerability. And it’s maintained through accountability.

We’re always looking for better ways to communicate and facilitate conversations. From introducing new ways for students to give feedback, to reaching out to ask for it – we believe transparency works best when it’s a two-way discussion, not a token suggestion box.

Every day, we make the decision to be open and accountable. We’re listening to feedback, and we’re putting it into action.

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