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Name: Tania Broom

Company: Rum Rebellion Recruitment www.rumrebellionrecruitment.com.au

Position: Owner

Problem: Tania began her own recruitment company eighteen months ago, but even with nine years of experience in her field, she could see that there was a gap in her knowledge of human resources that her clients would benefit from.

Solution: CAL’s Online Diploma of Human Resources Management

Outcome: This qualification allows Tania to offer Human Resources consultancy services, increasing the product offering of her business. Tania says that she now has: “… confidence in dealing with clients that ask Human Resource based questions.”

Highlights: “It was actually enjoyable which I did not expect! The tutorials had a fantastic flow and I found video learning to be easy. Having quizzes at end of each unit was a good idea and reminded me to pay attention.”

Online learning experience: “I was determined to get the course done quickly and wanted the time flexibility to complete it at nights and weekends. The course work was relevant and manageable, a natural extension of what I was doing in my work already. CAL was very supportive and helpful with email and phone response. I believe they do whatever they can to help people through the course.”

HR consultancy aspirations now firmly on the horizon

Name: Maria Mercurio

Position: Human Resources Manager for specialist medical education company

Problem: Maria was fifteen years into a Human Resources career and felt she needed an accreditation as a way to up skill and consolidate her knowledge. “I didn’t want to waste my time doing a course that would have nothing to show for at the end. I wanted something that would give me an edge.”

Solution: When Maria found College for Adult Learning doing a search on the Internet she knew at once this was the right fit for her. “I really didn’t know what was out there and when I found CAL it was too good to be true. The online course was perfect for my needs.”

Outcome: “I am actively applying my new skills to my current job and have obtained a salary increase since completing the Diploma. I am very proud of this qualification and my peers have also told me how much they respect my achievement. I now plan to move into HR Consultancy when the time is right”.

Online Learning Experience: “I could fit the online course around my busy lifestyle and full time job. The tutorials were flexible, the quizzes and assignments were helpful and my learning coach always kept tabs on me. CAL was great at coordinating any follow through and even though I was learning remotely, I never felt like I was alone. It is obvious that the course has been designed by experts and I found it inspirational to be learning from subject matter experts.”

“I set myself a personal goal from the beginning to complete the course to a high standard, not just check the boxes. At the end I could really see how doing both the core work and the elective tutorials made it all came together. I also set myself the goal of an end date that I wanted to be completed by and CAL helped me work towards that.”

Proof that evidence based course pays off

Name: Helen Giacobbe

Company: RMIT

Position: Payroll operations coordinator

Problem: A fifteen year career that included a move from accounts to human resources had Helen wondering if she needed to consolidate her future with a formal qualification.

Solution: Completing CAL’s Diploma of HRM gave Helen the validation and credits she need to go on and achieve her post graduate degree. Helen now has a qualification that stays with her for the length of her career.

Outcome: “I received a promotion to a larger role at RMIT and a salary increase. This is due to management accepting my qualification rather than the face value of my experience.”

Highlights: “I specifically wanted a course that would be evidence based and CAL successfully met those criteria. The program structure had me actually implement my learning into practise as I went along. I could investigate areas where I needed to expand my understanding and the facilitator was flexible in ensuring that my particular needs were met.”

“I also enjoyed networking with other adult students. I recommend CAL to anyone.”

Maintenance veteran fuelled by new skills

Name: Ismir Gugic

Company: Caltex

Position: Maintenance Superintendent

Problem: The need to succeed at a challenging job with many variables and diverse projects to manage, on time and on budget

Solution: CAL’s Online Diploma of Project Management

Outcome: “After seven years with Caltex I could see that opportunities existed for me to widen my professional knowledge. As a high level management position, my job is very demanding. The Diploma in Project Management has given me the tools I needed to meet both the day to day challenges and long term results required from my work.”

Highlights: “CAL exceeded my expectations. I have a Diploma of Engineering and I have studied online with another provider before, which was unfortunately an unpleasant experience. CAL’S course was nicely structured and gave me exactly the knowledge I needed. The facilitators were readily available for help and I was pleased with the self-organising environment. Doing the course at night around my fulltime job allowed me the flexibility I wanted and I finished it in a timeframe I was very happy about.”

Building on career potential pays off

Name: Reece Stubbs

Position: Site and Project Manager for High End Residential Construction

Problem: Reece wanted to move from onsite work into the office and showed talent in project management. When an opening came up, his company suggested he obtain a recognised qualification to give him the credentials required to apply.

Solution: CAL’s Online Diploma in Project Management

Outcome: Reece got the job which included a salary increase. “The tutorials were self-explanatory and when I needed coaching to clarify the initial expectations, my learning coach was very helpful.”

Highlights:  “The 12 months it took to complete the course was well worth the effort and I learned a lot I didn’t know. I intend to stay in project management so the diploma will benefit me forever.”

Online Learning Experience: “I needed to keep working fulltime so online was the perfect solution. I worked 7am to 4pm and studied 5pm to 9pm most nights.”

PM course gets the tick from council guru

Name: Colin Rosa

Company: Bendigo City Council www.bendigo.vic.gov.au

Position: Technical Officer Parks Division

Problem: With local government there is a large paperwork requirement and correct procedures to follow when managing projects that range in size and complexities; from smaller irrigation jobs to new playground installations to large scale multipurpose cricket facilities.

Solution: CAL’s Diploma of Project Management Workshop

Outcome: “I now have other departments in the council coming to me for advice on how to run projects correctly.”

Skills acquired: “Knowing how the whole procurement system works, budgeting to make sure everything is running right and OHS issues. I feel like I can be on top of it all at once now. My job involves being responsible for rate payers money and I am confident in my ability to do the best job possible now.”

Highlights: “The council gave me the time off and it’s a short drive to Melbourne. The facilitators acknowledged that I had a lot of experience to draw upon already so I was able to complete the course quickly. I enjoyed meeting other people and keeping in touch for support throughout the course.”

Investment in self is the best insurance for dual graduate

Name: Brett Balantino

Company: RACV

Position: Frontline management

Problem: After nine years in frontline management for RACV insurance, Brett discovered a passion for learning and development. He felt he needed to secure additional skills to give him a strategic edge and have more to offer any future employer in this area.

Solution: The chance to do a dual qualification in two areas of career growth was the perfect solution. Brett started with the Diploma of HRM, completed that and then achieved his Diploma of PM. Doing both courses has given Brett an appreciation of his own experience and access to a diverse range of opportunities.

Outcome: “I wanted to develop my professional aptitude and understanding for a future role in human resources, strategic management or learning and development. The CAL diploma courses have absolutely met those needs. I can wait for the right job now knowing that when it becomes available I have the confidence to articulate my skills and knowledge and be a successful applicant.”

Highlights:  “The format of both courses appealed to me. They were intense yet flexible. I also looked at RMIT, Swinburne and Chisholm but CAL offered a better structure that I could achieve around a full time job. That and knowing I would be learning with other adults, not just younger people.”

Manager delivers massive increase in sales results

Name: Marcus Stevens

Company: Mikado Logistics www.mikado-logistics.com.au

Position: Sales Manager

Problem: Marcus is co-owner of Mikado, a freight company specialising in fragile lighting and solar transport solutions. As the Sales and Marketing Manager, Marcus wanted a formal business sales course that would give him the confidence to prospect for and win new contacts.Solution: CAL’s Certificate IV in Business SalesOutcome: “I called three providers and CAL responded fast with a personal touch that I liked. The course assisted me to identify the Unique Selling Proposition of Mikado, who to target and how to sell our service. We grew from having one regular customer to seven, within six months of the course, a measureable increase I attribute to the skills I gained from CAL’s Business Sales course.”

Outcome: “My business partner is now very confident in my ability to handle the sales and marketing as well as maintain successful client relationships.”

Highlights: “Small course sizes that allowed for direct mentoring related to my situation and the after course accessibility to Rob Golding the facilitator. Even now I can still call and Rob is always happy to chat and offer advice.”

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