Flexible Payment Options for Every Budget

  • No hidden fees
  • Discounted upfront fees
  • Flexible payment plans to suit any budget


At CAL, we recognise and understand that every student is different and no one payment option will suit everyone. That is why we offer flexible payment options to suit every budget. With no hidden fees, you can be sure we are here to support you through your learning journey.

We are committed to helping students achieve their goals through tailored learning journeys, unparalleled support and flexibility to work with our students to ensure you can complete your course successfully. 

We believe in putting the student first.

"The course that I took offered value for money as I learned a lot from the lecturer and am able to use the skills in my workplace."

"You can never really put true value to learning as it profits you for a lifetime."

"Excellent value for money, high quality education at minimal cost."

"I think that Vikki was the best thing about the course. She gave excellent feedback and was really helpful, especially in times where I wanted to give up.”

“The support and backup ftom [sic] my mentor, Michael, was fabulous and a big help in completing the course.”

"Michael as learning coach was fantastic and made the whole learning experience come alive with his sharing of knowledge and experience.”


  • No hidden fees or interest rates

Our payment plans are transparent – what you see is what you get. There are no hidden fees, no variable interest rates and payments aren’t indexed or income-based. Once you set up the direct debit, you know exactly how much you pay and when.

  • No excessive administration fees

Unlike many other providers, we believe in fairness and accessibility, not profiting from excessive administrative fees. You’re not charged extra for RPL, you won’t incur credit transfer fees and you can resubmit your assessments twice without any penalty.

We also have fair deferral, re-enrolment and extension options to help you get qualified with confidence, on your own terms.

  • Discounted upfront fees

If you’re in a position to pay your fees upfront, we’ll help you with an extra discount. By electing to pay upfront deposit of $1495, you can save up to an extra 13.5% on your total course costs.

Unparalleled support and flexibility

When you study with CAL, you can be assured that we are committed to helping you achieve your career goals. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge expensive fees for RPL, course transfers or your optional 6-month extension. Our purpose is to support you in the way that you need, throughout your entire learning journey and help you achieve your qualification. 


RPL Application Cost
RPL Cost per Unit
Course Transfer Cost
6-Month Extension Cost
Refund Processing Fee
Refund Period
30 Days
Free Deferral Period
90 Days


RPL Application Cost
Up to $1500
RPL Cost per Unit
Up to $1200
Course Transfer Cost
Up to $250
6-Month Extension Cost
Up to $500
Refund Processing Fee
Up to $280
Refund Period
Up to 14 Days
Deferral Time
Up to 30 Days
  • Change your plan at any time

We understand that life happens and your circumstances can changes drastically and quickly, for better or worse. That’s why we work with you to make sure the payment plan is right for you at all stages.
You can change your frequency, payment amount, the dates you’re debited or you can even choose to pay off your balance in one go without any penalties. Our finance officers can help you stay on track.


  • Start Anytime Promise

If you’re planning on studying later in the year but would like to lock in an offer or kickstart your a payment plan, we can set you up with a deferred start date within 3 months from registration date. This means that you can start paying off your course straight away, then pick up the study once you have the time to dedicate.

What sets us apart

We want to recognise you for your existing knowledge and skills. Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL) is an efficient way for already competent professionals to achieve a qualification faster. Unlike other RTOs, we do not charge an application fee for RPL or a fee per unit for RPL.

At CAL, we will work with you to find a pathway that’s best suited to your career goals. This is why we offer zero fees for course transfers for our students. To accommodate to our students’ busy lives, we offer a free 90-day deferral.

To help our students continue on their learning journey, we offer a free 6-month extension to ensure they’re in the best position to complete their course. We are also happy to offer re-enrolments. We won’t ever charge the full course fee for re-enrolments (some fees do apply).

  • 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee

We take the time to get to know you to make sure that our courses are the right path for you before you jump in. Because we take that extra step to meet our students, we can be confident that you will succeed in your online studies.

You’ll have 30 days to try out your course so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice.

If you happen to find that your course just isn’t what you’re after in the first 30 days, we will return your course fees, less a small administration fee.

See what our students are saying

Discover why 93% of students surveyed would recommend our courses to friends and coworkers:

College for Adult Learning
Based on 199 reviews
Yusuf Dayyab Yusuf Muhammad
Yusuf Dayyab Yusuf M.
22:33 11 May 22
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Sue Patterson
Sue P.
00:56 04 May 22
Wonderful learning platform with great staff who are very experienced and offer such a huge amount of support - I have recommended CAL to my admin collegues who are keen to upskill themselves.
Corey Thomas
Corey T.
22:21 03 May 22
I recently completed a diploma in business and a diploma in management & leadership. I felt my assessor Marissa Litonjua was amazing and help me in every aspect throughout my journey. It was well structured and I was able to complete the course at a pace that worked well with my busy lifestyle.
Khanna Chem
Khanna C.
03:52 11 Apr 22
The college for Adults Learning has really helped me with my full time schedule with work and being a new mum, I love the fact that it's self-dependent learning and is flexible. I would highly recommend it for those who want to challenge themself while juggling everyday work/life balance. It's great and the coach support are all so lovely too.
Jack Morrison
Jack M.
20:51 20 Mar 22
I just completed a double diploma of business & leadership and management with CAL. Marrissa, Kerri and all of the team were so helpful throughout the entire course. If your looking to complete a diploma which works around your own schedule/lifestyle, whilst still having first class support and coaching then College for Adult Learning is the perfect choice. Thank you again CAL.
Ashley Forbes
Ashley F.
08:32 16 Mar 22
I have just completed the Dual Diploma of Business (Operations) + Leadership and Management. I would like to say a special thank you to the following CAL individuals that made this year of studying an amazing experience, thank you for your support and expertise throughout my study journey with CAL:Alec CottonKerre BurleyMarissa LitonjuaI found CAL to be highly professional, assessments were marked on time, role plays were fabulous, I can not fault CAL in anything and i would highly recommend them as a study institution.
Mazvita Mataranyika
Mazvita M.
09:22 11 Mar 22
The learning management system spark is really good. Easy to navigate! One of the best I've used in my long academic career. Well done CAL!The coaches are all lovely.I did a double diploma in practice management and business administration with CAL. I thought the assessments were overloaded with so much stuff that I know the assessors didn't even get a chance to thoroughly read everything. I think CAL can assess the same content with briefer tasks.There are lots of irrelevant activities that I had to complete as part of the journal. I do not see the point of overloading students with a bunch of activities to 'bulk up' the course. It does not add value and it's so time consuming. Personally, I found it so demoralising to get 1 question off the 90% mark required to skip the journal and then have to submit a good 20-30 pages of random activities that no one reads.For example with the manage health billing unit, there is no single tutorial video recorded for the topic of managing health billing they just took tutorials from other units. ( I know because I did some of the tutorials in my other units). My problem is that there's a whole bunch of irrelevant tutorials that you have to go through only to discover that assessments only focus on one learning document within a single tutorial. So why waste our time on the other stuff? Make it relevant or cut it out.Marking criteria and strictness across coaches (asessers) is widely varied. Some coaches e.g Robyn and Marissa are really relaxed, they are willing to accept reasonable answers, others are very strict eg Meagan Rawlings is very stringent with her marking criteria.. ie you can write someting which is true but she won't accept it because it's not on her answer sheet.When the questions have been worded very vaguely and open ended, and also the unit tutorials are mostly irrelevant, it can be very frustrating to be told to resubmit assignments over and over again for tiny details that don't add much value to your overall understanding of the key concepts.Studying with CAL is a great way to test your patience and ability to sift through a whole lot of rubbish to find the good bits. It's not all bad...
ximena Czaja
ximena C.
00:20 08 Mar 22
First the bad: I found the language used in the tasks/assessments to be a little vague and confusing. On talking with my coach, things were cleared up, but it's that initial confusion that was slightly disheartening.It was usually a 48hr wait to speak to a coach.Now the good: My coach Marissa was great at helping me work through the issues and keeping me motivated to get through the assessments, especially during the simulations. She gives clear and concise feedback.That you can do this in your own time, is really great and if you're running behind, as I did, they're open to a discussion on extensions or what can be done to help you get through the course.There is now a new format and it's much easier to use, clearer on segments and progress.Warning: the quiz's use a lockout software that are not always compatible with a work laptop (as I was using), so keep that in mind 🙂
Mei Shen Wong
Mei Shen W.
09:45 01 Mar 22
Finally completed my course with the help and guidance from Marissa. Couldnt thank her enough
Hannah Boland
Hannah B.
05:33 01 Mar 22
CAL has been a great institution to study with while working full-time as it is self-paced. The support from the coaches has been fantastic, and the ability to use real-work situations and RPL towards assessments cuts the workload down dramatically. The main downside to their programs is the overload of required work. Learning journals, quizzes and assessment tasks with 25+ pages of instructions are not uncommon. A special thanks to Marissa for being a wonderful coach who has kept me on track to the end! The rest of the admin staff have also been excellent - always following up issues and providing a great experience. Thanks CAL team!
Rani Bhattarai
Rani B.
06:25 27 Feb 22
I did my Diploma in Business Administration. I had a lot of support throughout my journey. Marissa was the best educator anyone can ever had as she has helped me so much when I was struggling with my journal work. Big Thanks to Megan as well as she was very helpful and thoughtful.
Megha Gupta
Megha G.
04:18 24 Feb 22
These people are absolute angels. Helping you through in every way. I joined a course last year in lockdown and couldn't pay for it because of Covid - they helped me a lot and then I decided to change courses, even that was a piece of cake. highly recommend.
Terry Froggatt
Terry F.
00:13 14 Feb 22
Hi,I recently enrolled in a Double Diploma Compliance and Quality Audit with the Adult College for Learning. I have found the enrolment process, the quality of the on-line materials and the responses by their coaches to be exemplary. Dr Terry Froggatt
Michael Groger
Michael G.
09:18 13 Feb 22
I started my career on the tools and later transitioned into an office position. It took me a while to understand, but working in an office position is a skill that can be learned and honed. Thanks to the College for Adult Learning I now feel well equipped working in all aspects of my roll as a Technical Manager. A big thank you to Marissa from the College for Adult Learning for taking this extra bit of time to guide me through the course and making my learning experience pleasant.
Ketrina Humberdross
Ketrina H.
07:37 13 Feb 22
I really enjoyed studying with cal very good support and the course was very well structured if you are a mature aged person I recommend studying with cal and huge thank you to Marissa she is a wonderful coach and mentor.
Ketrina Humberdross
Ketrina H.
07:07 13 Feb 22
I did my diploma in business administration I found the course to be very informative and the support was incredibly if you want to study and your of a mature age I recommend college of adult learning
05:38 13 Feb 22
I have just completed a double diploma with CAL. Comprehensive course materials and easy to use platform. However requirements to complete units were very time consuming. A big workload including lengthy, involved assessments with many role plays and presentations as well as a lot of written documentation. In addition to assessments, compulsory quizzes and many activities that had to be completed and submitted. I found both the coaches and administrative staff very responsive and professional in dealing with issues when raised. Studying with CAL would suit students who are self-motivated and self-directed with a lot of time to commit to their studies. I would definitely recommend CAL to people who really want to learn 🙂
Sharna Ritchie
Sharna R.
05:18 12 Feb 22
(*Edited) - I initially gave a one star rating with the feedback below. However I have now changed this to a 4 star rating due to receiving a telephone call from Michael (manager of the Success Team at CAL). He reached out to me and listened and discussed my situation. He had done his homework in looking up my requests as well which impressed me. He was patient, professional and personable. Long story short he granted me my extension which was a huge weight off my shoulders. Thank you Michael (you deserve your role/title and some).(Initial review) - Really poor course format and poor coaching support. They are really quick to sign you up and take your money. When you need support, it is not immediate - you have to book an appointment which could be a week later. If you don't do your course within 24 months you have to pay extra to extend it and you can't apply for an extension until 6 months prior to the end of your course.The course format was changed halfway through the course due to not meeting national standards. There was no flexibility with extending my course because of this fact.
James Adams
James A.
15:45 09 Feb 22
This thing helped me since i was 13 in health class because i was able to do so many things and i stayed focused.
04:49 09 Feb 22
The learning platform is easy to use and the coaches are knowledgeable
08:38 07 Feb 22
I have just completed my double diploma in Business and Leadership Management. There have been positives and negatives to this course. The positives are fantastic support from Marissa and Di in the student support department:) Negatives were that i was sold this course on the fact I am originally a tradesman wanting to transition into a business role (off the tools). All through the course there are sections where it asked for the student to do research or find out answers by contacting certain colleagues in there office or department?! This isn't possible if you do not work in a corporate environment. I also found that quite often certain software may be required to draw up graphs for example so time is wasted trailing the internet for free copies when this should be provided as part of the course. A lot of patience and perseverance was required and is required for an online course of this nature.
Isabel Summers
Isabel S.
21:36 02 Feb 22
I have just completed my double diploma in Business and Leadership Management. I started my studies in our first lockdown but soon went back to working full time. Marissa was such a star. I received nothing but support and positivity from her. The study style really worked well for me. After hour calls meaning I could study and still get support after 5pm or on weekend. I can't wait to put my new knowledge to the test. Thank you!
Joanne Fenech
Joanne F.
07:53 30 Jan 22
I would not be here today, without the flexibility of C.A.L. online learning and support from the coaches (especially Marissa). I was provided with support and motivation along the way in completing my double diploma in Human Resources, and Leadership and Management. If you're anything like me and time poor due to already working full-time and other commitments, I strongly recommend you to complete your course online with C.A.L.
Caitlin Field
Caitlin F.
20:46 28 Jan 22
I have just completed the Double Diploma in Human Resources Management and Leadership and Management. The material provided gave me in-depth knowledge and a broad understanding of the information relevant and necessary for me to build a career in this industry. A special shout-out to Kerre and Marissa who were extremely supportive and helped guide me through the course.
Kristin King
Kristin K.
21:19 26 Jan 22
I just completed my Double Diploma in Business & Leadership Management. I don't think I would have done it without the amazing help and guidance from my assessor Marissa. Marissa was supportive, calm and very efficient. Amidst her own studies, she was always available for her CAL students. So thank you Marissa!
salim siddique
salim S.
15:55 26 Jan 22
Very happy and excited to finish my Double diploma today with CAL. At a point i almost gave up on finishing my course due to family and work as I was feeling too stressed out and could not spare enough time out of my busy schedule to do course work. Fortunately I had a chat with my coach Marissa Litonjua who encouraged and motivated me to continue with studies and assured all her support. Ever since I had lot of simulations, role plays and coaching calls with her with a huge support every time. I must say that her knowledge of her subject is impressive which helped me clarify my doubts every time. Thanks Marissa and CAL for all the support ..Keep the good work up..Salim
Clare W
Clare W
10:57 25 Jan 22
I recently completed the Double Diploma in Business and Business Administration. I have gained much confidence and knowledge for my job through this course. I started the Diploma not realising how much work would be involved, but pushed through to finally finish in the new year. Not only have I gained up-to-date knowledge for my job, I have learnt more about learning, it has helped me learn how I learn, and retain information. I find I'm much more focused in other things since completing. I like the consistency of each unit - tutorials, videos with transcripts and copies of the PowerPoints all downloadable, assessment quiz and assessment tasks. The activities in the tutorials are thorough and often took a while to complete, which looking back, is a good thing, as I didn't want to skim over the info. I received encouraging feedback from my assessors Meghan and Marissa, not a tick and flick! I particularly like the booking system for the role plays - very efficient, and I didn't have long to wait for appointments. Marissa marked my assessments promptly, which really helped me keep the momentum going. Thank you CAL!
Lisa Storey
Lisa S.
03:15 23 Jan 22
Having recently completing my double diploma in Human Resources Management and Leadership Management I would recommend CAL for anyone who wants to learn at their own pace. The support received from my coach Marissa Litonjua was exceptional. Her kind words, sound advice and knowledge helped me finish even when I didn't think I could. Thanks Marissa for helping me complete this course and for your fantastic support.
Jaden Arnott
Jaden A.
01:14 23 Jan 22
My experience with CAL has been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest. They have made multiple changes to my course throughout the time that I have been completing it, which has made it quite difficult to complete. I have been through some quite challenging experiences outside of my course, for which the company have been quite supportive. That said, the new system that they have in place is FAR better than the old one. I want to do a special shout-out to Marissa Litonjua and Kerre Burley - definitely would not have completed my double diploma without their support.
Jo Scaturchio
Jo S.
06:04 12 Jan 22
I just finished a double diploma in Practice Management & Business Administration.Yes it is a lot of work to get through , as Like most things in life . Biggest tip would just be if your not sure just put a coaching call in , as I did many of times .Meagan was absolutely brilliant in always helping me , when I needed it .Kerry was also great at helping me too .These 2 ladies made my whole online studying amazing .Thanks lovely ladies !!Highly recommend CAL
Kiara White
Kiara W.
05:36 10 Jan 22
My experience with the College for Adult Learning has been extremely positive. I was able to attain my double diploma whilst working full time with the help of my coaches. The study tips they provided kept me on track and the assistance I received specific to my course allowed me to continue and achieve my goal. I feel the knowledge and skills I have received are relevant to the current industry and I can take what I have learnt and apply it to my work. Thank you CAL!
Vanessa Dowell
Vanessa D.
23:47 08 Jan 22
I wanted to study Human Resources, and after much research went through CAL for a Double Diploma. The set up was easy, I could navigate the site very well. I received support every step of the way which helped me get through each unit (and some are pretty big!) I was granted extensions along the way as life intervened, and the communication was fantastic. The zoom calls were convenient and comfortable to do. I would like to thank CAL, and Marissa who helped me achieve my Double Diploma!!!
Georgia Elith
Georgia E.
04:33 07 Jan 22
I have recently completed a double diploma HR & Leadership Management through CAL. This course has now been superseded, which is good, as some of the material was a little out of date (what with legislation continuously being updated). The units are broken down well into various relevant topics, and although some were repetitive, you can re-use past work for duplicate questions and further build that knowledge base. Some tutorial questions did have a couple of errors in there, that once reported to the help centre, do get resolved - but again, superseded course, so likely those issues have been addressed in the new course. These units and assignments go IN DEPTH! It really can turn into a giant wormhole of work if you don't carefully structure your time. Resources provided in this course are plentiful and the coaches are very informed and want to see you succeed. In particular, Marissa was a real champion for me during the last 13-ish months. Her advice and wealth of knowledge was unmatched, and she was always very caring and supportive throughout the journey. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thanks to the whole CAL team and thank you Marissa for everything.
Jake Mengel
Jake M.
23:44 01 Jan 22
I recently completed a dual diploma in Business and Leadership and Management. The support for the courses were great and the trainers were always available. Marissa was a great trainer and was supportive throughout my courses. I highly recommend using the College for Adult Learning.
Kylie r
Kylie r
05:31 22 Dec 21
I recently completed the double diploma of practice management and business. The online format with support available from coaches made it easier to complete after work hours. The information is industry relevant and applicable immediately in the workplace. Great support from my coach.
claire shearman
claire S.
23:30 08 Dec 21
Jason was really helpful with getting me the right course and assisting with all my questions. always prompt with replies and polite. all registered and ready to start my diploma in quality auditing
Elizabeth servos
Elizabeth S.
01:44 09 Nov 21
Yaz is such a super person and great phone skills . Listening and supporting me to get through the program. Very smart man!
Nakita Sam
Nakita S.
09:59 05 Nov 21
I have signed up last year Feb and very happy with the outcome. Being hard of hearing and getting fabulous support from one coach Marisa. She's an amazing coach and understood my situation. I am grateful for the company's communication and helping out whenever I am stuck especially when struggling to upload documents.I will be returning to do another course once I have completed Leadership and Management.I recommended College for Adult Learning if you want to study from home in your own pace and environment. This is the place to be 🙂
Judith Antoniou
Judith A.
00:03 04 Nov 21
I first my first assignment this week and passed (hurray). The coach was fantastic - I felt listened too and supported. Thank you to everyone at the College for Adult Learning.
Alex Foster
Alex F.
03:29 15 Oct 21
Yaz was so helpful, i changed my mind twice on the actual course i wanted to do and he was more than happy to help both times and made the whole process straightforward.
Ashok Hegde
Ashok H.
20:25 13 Oct 21
Hi,I was introduced to them through training.com.au. When I spoke to the representative and explained my qualifications, skill sets & career goals- the representative was honest enough to admit that they dont have course to suit my needs. They also directed me towards the right course and where i could seek subsidy. Thats what a good ethical person/ organization would do!!!! Thank you for the guidance!!!
Amie Hudson
Amie H.
05:24 26 Sep 21
Studying online through CAL has been a really positive experience. The Coaches are incredibly supportive and understanding and are ready to work with you to get the best results! I have enjoyed connecting with the Coaches and wouldn’t hesitate to do it all again. Thankyou to the coaches for their endless time and guidance.
Myles Hembrow
Myles H.
22:08 22 Sep 21
I completed my Diploma of Project Management through CAL in 2018 (~12 months of part-time study), and successfully was employed in various Defence Industry IPTs upon achievement. In April 2021, I took an Asst. Project Manager position at a well-known Defence organisation and within 3 months I had successfully worked away the ‘Assistant’ title, accepted a promotion to Technical Project Manager and am now successfully managing over 10 Defence contracts/projects with values ranging from $35,000 to $1.4m.The Diploma itself was of course challenging, as all qualifications at this level should be. Individuals should perhaps be aware of their own shortcomings and/or ineptitudes prior to hastily venting on review websites. The CAL staff were prompt, polite, motivating, and supportive throughout my 12 months of study, and I never felt the tasks ahead of me were insurmountable. I found the lectures, activities, assignments, and general content engaging and relevant, and I know that completing the Diploma was crucial to the upwards career trajectory I briefly mentioned in the opening paragraph.My CAL experience didn’t end with the completion of my Diploma however. The aftercare service I received was exceptional, and I have been in regular contact with various members of the team post-2018 that have warmly checked in and congratulated me on achieving my study and career outcomes. I participated in the ‘Career Close-up Profile’ activity in 2019, a personalised question and answer session that CAL polished up and displayed proudly on their social media accounts.In 2020, I was doubly humbled to be considered a CAL ‘success story’ due to a combination of my ‘fantastic learning efforts not going unnoticed’ (kind words, thanks Aria), and a new role I recently started that was directly aligned with both my study and career goals. I gratefully participated in this activity also, resulting in CAL funding and organising a professional videographer to come to my apartment in Brisbane and film a short interview for the ‘Real Outcomes’ video series.More recently, I received very supportive correspondence from the CAL team last week, prompting and facilitating the seamless transition/upgrade to the latest revision of the Diploma of Project Management, something I would not have been aware of had I not been informed!In summary, my studies with CAL have been intrinsically linked with the successes I have achieved to date in my career thus far. The pricing is more than competitive, and I probably have had correspondence with up to ten different members of the team throughout the years, and I couldn’t say a bad word about any of them! The learning experiences, customer service and aftercare was above and beyond what I could have ever anticipated from online learning, and I would highly recommend this RTO to anyone interested in professional development.A few names come to mind over the last few years, so a special thank you to Michael Meere (my assessor), Alysia, Aria, and most recently, Sarah. Way more than just an RTO!Myles Hembrow – MAIPM CPPM
Amanda McLeod
Amanda M.
05:20 27 Aug 21
Finally finished by double diploma in Business and Leadership Management, being an essential worker, working full time and being pregnant for last 6 months of it was challenging!! I want to thank the assessor Marissa Litonjua for being so great in helping me this last year and to get the course finished before my baby comes! I also want to thank Kerre Burley for always being so lovely and helpful in my assessment stimulations.My only criticism would be of the Payroll unit, It was the only unit I really struggled with and I know a lot of other students did too. The assessments were not explained clearly and I ended up having to resubmit about 4 times (This did not happen with any other unit). The teacher Megan was the only one grading the assessments and I'm sorry to say but she really was no help at all. The feedback was not helpful and I ended up getting assistance from another student to help me through the unit.Overall the course was very good, I did not upgrade to the new BSB package as I was so close to finishing the older version of the course so I'm not sure what the upgrade will be like.Thanks again CAL team!
Jasmine Pacini
Jasmine P.
23:34 25 Apr 21
Friendly knowledgeable staff.Great resources.Fast response time.Convenient format.
Alex Shambho
Alex S.
12:15 30 Jan 21
Absolutely amazing start, Jason was super helpful in getting me signed up for the course. we needed to clarify some details via phone . Jason was fun to talk to and very competent in helping me out with my problems. I am looking forward to the start of the course. thank you very much
Elizabeth Flemming
Elizabeth F.
09:59 25 Jan 21
Has anyone done the Double Diploma of Business and Business administration. needing a little help full time mum . and full time worker doing 40 + hours a week. All suggestions would be helpful
Nick Larubina
Nick L.
04:35 02 Dec 20
Jason was a legend !!! So easy to deal with and I can’t wait to complete my studies and advance my career
Jennie Mcgorlick
Jennie M.
05:45 31 Oct 20
I have just completed the Double Diploma of Business and Leadership Management. The course was closely aligned with the skills I was developing in my role at my workplace. I was priviledged to have such an excellent, professional, supportive tutor in Marissa Litonjua. She was always encouraging, very helpful, approachable and accommodating. I will miss the weather updates from sunny Queensland. Thanks for being a vital part of my career aspirations. Jen
Tom Mahlook
Tom M.
12:38 21 Oct 20
Hi there. Has anyone enrolled in, or completed the Double Diploma in Logistics + Business (Procurement)?Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you😁
Kylie Benson
Kylie B.
05:30 07 Oct 20
My experience with CAL feels like I have invested my money well. Thank you CAL
Sonia Wise
Sonia W.
03:41 09 Aug 20
I have just completed my double diploma in HR Management and Business Admin. This has been one of the best online platforms that I have used for my learning experiences. The content Is excellent and very thorough, there are various methods you can use, depending on your learning style. There is a lot of work, but is totally rewarding as you work through it. My biggest take home is if you have any issues or get stuck is to always communicate with the lecturers or even the office staff, the whole team is super supportive. I struggled a couple of times with work time pressures where it got too much, the CAL team where very supportive and assisted me through it. Kerry and Marissa where both great facilitators when working though my major assignments, and thanks them both for making it an easy process. At the end of the day CAL want you to pass and will work with you through the process. Thanks to the CAL team!!! 😎😎
Ray Millard
Ray M.
04:10 28 Jul 20
Starting my HR Diploma in March 2020, being part of CAL has been an amazing experience. The information is very rich and up-to-date. The staff and assessors are extremely helpful. Thank you CAL for helping me transition back into HR and into the workforce !
John Simunovich
John S.
08:25 24 Jun 20
CAL has been a great online learning platform. Access for a coach is simple & easy and never too hard to get hold of one.
Francisco Pina Pais
Francisco Pina P.
11:25 04 May 20
I strongly recommend the studies at CAL. My experience so far was exceptional; I learned immensely and always had the support of all team. Great people, Great teachers, Great school. The methodology and the contents are beneficial and aligned with the requirements of the work industries
Luke Long
Luke L.
06:34 03 May 20
I recently finished my double diploma of building and construction / project management through CAL. It is a great course and I learnt a lot along the way - a great experience and there is always plenty of support through the CAL team and the facebook group. Nasser was very helpful throughout the course as well!
Ashleigh Rowe
Ashleigh R.
05:04 20 Apr 20
I have just completed my double diploma in project management and leadership management. It has a lot of information and I learned so much. The price you pay in money and mentality was worth having these two diplomas now and I can’t thank CAL enough. I have always had good experiences with the coach’s, timing and content. I would recommend studying with CAL to anyone. Just chip away at it and keep motivated.
Serneste Mare
Serneste M.
06:16 30 Mar 20
In the current climate, we are all facing I have found that my coach and also the student support and administration has been VERY helpful, reassuring and timely in their communication and help. I enjoy the course and my experience from the start has been great. The effort is on me to contact and reach out and once I did this the team was on my questions immediately.
Luise Napier
Luise N.
09:28 27 Mar 20
I have studied with CAL for the past 22 months, completing a double diploma of Practice Management and Business Administration, Meagan my accessor has been a wealth of knowledge and assistance in developing my career in Practice Management. By learning the modules of the course this has allowed me to transition smoothly into my new career. I had already accepted my new role prior to completing this course, with commitment, discipline, and perseverance and an end goal the double diplomas are achievable.I strongly recommend CAL to anyone looking to further their education !!
Dau Wer Mayen Anyuon
Dau Wer Mayen A.
01:29 16 Mar 20
To convert PDF Assessment to word document
Eldrian Basson
Eldrian B.
04:55 13 Mar 20
Thank you for extending the expiring date of my current course.It is clear that the College for Adult Learning is a institute of high ethical values, where the student's education is still superior to potential monetary gain.GOOD ON YOU.I will highly recommend the College for Adult Learning to any future students, and will also make a point to promote CAL to all young people in the hospitals where I work. Dr Eldrian Basson - Clinical Epidemiologist
Gail Kerr
Gail K.
05:40 06 Jun 19
I found my whole experience with CAL to be a positive one. It's been many years since I have been in a "school" environment, so it took some discipline to get through this course. I set myself a 2 hour minimum study period each day which took a fair bit of effort and focus, as I work full-time plus have a family to look after. It was hard initially, but after a couple of weeks, I found my rhythm and it was smooth sailing after that. I also didn't put any pressure on myself-if I had a bad day at work-I didn't touch any study as I found no joy when I hit the books in that frame of mind, and that made it hard work. So, I found giving study a miss for one or two days actually beneficial, and when I did go back, I was more involved and interested in my course than before. I have nothing but praise for the support I received from the whole team at CAL - from the admin staff to the tutors. They responded quickly and the coaching calls helped me to get to the next questions/units quickly. A big thank you to each of you for the part you played in helping me achieve a long-held goal. I highly recommend CAL to anybody who is looking to take on some study. The content is laid out well and easily followed. The exercises for each topic and the assessments went a long way in ensuring that the information absorbed was drilled home.
Ben Clark
Ben C.
04:03 05 Jun 19
CAL provided a great opportunity to learn at your own pace. I would highly recommend their Diploma of Project Management if you are new to the field and looking for an opportunity to learn as you do. The Diploma greatly supported the project I was working on at the time, running me through all the steps as I implemented them.
Carl Wicken
Carl W.
10:11 20 May 19
I have just completed a double diploma with CAL. I found all of the staff there very supportive indeed and did not experience any rudeness whatsoever. Unforeseen circumstances meant that i had to request an extension , CAL were very professional in their response and understanding. Studying online is not for everyone and can be difficult if you are returning back to study after a long period. However CAL are there to support you it just takes a little bit of time to get a response from your coach, but once you are speaking with them they clarify and help you with your course work. I would recommend sourcing a study group either students from CAL or somewhere else where you can bounce ideas off each other regarding the course. This will help you as you work through the self directed learning and complete your tasks and activities in the course.Thanks to all the team at CAL who helped me through my course and got me to the end.
Robert Michael Gatt
Robert Michael G.
06:50 18 May 19
I have been impressed with CAL from the first point of contact, I totally recommend for anyone that's thinking off further their education to make the first step and contact CAL
Jason Murray
Jason M.
20:17 22 Feb 19
Just submitted my final unit for the diploma of PM, it has been quite a journey, nothing but great great support from the CAL team, will definitely looking at the next course after a short break in study. Highly recommended for anyone looking to study online. CAL are fantastic.
Belinda Rantino
Belinda R.
02:54 22 Jan 19
I really enjoy my studies at the college of Adult Learning, ( I am studying the double Diploma in Human Resources and Leadership Management)the trainers are helpful and very easy to talk to. It’s taken me a bit longer to complete than expected but I can go at my own pace and I now book regular coaching calls to keep me active in my studies. Over all, I’m really happy I choose this course and this college.
Sylvia Iskandar
Sylvia I.
22:32 20 Dec 18
I have officially finished my double diploma with CAL and I must say it was a great experience. The content was terrific and the staff/assessors were very prompt with their responses. I highly recommend if you enjoy online studying.
Belal Pickering
Belal P.
09:26 14 Nov 18
I’m currently doing a double diploma of construction management and Project Management. All the coaches and staff at CAL have been very helpful and the studies have been great as they provide all the text books and study resources that I need to understand all processes and regulations involved in the field I am pursuing.
Timmy Eisel
Timmy E.
08:11 17 Oct 18
I recently completed the Double Diploma in Project Management | Leadership and Management. From my initial enquiry and dealings with Tristan who was super helpful, informative and supportive, through to starting the course with the help of Student engagement coach David who helped me every step of the way and checked in to see how I was getting on, The College for Adult Learning was a fantastic learning experience which exceeded my expectations. With each Unit completed the next would be unlocked straight away and marked within the times stated (generally in half the time). The feedback from the coaches was the best of all always super encouraging and supportive but also included much needed advice in areas that may require extra study or focus. Anything I was unsure of I simply booked a time that suited me for a coach to call me to discuss anything I was unsure about. I highly rate and recommend CAL and look forward to studying with them again in the near future! Thanks so much guys !!
Johnny Preston
Johnny P.
00:51 09 Oct 18
It's got the best support mechanism in place.Coach I have been using it calm her name is Meaghan.She's calm. I'm calm.
Roberto Marama
Roberto M.
05:45 05 Dec 13
It is a good thing
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