Why study online

  • 30-Day Risk Free Guarantee
  • One-on-one Expert Tutor Support
  • 100% Flexible Online Learning

We know that you need courses that work around your lifestyle, so we deliver our courses 100% online to ensure content is accessible for our students anywhere, at any time.
Whether you’re sitting down to study at home or during your lunch hour, commuting to work or trying to fit everything in with after-school pickups, you can make your study time work around your lifestyle. You won’t be expected to shuffle work hours to accommodate face-to-face classes, no need to battle traffic to commute to a campus and there’s no need to mail in hard-copy assessments.

And with a generous enrolment period, students can set their own pace and get qualified on their own terms.

Our Student Portal

Our student portal was created with our students in mind, so everything is easy to navigate and the portal loads quickly so you can focus on your studies.

Our Learning Materials

  • Engaging videos presentation complete with transcripts
  • Activities design to get you thinking and put your learning into practice
  • Hours of elective tutorials
  • Extra study resources

How we assess

As part of vocational training, we don’t teach theory, we aim to develop practical know-how. There are no exams to sit or essays to write, and we don’t grade you on your work.
Instead, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to create work-ready processes and documentation to showcase your understanding and application of the concepts in the course. When your work is assessed, you’ll either receive a ‘competent’ mark, or we will give you the feedback you need to rework and resubmit your assessment*. Our aim is to help you achieve competency in your units, so we also encourage you to submit your work as a draft to get preliminary feedback so you can complete your assessment with confidence.

Your coursework

  • Learning journal: A compilation of your notes, reflections and learning activities.
  • Unit quiz: With a pass mark of 80% or above, you can sit the quiz multiple times. This means you can test your knowledge at the beginning of the unit, then try again at the end to see how much you’ve learned.
  • Learner’s Assessment Pack: Designed to apply your learning and showcase your skills. The assessment pack usually involves creating a policy, process or document that would be used in a real workplace. For example, creating a team charter, preparing a budget, or creating a project scope document.

    * please see our student policies for terms and conditions around resubmissions.