How to reduce your video file size to upload to Spark

Unfortunately, Spark only allows file uploads of less than 2GB.

To reduce your video’s file size we recommend compressing the video. If you are on a Windows 10 computer you can use the Photos application and our instructions below. If you are on a Mac or older version of Windows we recommend downloading VLC Media Player, and following the instructions below.

Photos Icon

Windows 10

The Windows 10 Photos application allows users to readily edit videos, including reducing their file size. Here is how:

  1. Open the Photos application (search for “photos” on your computer’s search bar, usually next to the Windows button in the bottom left of your screen.)
  2. Once open, select the New video button in the top right, then from the dropdown menu select New video project.
  3. Add the video you want to compress by pressing Add or dragging and dropping the file onto the Project library (it may take a moment to load).
  4. Drag your video onto the Storyboard.
  5. Here you can also make other edits, like trimming the file or adding text.
  6. Once the video is ready, in the top right select Finish video, then from the options select the smallest video quality Medium 720p.
  7. Press Export and choose where you wish to save the file. Depending on the video’s file size this may take a while. When the video is complete it will open.
  8. Done, your video should now be smaller and ready for upload.

VLC Media Player

VLC is a free multimedia player, it allows users to play and compress various media files. Here is how to compress your video with VLC Media Player:

  1. Download and install VLC Media Player
  2. Open VLC
  3. From the top menu select Media, then from the dropdown Convert / Save.
  4. Select Add… or drag and drop to add your video file.
  5. Press Convert / Save.
  6. In the settings, section select the Profile dropdown and choose “Video for Youtube HD”
  7. Choose the destination and name for the new file by pressing Browse.
  8. Press Start, the file will then start processing (you can view the progress in the playback bar).
  9. Once the playback bar is empty, you can close VLC. The file should be saved in your chosen destination.
  10. Done, your video should now be smaller and ready for upload.