Career Close Ups

We’re proud of our students, and want to inspire you with their success stories.

We put students first in every area of our college, crafting the best experience we can for their learning and outcomes. We’re proud to showcase some of our graduates and current students who have made a real difference in their lives through their time at CAL.


Course: Diploma of Project Management
Current Role: Technical Officer

After leaving the Navy, Myles now works to build the ships he once served on, utilising his Project Management skills for the next generation of Australian Sailors.


Course: Double Diploma of Human Resources + Leadership and Management
Current Role: Executive Manager

Saying “no” isn’t an option for Joshua. While juggling family life with work, Joshua has also taken on a Double Diploma to further his management career.


Course: Double Diploma of Human Resources + Leadership & Management
Current Role: People and Culture Advisor / Talent Acquisition Specialist

Beginning in retail management, Donna found her passion for People & Culture. Getting qualified with a Double Diploma of Human Resources and Leadership & Management is equipping her with skills for her current and future roles.


Course: Double Diploma of Building & Construction (Management) + Project Management
Current Role: Site Manager

Noel offers some really great advice about how to be proactive in your job search – “Don’t wait for them to advertise – persevere and follow up.” Noel has also been working on an aid project in the Solomon Islands with the aim of improving water supply infrastructure