What Our Students Say About CAL

  • 93%would recommend our courses
  • 97% believed their course offered value for money
  • 90% rated the coaching they received as excellent

Fiona – Double Diploma in Human Resources Management and Leadership and Management

“I enjoyed the fact that I could work through the entire course at my own pace, concentrating on one unit at a time. I really looked forward to the comments and feedback from my tutor at the completion of each unit, I found this very rewarding.”

“The course that I took offered value for money as I learned a lot from the lecturer and am able to use the skills in my workplace”

“You can never really put true value to learning as it profits you for a lifetime”

“Excellent value for money, high quality education at minimal cost”

”I think that Vikki was the best thing about the course. She gave excellent feedback and was really helpful, especially in times where I wanted to give up”

“The support and backup ftom [sic] my mentor, Michael was fabulous and a big help in completing the course”

”Michael as learning coach was fantastic and made the whole learning experience come alive with his sharing of knowledge and experience”

Adrian – Double Diploma of Project Management and Building and Construction (Management)

“I found my coach Michael was really helpful. He was able to help me through any difficulties I had with the course, helped me through the course know how and relate things back to real-world examples.
I’m still liaising with everyone I met through the course, we have a group on Facebook where we can keep in touch and we’re able to continue to network and discuss our careers as we progress.”


We are always immensely proud of the careers and outcomes our students and graduates set out to achieve. In an effort to share and celebrate these achievements, we have developed a few career closeup’s to showcase how these students have made a real difference in their lives through their qualification.

  • 93%

    of our students surveyed would recommend our courses

  • 97%

    of our students surveyed believed their course offered value for money

  • 90%

    of our students surveyed rated the coaching they received as excellent

Diploma of Human Resources Management

“After starting my own recruitment company, even with nine years of experience in the field, I could see that there was a gap in my knowledge. I chose to study a Diploma of Human Resources Management with the College for Adult Learning. It was actually really enjoyable which I did not expect! The tutorials had a fantastic flow and I found video learning to be easy. Having quizzes at end of each unit was a good idea and reminded me to pay attention.
I was determined to get the course done quickly and wanted the time flexibility to complete it at nights and weekends. The course work was relevant and manageable, a natural extension of what I was doing in my work already. CAL was very supportive and helpful with email and phone response. I believe they do whatever they can to help people through the course.”

Diploma of Project Management

After seven years at my organisation I could see that opportunities existed for me to widen my professional knowledge. As a high-level management position, my job is very demanding. The Diploma of Project Management has given me the tools I needed to meet both the day to day challenges and long term results required from my work.
The College for Adult Learning exceeded my expectations. I have a Diploma of Engineering and I have studied online with another provider before, which was unfortunately an unpleasant experience. CAL’s course was nicely structured and gave me exactly the knowledge I needed. The Learning Coaches were readily available for help and I was pleased with the self-organising environment. Doing the course at night around my fulltime job allowed me the flexibility I wanted and I finished it in a timeframe I was very happy about.”

Diploma of Building and Construction (Management)

“I studied the Diploma of Building and Construction (Management), doing approximately 6 hours of study per week. All the learning materials were engaging and the learning coaches offered their full support when you needed it.
Not only did this experience teach me the proper techniques and knowledge as promised, but it also taught me how to learn independently, how to stick with a problem and find ways of solving it, and perhaps most significantly, the experience taught me the skills that will enable me to continue to develop my Management skills beyond the electronic classroom.”

Diploma of Leadership and Management

“Back in 2015 I was searching for a course to broaden my qualification base. I completed a Diploma of Leadership & Management.
Vikki was the most supporting Learning Coach I could have asked for, she provided excellent feedback (both positive and constructive). The team in the College for Adult Learning Administration Office were efficient, prompt in responding to emails, friendly, supportive and encouraging!

I am grateful that I chose CAL to complete this course with. They pulled together my life experience as real world examples and helped me prove to myself I am still not too old to fulfil my potential in life!”

Statistics sourced from 2012, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Completed Student Surveys