Course Extension Request


Please complete the form below to request an extension to your course beyond the usual 24 Months. Please note you must provide details of why you have been unable to complete the course and what you plan to do going forward to complete your course should you receive an extension

Free extensions are available in 6-month blocks and can only be applied for in the final 6 months of your course time.
To be eligible for a free 6-month extension of your course access, you must have met the following criteria:

  • Must have supplied and been deemed competent in at least 50% of your course work.
  • Must have maintained regular contact with the college (including coaching calls, coaching email requests and responding to check in emails minimum of 1 contact point every 3 months).
  • Must be paid up to date in your original finance agreement (no outstanding payments).

If you do not meet the above conditions, you are invited to re-enrol in your course for a reduced amount of $595 for 12 months or $995 for 24 months.

To re-enrol please click here for an additional 12 Months or click here for an additional 24 Months

If you believe you have extenuating medical or personal circumstances please put the reasons below and a member of the management team may be able to grant an extension under special circumstances. Please note that you must be able to supply verifiable documented evidence to support your case (e.g. medical certificate, legal documentation etc.)