Our learning coaches

Meet the team

Sarah Sabell
Associate Director of Learning & Development

Sarah’s background in workplace training and work-ready education sees her well placed to not only understand many of the challenges faced by CAL’s students but to provide solutions, options and answers to many of these day-to-day obstacles.

Having just finished her Masters in Vocational Education, Sarah has a broad understanding of and interest in Education throughout Australia and internationally. Sarah works closely with CAL’s coaching and assessing team to ensure that all training CAL provides is precisely customised to each student’s needs, and delivered to the highest possible quality.

As the head of the course development team, she also looks for every opportunity to improve the training outcomes for students, corporate clients and industry, delivering a measurable ROI. Sarah has worked with some of Australia’s largest companies, and both State and Local Governments.

Vikki Fitzgerald
Learning & Development Manager

With over 25 years of professional experience in Human Resources Management, Vikki is more than passionate about HR and dedicated to passing on her knowledge and expertise to all CAL students.

Having run her own HR Consultancy business, as well as working in Senior HR Management roles for well-known Australian and global manufacturing enterprises, she has extensive experience as a true HR generalist. She has covered everything from negotiating agreements with unions, WHS to representing the company at Fair Work Commission hearings to mediation and training & development of the leadership team. Vikki’s track record in performance management, boasts many terminations under the Fair Work Act, with zero recourse back on the business, leaving her well equipped to help and coach students with any HR issue.

Vikki has also managed large and complex multi-million-dollar HR and HRIS SAP projects on an international scale coming in on time and on budget! She has utilised several project management methodologies including ASAP and PMBOK.

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Michael Meere
Assessor & Learning Coach

Michael brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to CAL’s students, gained over the past 40 years, across positions from Board Member, to CEO; General Manager to consultant; working in both private and not for profit sectors.

Alongside this extensive managerial and corporate experience, Michael also holds a Master’s degree in HRM; a second Master’s degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and has run his own HRM & Management consultancy for many years. Michael has also had ‘dirt-under-the-fingernail’ experience in project management, quality, logistics and the hard-end aspects of management.

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Meagan Rawlings
Assessor & Learning Coach

Meagan has more than 25 years of senior management experience working in both the health care sector and for large Multi-National Companies. Having managed and headed divisions from distribution chains to successful sales teams, Meagan is passionate about passing on her real-world experience to her CAL students.

With an in depth understanding and knowledge of customer relationship management, rapport building, time management skills, leading and managing successful teams and customer service, Meagan can cultivate her students into job ready leaders

Lauren Ellingham
Assessor & Learning Coach

Lauren brings a wealth of experience in education and training having been a workplace trainer and educator/coach for over ten years. The extensive list of Lauren’s specialities includes Human Resources Management, Leadership & Management, Work Health & Safety and Project Management.

Lauren developed her strong passion for HR through working in Human Resources departments within the finance sector for over 13 years and can pass on her real-world experience to her students. Lauren loves to see her students succeed and endeavours to make every interaction with the students fruitful and rewarding. Lauren empowers and stretches her students to unlock their full potential and encourages them to take accountability of their own learning journey.

Ingrid Hansson
Student Engagement Coach

Ingrid brings over 10 years of business experience to CAL. As a student herself, she has a unique perspective as a member of the coaching team, building strong relationships with her students. She is a valued member of the support team and is a driven to provide a positive experience to every student that she welcomes to CAL.