Celebrating Our 10th Anniversary

Humble beginnings and a grand vision.

In 2009 our founders, Helen Sabell and Rob Golding stepped away from their senior roles in the public education system, and courageously began the College for Adult Learning.

They wanted to change the way we deliver adult education. From small beginnings, they handcrafted bespoke courses to tailor to those with more experience. Realising the new direction of education, they took their college online to deliver their courses around Australia.

They built the foundation for an RTO that is committed to making a difference and inspiring transformation through learning.

2009 Co-Founders

Helen Sabell
Co-Founder, CEO, Principal

Rob Golding
Co-Founder, Director

After a decade of education, we are approaching 10,000 student enrolments, and our small team has grown from 3 to now 40.

As we prepare and plan for the next ten years, we have the opportunity to reflect on our past. We’re in the best position to continue our passionate pursuit for education and ignite real change in the world.

We will always value first, above all else, lifelong learning and you – our students.

We are making a positive difference in people’s lives; near and far, directly and indirectly, and we can’t wait for what the future holds!

2019 Leadership Team

Helen Sabell
Co-Founder, CEO, Principal

Sarah Sabell
Associate Director, Learning and Development

Miriam Oxford
Learning and Development Manager

Rob Golding
Co-Founder, Director

Stephen Golding
Operations and Finance Manager

Chloe Bickerton
Marketing Manager

Matt Sabell
Business Development Manager

Our Journey

We began with an idea, we work with passion.

From our humble beginnings, our family-run business grew to serve more students in more ways and really deliver on our vision – to make a difference.

We live by this in everything we do, from our unique flexible delivery, to our bespoke content written in partnership with industry leaders, through to our hands-on and personalised approach to support.

Follow us through our journey from kitchen table to the world stage and discover how we’re making a difference.


The Home Office

"In those days, people wanted face-to-face. So we had to do face-to-face."

It all started at a kitchen table. With his background in retail management, Rob consulted with individuals through a Diploma of Retail. Obviously this wasn’t very scalable, so a small training space in Melbourne’s CBD was leased


Our First Graduates

"Moving to Richmond was a big deal for us – having our very own training space..”

With a growing cohort of students, a larger training space was required, so the College moved to the inner city suburb of Richmond. With the new facility came new qualifications, including in HR, Project Management and Business Sales.


Tides Turn

"We were responding to what the market was telling us – that we’d come to the end of face-to-face.”

Whereas initially, middle managers were easily able to step out of the office to complete training, CAL received more and more requests for after-hours classes


Online Launch

“We had to wait for the mail to come to receive assessments. We had piles of assessments arriving all at once.”

The first online courses became available, in HR and Project Management. CAL now serving 1,000 students – with just 4 staff. Even with course delivery happening online, assessment submissions were still coming in by mail.


Classroom learning phases out

"It wasn’t based on what we thought, but on what managers were telling us they needed”

Enrolments for classroom-based courses dropped, and online continued to flourish. By making qualifications available online, CAL was able to offer its services to students across Australia.


Fully digital

"We were ahead of the curve, and so when the in-person classes crashed out, we pivoted to fully online."

Following the last face-to-face course finishing, the training space was no longer required. CAL moved to a smaller office space, and increased staff to 12, to better look after their 2,000 students.


New Horizons

"What we've decided we would do from the very beginning, we only offer what we understood really well - the management side of industry."

With a firm belief that any training offered by CAL needed to be based in management and leadership, the directors explored Building and Construction (Management). The interest was huge, and the course took off, bringing the total number of students to 3,000.


Continued Growth

"We built the online format of CAL to be focused on constant contact with the students, and really being a part of their learning journey."

Again facilitating the steadily increasing student body, now at 4,000, the staff at CAL grew to 16. This also came with two new courses in Business and Business Administration.


Moving forward

"By 2017, we were out of space again – we had people sitting on each others laps!"

The continued growth of the student body necessitated another move to a new office. With 5,000 students, the CAL team grew to 20 staff, and introduced coaches and assessors working remotely. The Diploma of Practice Management was introduced, again focusing on the management side of a new industry.


New skills, new courses.

"We responded to what our students were telling us – they needed these additional skills, so we launched Quality Auditing."

2018 was another year of growth, thanks to increasing efficiencies, and the introduction of Quality Auditing..


A decade of making a difference.

"We keep coming back to focus on Student Engagement – ensuring our students get what they need from us at every point of their learning journey.”

Another move was on the cards, with CAL staff now at 42, to service the rapidly approaching milestone of 10,000 students.

As we move forward, we’re driven by that same passion to help adults get ahead.

How we’re celebrating

We’ve decided to go big with our celebrations – we’re hosting giveaways, releasing scholarships and creating exclusive offers, all as part of our dedication to transforming lives and igniting change.

Discover how we’re celebrating our 10th Anniversary by living our vision and making a difference.

Power of Learning Competition

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary, we’re giving away over $7,000 worth of prizes to help others make a difference.

All you have to do is tell us what you’ve learned over the last 10 years that’s made the biggest difference.

Don’t forget to share and comment to be notified who the winners are. Best of luck!


Exclusive CAL Scholarships

As part of our commitment to igniting real change, we opened an exclusive Scholarship offering. This was designed to help people that might not have the opportunity to study our courses, and empower them to make a difference.

We poured through hundreds of amazing stories to select 10 that inspired us the most.
Our winners have been dreaming of making a difference, and now we've given them just the opportunity they needed.

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We couldn’t have done any of this without the support and encouragement of all of our students, past and present.

From all of us here at CAL,

Our Sponsors

We're proud to have partnered with some incredible brands to help up bring our vision to life. Most have a similar story to ours - starting small with the drive to make an impact in the lives of everyday Australians.

From generous donations to exclusive discounts, we're grateful for every contribution.

Contribution: Travel vouchers

Universal Traveller are a dedicated travel team experienced in providing amazing deals with flights, accommodation, tours, insurance and car hire. They have generously contributed travel vouchers for two lucky winners in the Power of Learning competition, valued at $2000 and $300.

CAL has also partnered with Universal Traveller Melbourne to offer exclusive travel deals for CAL students.

[email protected] 03 9639 5110 Universal Traveller

Contribution: Stand-up desk

MOVI was created to reduce the serious health risks that come with long hours sitting at your desk.MOVI converts your existingdesk into a smart, electric standing desk in seconds, and arrives fully assembled. We are grateful to MOVI for donating a desk valued at $695 for one lucky winner, and a generous discount to all competition entrants.

Movi Workspace Website @moviworkspace

Contribution: Laptop

Dynabook, formerly Toshiba are well-known globally for their laptop computers, storage products and tech accessories. Dynabook have donated a laptop valued at $1395 to the Power of Learning Competition.


Contribution: Momentum Wireless Headphones

World renown, Sennheiser is shaping the future of the audio world with their modern state-of-the-art headphones and audio products. They have generously donated a pair of their fantastic Momentum Wireless Headphones valued at $599.

Sennheiser Website @sennheiser

Contribution: Prize Packs

Milligram offer stylish and well-designed stationery and lifestyle items from over 90 brands to the modern professional. Milligram have an online store and four physical stores across Victoria. They have kindly donated quality prize packs worth over $350 each for four lucky winners in the Power of Learning Competition.

Milligram Website @milligramstore

Contribution: Tiller time device

Tiller is a small device that lives on your desk, connected directly to your computer. It provides a physical reminder to stay on track, and brings mindfulness and deliberateness to the work you're doing, turning healthy time management into a habit. Tiller have donated one Tiller time device + a year premium software subscription for one winner, valued at $370.

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Contribution: Tristar Travel Bag

Tom Binh creates bags boasting of "lifetime guarantee, superior construction, and thoughtful design." Their products are recognised as some of the best work/travel bags in the world. The Tri-Star bag valued at $530 AUD has been donated for one fortunate winner to receive in the Power of Learning competition.


Contribution: Study Success Goals

MiGoals is one of Australia's leading empowering stationery brand. They aim to help you unlock the potential within yourself to Dream, Plan and take Action on the life you want. MiGoals have donated 10 fantastic Study Success Packs for the winners of the Scholarship Competition, valued at up to $100 each.

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Contribution: Resume revamping sessions

hiire is a job application consultancy that is passionate about creating customised, attention-grabbing resumes and cover letters. They have contributed 10 valuable resume revamping sessions for the winners of the Scholarship Competition, valued at up to $80 each.

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