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Kick-start your career with our online Diploma of Human Resources Management (BSB50615)

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6 Monthly Payments$530Six Months$3180
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The Australian Government’s Job Outlook website continues to signal strong long term job growth for human resources professionals over the next ten years at least, with above average earnings and a high proportion of full-time positions (87.7%).

With competition for high quality HR jobs increasing – how do you keep your knowledge current and stand out from the crowd?
You may be at risk of being passed over for career progression, salary increases or promotion opportunities because you do not have a recognised qualification in Human Resources.

In Human Resources, hiring decision makers consider the real quality of your qualifications.
Your qualification needs to stack up to the level of your experience as represented by your CV.

In this competitive market some may be tempted by a quick fix, tick the box HR course. Beware – these less reputable courses do not stand up under scrutiny. You need an assessment based quality accreditation that is clever enough to validate your experience using evidence from your workplace, while giving you the skills to secure the job and future income you deserve.

CAL is proud to introduce the new 2014 Diploma of Human Resources Management Online  program designed to meet the needs and impart the skills necessary for a 21st century HR Professional.

If you are seeking a best-practice framework, to understand current trends and legislative changes, and the option to extend your knowledge with in depth tutorials, then this is the program for you.

This course will challenge you, make you think and take you beyond the ‘old fashioned’ paradigm of HR as ‘personnel management’. You will enter into the new, exciting and stimulating world of the modern HR Professional.

Research conducted by Dave Ulrich (consistently named as the most influential person in HR in publications across the globe) and his colleagues tell us that HR should:

– Turn outside business trends and stakeholder expectations into internal actions – Focus on both business results and human capital improvement
– Target both individual ability and organisation capabilities
– Understand that HR is not about an isolated activity (a training, communication, staffing or compensation program) but sustainable and integrated solutions
– Respect heritage, while shaping a future
– Attend to both day-to-day administrative processes and long-term strategic practices.

Research in Australia by the AHRI combined with Ulrich’s work determines that the 21st century HR Professional needs to learn to be:

  • Strategically focused and Business Driven with a sound understanding of the business, and the operational environment. Then develops a HR strategy that engages the workforce and meets both current and future needs.
  • A Stakeholder manager who understands and builds relationships and provides services and support in the ongoing management of human capital
  • Capability builders who work to develop the capacity and capability of others within the organisation
  • Expert and credible practitioners who use and apply their expertise to add value to the business; creatively developing and pushing boundaries to break new ground and advance new concepts within a strong ethical framework.
  • Change agents and managers of change who understand the processes associated with change and how to affect change with minimum angst
  • Technology advocates who can proactively use technology for strategic HRM

This is a far cry from the old fashioned HR department!

  • A diploma course designed by MBA experienced facilitators with undergraduate and post graduate qualifications in Human Resources Management, Business Management and Education.
  • Practical applications and assessments based on workplace evidence.
  • A wide range of electives that have been designed in consultation with HR Professionals to be relevant to real workplace needs.
  • An exclusive HRM Best Value toolkit of 100 online tutorials and over 300 downloads that includes HR templates, sample processes and many additional resources that complement your career including the latest HR Metrics tools.
  • A qualification you can trust to attract the highest paying HRM positions.

As a result of completing your Diploma of Human Resources Management, you’ll be able to confidently apply a range of core people management skills and strategies, based on the following accredited units of competency:

Diploma of Human Resources Management Accredited Course BSB50615

There are 9 required units of competency. CAL is offering the required 6 core units, 2 set elective units and 1 additional elective unit your self-select to suit your needs.Your choice of Elective will be chosen in consultation with your learning coach, depending on your goals and experience.

6 Core + 3 Electives
diploma of human resources online

One of the great advantages of CAL’s 100% Online course is that it is flexible and built around you and your time constraints. The course can be completed in 3 Months working 15-20 hours a week or in 12 Months working 5-6 hours a week

You are not a passive learner, but fully engaged in the tutorials, assessments and learning outcomes.

  1. Complete the course your way – at your own time, pace and convenience
  2. You win from the start with no classes, no rush hour dash or parking hassles
  3. Tutorials are easily navigated and the order can be adapted to your priorities
  4. Unit quizzes serve to demonstrate knowledge obtained and your readiness to proceed to the next unit
  5. You receive a personal learning plan and regular feedback and personal assistance from our experienced facilitators
  6. Learning occurs on the job and you are able to apply your knowledge real time for immediate results

Talk to a CAL adult learning advisor today –  it’s really worth discovering which option is best for you based on your existing skills and knowledge. You may qualifiy for Recognition of Prior Learning and be eligible for further course acceleration.

We offer flexible learning plans and will do everything we can to have you completed as quickly as possible. However sometimes Life can get in the way and instead of charging you a fee to extend your course we will offer you a Six Month extension at no charge.

For over fifteen years CAL’s nationally recognised programs have been the first choice for thousands of adult learners who aspire to lead confident and respected careers

Experience has shown us that without exception every adult learner is unique. As an adult learner you will have unique program needs based on:

  • Years of experience in human resources
  • Depth of experience in human resources
  • Previous qualifications
  • Career and salary aspirations
  • Work / home commitments

Yet you will also have characteristics in common with your peers. These may include:

  •  A desire for workplace success and financial security
  •  A responsible outlook to your career “if it’s to be it’s up to me”
  •  Nervousness (and excitement) about returning to study
  •  Wanting to feel confident in your choice of course
  • Acknowledgement of your professional accomplishments

That’s why CAL takes the time to understand you – including your past experience and your future goals.

This course offers pathways to further study with entry into

-The Graduate Certificate of Leadership Diversity

-The Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

To undertake this qualification prospective students are required to have successfully completed year 12 or its equivalent and/or successful completion of a language, literacy and numeracy test.

There is no formal prerequisite study required to enter this qualification however, it is recommended that individuals have a Certificate IV qualification in their chosen field of study and have relevant industry experience to assist with the learning application required for this course. This may have been obtained through formal and informal training, work experience and/or life experience.

Upon enrolment all students will be assessed for their language, literacy and numeracy skills. Where these levels fall below the requisite standard for the qualification a learning coach will advise the student of the remedial options open to them. This may involve a withdrawal of enrolment and refund of fees paid.

Please refer to the student handbook for full details of the entry level requirements procedure.

Gaining a qualification is an important career choice, especially for adults. You want to get it right the first time. Even after researching and reading about our program information, facilitator background, high quality of coaching and graduate testimonials, we understand that you may still need more…If you need more then enquire today for an exclusive login to CAL’s free course preview where you can ‘try before you buy’! You will login as if you were a CAL student, watch an actual video tutorial and experience for yourself the ease of learning with CAL. You will see how easy the course is to use and get a firm handle on the value the course has to offer you. Simply call us on 1300 907 870 or use our online enquiry form .

Investing in yourself is the greatest investment you can make. HR as a profession is finally gaining the respect it deserves and earning potential is accelerating. The key to a higher paying, respected position is a recognised qualification like the Diploma of HR Management.

  • Experienced HR professionals at the director or senior manager level can earn between $120K and $400K p.a.
  • At the HR Manager level, salaries range from $75K to $150K p.a.
  • HR Consultants earn from $60K to $150K p.a.
  • At the most senior levels, HR professionals are currently earning as much as $500K p.a.

Act now to secure the confidence, credibility and respect you deserve in what is an exciting career of the future.

CAL delivers adults a superior Diploma of Human Resources Management

  1. An Accreditation you can trust from an authentic RTO with over 15 years experience in adult learning.
  2. Flexible unit selection for adult learners – A tailored course that practically ‘fills the gaps’ in your experience, and does not require you to study what you already know.
  3. 100% online learning so that you can study at your own pace and complete the course when you want.
  4. Expert and up to date content – programs that are purposefully developed to be globally and future focused, rich in current workplace topics and practically relevant to your career.
  5. A 30 day “earn your trust” no-risk Money Back Guarantee.
  6. The option of quality 1 on 1 interactive support – Fully trained learning coaches who have been adult students themselves and actually care about your future success.
  7. Access to a comprehensive package of bonus elective tutorials, unique to CAL, that will support your Accreditation with a distinct competitive advantage.
  8. Specialist industry specific tool kit and resources that you will not find from any other course provider.