Our Student Support Team

Meet the team providing the support and mentoring our students need to succeed

Learning Coaches

Our Learning Coaches take great care in delivering real support for our students. They are experts in their industries with a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience, and are committed to helping you achieve your goals.

Sarah Sabell
Associate Director of Learning & Development

Sarah’s background in workplace training and work-ready education sees her well placed to not only understand many of the challenges faced by CAL’s students but to provide solutions, options and answers to many of these day-to-day obstacles.

Having just finished her Masters in Vocational Education, Sarah has a broad understanding of and interest in Education throughout Australia and internationally. Sarah works closely with CAL’s coaching and assessing team to ensure that all training CAL provides is precisely customised to each student’s needs, and delivered to the highest possible quality.

As the head of the course development team, she also looks for every opportunity to improve the training outcomes for students, corporate clients and industry, delivering a measurable ROI. Sarah has worked with some of Australia’s largest companies, and both State and Local Governments.

Miriam Oxford
Learning & Development Manager

Miriam has recently completed her PhD in Adult Education and brings to CAL a broad range of experiences across multiple industries. Starting her career in hospitality she gained an Advanced Diploma in Hospitality Management, before undertaking an Honours Degree in Adult Education and postgraduate qualifications in Business & Technology, and HR.

Working for a variety of national and international companies including the Australian Human Resources Institute, Drake International, and TAFE Tasmania, she has developed a deep understanding of HR and business.

Miriam is a passionate lifelong learner, having pursued much of her learning as a distance and online student.  She has a strong focus on quality, compliance and working to ensure students are industry-ready.

Michael Meere
Assessor & Learning Coach

Michael brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to CAL’s students, gained over the past 40 years, across positions from Board Member, to CEO; General Manager to consultant; working in both private and not for profit sectors.

Alongside this extensive managerial and corporate experience, Michael also holds a Master’s degree in HRM; a second Master’s degree in Innovation & Entrepreneurship and has run his own HRM & Management consultancy for many years. Michael has also had ‘dirt-under-the-fingernail’ experience in project management, quality, logistics and the hard-end aspects of management.

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Meagan Rawlings
Assessor & Learning Coach

Meagan has more than 25 years of senior management experience working in both the health care sector and for large Multi-National Companies. Having managed and headed divisions from distribution chains to successful sales teams, Meagan is passionate about passing on her real-world experience to her CAL students.

With an in-depth understanding and knowledge of customer relationship management, rapport building, time management skills, leading and managing successful teams and customer service, Meagan can cultivate her students into job-ready leaders.

Nasser Babaee
Assessor & Learning Coach

Nasser is a Building and Construction professional and has a broad range of skills across the building and construction industry, including quality management, WHS management, efficient project scheduling and management, project profitability management and portfolio management.

In previous roles, Nasser has worked with numerous commercial and domestic building companies including Lendlease, Hansen Yuncken, Watpac and others. He has also worked with smaller building companies to improve their structures and systems, helping them manage their businesses and projects more effectively and efficiently.

Throughout his career in the industry, Nasser has helped companies implement structures and systems across quality management, planning and scheduling of works, recruitment and inductions, and liaison with industry bodies.

In his Vocational Training roles, Nasser has been helping students complete their qualifications and achieve their dreams in becoming project managers, contract administrators, site supervisors and more.

Kerre Burley
Assessor & Learning Coach

Kerre is an award-winning business owner with over 40 years’ experience in service industries. She brings a wealth of business training, and international consulting experience, working throughout South East Asia with major companies. She has been an industry trainer for over 30 years, as well as an international speaker and facilitator.

Kerre is currently the CEO of The Goulding Institute looking after an international team. She enjoys supporting and empowering individuals to pursue their dreams, aspirations, and goals. Her fun, quirky personality and positive outlook bring out the best in her pupil.

Neale Price
Assessor & Learning Coach

Neale has more than 40 years of experience in Business, Management and Project Management. He has held roles as Board member, Board secretary, CEO, EO and various managerial positions during his working career, after starting at the bottom and working his way up. He has been involved in the government, commercial not-for-profit sectors and managed collaborative projects across all 3 of these. Neale has previously acted as a mentor in the Leadership and Management area on numerous occasions and is more than willing to share his knowledge with our students.

Neale has worked in the agriculture, banking and finance, government support, research and development, education and academic sectors over his career. He has numerous qualifications to support his vast work experience and is ideally placed to provide assistance, support, guidance and direction to anyone who wants to successfully complete their studies.

Jan Wunderlich
Assessor & Learning Coach

Working across the VET Education sector for over 30 years, Jan has been involved in ground-breaking training initiatives and various areas of the sector. Her passion is seeing students perform at the best of their ability. Jan believes each person has the ability to learn – it is how the student is coached to achieve their best in learning. As the principal of the business Xlinks Consulting Services and Vocational Education Coaching Centre, Jan’s experience has allowed for proactive applications with industry, ensuring an ability to adapt to the needs of the client.

As the principal of these business Jan has worked intensively within mining and construction, with onsite delivery and assessing of TAE. Jan has trained and assessed with Business training package courses in Work Health and Safety, Human Resources, Project Management, and Quality Auditing.

With this passion and expertise for the VET sector, Jan has developed exceptional training skills with a focus on adult learning. She puts her years of knowledge into practice to ensure the best outcomes for her students.

Marissa Litonjua
Assessor & Learning Coach

Marissa has worked in the VET sector for over 14 years. She has worked for a range of organisations as Head Trainer, developing training and assessment materials and reviews. Marissa has experience in training large and diverse groups across multiple industry sectors, including workplace training, and teaching international students.

Her competencies range from managerial training and organisational development, validation and moderation. She has served as a Business Mentor for over 10 years, helping businesses grow and succeed in the current business environment. Marissa has also participated in career counselling, and executive coaching.

Marissa is a lifelong learner having completed her Masters in Professional Education and Training, Masters in Professional Studies. Marissa is passionate about sharing a wealth of knowledge and information to help students succeed in their future careers.

Mike Stoll
Assessor & Learning Coach

Mike has been directly involved in the design, development and delivery of training packages in logistics, management, and WHS, amongst others. His practical experience comes from hands-on consulting projects to logistics and manufacturing, companies specialising in QA, OHS/WHS, management and competitive systems.
As founder and CEO of a Private RTO with CRICOS, Quality and Safety Certification, Mike has been directly involved in the design development and delivery of training packages in Logistics, Management, Local Government, HR, QA and WHS amongst others. The success of his RTO has been client focussed, employee outcome-driven and its ability to adapt to client needs.
Mike prefers to be called a facilitator rather than a trainer as he believes that every learner has knowledge and experiences to contribute to the learning environment– “it is my task to draw it from them”.

Zaheer Siddiqui
Assessor & Learning Coach

Zaheer has over 30 years of experience in project management ranging from executive IT roles to facilitating projects for the UN. With his Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Economics and Masters in Computer Sciences degrees along with several diplomas in business, leadership, human resources, marketing, project management, financial services and vocational education, he has spent much of his spare time in facilitation. Swinburne University, Victoria University, Preston University, University of Engineering & Technology, Greenwich Management are few to name. He has developed learner guides/ textbooks, assessor guides and assessments for 60+ units.

For Zaheer, keeping himself up-to-date with changing industrial & academic trends is his passion. He feels proud when he sees students achieving success in their careers. He prefers them to be thorough and diligent in their learnings and practices.

Student Success Advisors

Our Student Success Advisors are here to ensure that you have everything you need to be successful in your studies. They are your number one supporters, helping you with motivation, study plans and tips on productivity and organisation.

Alysia Moyle
Student Success Advisor

With a passion for education, Alysia is here to ensure success along your study journey. You may have seen Alysia around answering your questions in the Study Groups, solving your study inquiries via email or phone or just checking in. She works tirelessly to provide support and encouragement for her students however she can.

Alysia, along with the entire Student Support team, is here to make your studies as rewarding as possible while helping you achieve your learning goals.

Daisy Smoel
Student Success Advisor

Daisy takes the role of student success to heart, and goes above and beyond to give each of her students the best study experience she can.

Daisy loves to see her students succeed and endeavours to make every interaction with the students fruitful and rewarding. Daisy empowers and stretches her students to unlock their full potential and encourages them to take accountability of their own learning journey.