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Move forward in your Logistics career

If you’re ready for an exciting career in logistics, a Diploma of Logistics (TLI50221) will equip you with the knowledge and expertise to go straight into a role in the supply chain management and logistics industry. For professionals with existing supply chain management experience, you’ll refine your existing knowledge and upskill to further your career by transitioning into a management role.

Studying to become a logistics professional is a pathway to a successful and in-demand career. You’ll provide an invaluable service by overseeing supply chain management, procurement and purchasing. In the logistics industry you’ll need to be able to integrate key business processes while considering the end user as well as managing the original suppliers. This course is designed to give you the real, working skills you’ll need to step directly into a an exciting logistics role. 

With a transferable set of skills, graduates of this diploma will be prepared for roles in supply chain and operational management, procurement, inventory and warehousing management, leadership and more.

Plan your study around your work and life – not the other way around. With no scheduled classes or tutorials to attend, you can study at your own pace, and complete the Diploma in your own time. Start putting your learning into practice almost immediately, with workplace-based assessments, and course content designed for the modern workplace.

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Course Details


Get job-ready with industry relevant units designed to help you succeed

The Diploma of Logistics provides a qualification for students interested in the integrated management of logistics. This course focuses on procedures for transport and logistics management. Students will explore areas such as the management of suppliers, supply chain and customer service as well as the management of operational and financial plans and budgets.

This qualification is comprised of 15 units in total, with a combination of core units and hand-picked electives:

BSBPRC504 Manage a supply chain
TLIX4028 Apply knowledge of logistics
BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness
BSBLDR523 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
TLIR5014 Manage suppliers
TLII5018 Manage customer service
BSBSTR502 Facilitate continuous improvement
BSBOPS504 Manage business risk
BSBWHS521 Ensure a safe workplace for a work area
TLIL5020 Develop and maintain operational procedures for transport and logistics enterprises
TLIF0014 Monitor the safety of transport activities (Chain of Responsibility)
TLIP5004 Develop a transport and logistics business plan
BSBOPS502 Manage business operational plans
TLIA5058 Manage facility and inventory requirements
BSBFIN501 Manage Budgets and Financial Plans


Our courses are 100% online and are self-paced.

This means you can choose to study on a more intense time schedule, or just fit it around your lifestyle when you can.
The course can be completed in as little as 12 months with a full-time study load or in 14-16 months on a part-time study load, but we allow a generous 24-month standard course enrolment duration.

We provide engaging tutorials, industry-relevant assessments and work-ready learning outcomes.

  • Complete the course your way – at your own time, pace and convenience
  • You win from the start with no classes, no rush hour dash or parking hassles
  • Tutorials are easily navigated and the order can be adapted to your priorities
  • Unit quizzes serve to demonstrate knowledge obtained
  • You receive a personal learning plan and regular feedback and personal assistance from our experienced facilitators
  • Learning occurs on the job and you can apply your knowledge while you study for immediate results

Depending on your current skills and amount of experience you have, you may qualify for Recognition of Prior Learning and be eligible for course acceleration.

Study pathways

Get ahead in your career

This course prepares students to responsibly manage varied functions in the wide area of logistics including freight, supply chains, transport, inventory, procurement, warehousing and other areas.

Further Study Pathways

  • Graduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management
  • Graduate Diploma in Business (Supply Chain Management)
  • Bachelor of Business

Entry and study requirements

Study requirements

In order to succeed in our online qualifications, our students are required to:
  • Be 18 years or older at the time of registration
  • Demonstrate the required level of competency in English language, literacy and numeracy skills
The required level of competency in English language, literacy and numeracy skills for Diploma and Certificate IV qualifications is ACSF Level 3. To ensure you have the ACSF skills necessary to commence study with us, you may be required to completed a language, literacy and numeracy test if English is not your first language and you do not hold any nationally recognised Australian qualifications. Upon enrolment, all students will also be assessed over time by their learning coach for their language, literacy and numeracy skills. Where these levels fall below the requisite ACSF standard for the qualification, the coach will advise the student of the remedial options open to them. This may involve additional support or withdrawal of enrolment and refund of fees paid. Please refer to the relevant CAL Policies and the Student Handbook for full details of the entry-level requirements procedure.

Technical requirements

You will need regular access to a laptop or desktop computer with the following:
  • An adequate and reliable internet connection,
  • At least the equivalent of Microsoft Office or Office for Mac, with word-processing capabilities and spreadsheets,
  • A PDF Reader installed,
  • Full permissions to install and access third-party software as required.
You will also need regular access to a laptop, desktop computer or device with an adequate camera to undertake video calls for assessments as required. Typically, we recommend using a laptop or desktop computer with the latest version of Chrome. Please check to ensure your device/s align with the system requirements for our major services:
  • Brightspace D2L – Our Learning Management System (LMS) platform
  • Zoom – Our video call platform
  • Respondus – Our quiz assessment platform
  • Vimeo - Our video embedding platform

Workplace requirements

As part of your course, it is compulsory to undertake and provide third-party evidence for some assessments in an eligible industry workplace. Students will be required to have access to your own eligible workplace, or an eligible host workplace, to successfully complete their qualification. If you are not in an eligible workplace, you must source your own host workplace that meets the requirements for the course.

Eligible workplaces will exhibit:

  • Vehicles subject to Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) either owned by the business or providing regular deliveries to the business
  • Employed or subcontracted heavy vehicle drivers who are required to manage speed and fatigue and complete driver log books (note: student does not have to be a driver just that the business uses them and they have access to these records and vehicles)
  • Chain of responsibility policies, procedures and requirements
  • Warehouse/transport equipment such as forklifts, RFID readers and software systems used in warehousing and logistics
  • Appropriate PPE and safety systems
  • Appropriate policies and procedures
  • Students must be able to apply and monitor workplace policies and procedures relating to chain of responsibility in a supervisory role for a minimum of four weeks

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Get credit for demonstrated skills and knowledge

If you have extensive experience in the industry with a high level of knowledge, competency and ability, you may be eligible for RPL.
This process may enable you to get unit credits for competencies you’ve already demonstrated so you can fast-track your qualification.

Learn more about Recognition of Prior Learning here or contact us to see what you might qualify for.

Fees and payment options

CAL Offer flexible payment plans to suit any budget

At The College for Adult Learning, we understand that not all students are in a position to pay for their studies upfront. For this reason we offer flexible weekly or monthly payment plans that can suit any lifestyle or budget.

Payment Plan Payment Amount Payment Plan Length Total Amount Paid
Discounted Upfront Fee* $1495 + $129.41/mo Upfront Deposit + 17 Months $3695
52 x Weekly Payments $78 52 Weeks $4056
26 x Fortnightly Payments $155 52 Weeks $4030
12 x Monthly Payments $335 12 Months $4020
78 x Weekly Payments $53 78 Weeks $4134
39 x Fortnightly Payments $106 78 Weeks $4134
18 x Monthly Payments $229 18 Months $4122

*Please note: The College for Adult Learning’s obligations as an RTO include taking actions to protect your fees. These protections exist to ensure that you can enrol with confidence. The principal protection which is provided to you is a pre-paid fee limit; CAL will never require you to pay more than $1,500 in advance and will never allow your advance payment balance to rise above $1,500.

**In conformance with the protections and to make our course fees more accessible to our students, you will only be required to pay $1495 at the time of registration, with a $129.40 recurring monthly payment debited for the next 17 months, equalling a total payment of $3694.97 - saving you up to 10.6% off the normal payment plan fees.

FEE-HELP and VET Loans

In order to maintain the high quality training we’re so proud of, we are not affiliated with FEE-HELP schemes or VET Student Loans, and remain a Fee For Service provider. We understand the financial pressure and concerns that come with undertaking study, so we keep our prices highly competitive and offer flexible payment plans to suit all budgets and lifestyles. Don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 907 870 to discuss a flexible plan that suits your budget

Frequently asked questions

What is the logistics diploma?

The Diploma of Logistics (TLI50219) is a qualification for professionals working in the logistics sector looking to upskill into higher-level management roles such as Logistics Supervisor, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager or others. The logistics diploma is a Nationally Recognised qualification in Australia and is internationally respected. This online course teaches in-demand technical skills including supplier management, customer service, risk management, budget and financial plan management, inventory management and more. Logistics professionals undertaking this course can develop essential soft skills in leading and managing team effectiveness, facilitating continuous improvement and managing effective workplace relationships. It is highly recommended to have two years of logistics experience before undertaking the online logistics diploma course.

How long does the logistics diploma take?

A diploma in logistics can take approximately 12 months to complete if studying full-time. The duration of your qualification is also dependent on how many hours you put in each week to study, however at CAL all students are offered a generous 24-month self-paced enrolment period to complete their online logistics qualifications.

Can I do the logistics diploma online?

Studying the logistics diploma online is possible with the right qualification provider. Online learning means no compulsory classes and the freedom to study on your terms. Studying the diploma of logistics online at the College for Adult Learning is ideal for working professionals who need to fit study around their busy lifestyle.

What job can I get with a diploma in logistics?

The Diploma of Logistics (TLI50219) is a qualification that will allow you to pursue higher management roles within a variety of supply chain functions including transport, shipping, warehousing, rail, ports, aviation, maritime and more. Each sector requires competent logistics professionals with the right skillset to lead teams and ensure all processes run smoothly as part of the supply chain. With a diploma in logistics online, you can confidently pursue management roles in these sectors such as Logistics Supervisor, Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager or others. By undertaking this qualification online you can continue to work in your current job role while upskilling with leadership and management skills to further your logistics career.

Are logistics jobs in demand?

Logistics jobs are in high demand more than ever before with the number of job advertisements rising by 2.1% in 2020 alone (SEEK). Logistics Managers are essential to every step in supply chain management, ensuring efficient and effective operations in moving products and resources. Increased global transport requirements and online shopping growth have led to a rapid rise in skills demand and the supply chain and logistics workforce will see stronger growth than the Australian labour force as a whole, with employment, is forecast to grow at an average of 1.5% each year over the next five years (Deloitte, 2020).

What qualification is needed to be a supply chain manager?

To be a successful supply chain manager, undertaking a qualification like the Diploma of Logistics (TLI50219) is crucial as it teaches the right technical skills and know-how, paired with the essential soft skills necessary for higher-level management roles. After completing a fundamental qualification like the online logistics diploma, logistics professionals pursuing senior management positions like a supply chain manager role often undertake a leadership diploma to further develop management skills and stand out from the competitive job market.

What qualification is needed to be a logistics manager?

To be a successful logistics manager, undertaking a qualification like the Diploma of Logistics (TLI50219) is crucial as it teaches the right technical skills and know-how, paired with the essential soft skills necessary for higher-level management roles. After completing a fundamental qualification like the online logistics diploma, logistics professionals pursuing senior management roles often undertake a leadership diploma to further develop management skills and stand out from the competitive job market.

What are three careers in logistics and supply chain management?

Rewarding careers in logistics and supply chain management exist in a variety of sectors including transport, shipping, warehousing, rail, ports, aviation, maritime and more. Within these sectors, logistics manager roles are vital in overseeing the distribution and transport of goods, managing stakeholders and teams, budgeting and overseeing inventory management. Average annual salaries for a logistics manager start from around $79,000 (Seek).

A warehouse manager looks after important functions such as processes, systems and people within an organisation in the warehouse and distribution part of the supply chain process. Average annual salaries for a warehouse manager begin at around $65,000 (Seek).

A supply chain manager is a senior management role, and this role does depend greatly on the size and nature of the organisation. Typically SCM’s oversee the entire supply chain production process from start to finish. They work with logistics managers, warehouse managers, transport managers and all logistics professionals to ensure the process is streamlined and effective. Average annual salaries for supply chain managers can range but start at around $101,000 (Job Outlook).

How to become a Logistics Manager

The first step toward a successful career in logistics is to study for a diploma at the College for Adult Learning. Our Diploma of Logistics (TLI50221) course brings the classroom to you online so you can plan your study around your life – not the other way around. During this course, you will develop transferable skills to prepare you for operational management, supply chain, inventory, procurement, leadership, and warehousing roles.

What does a Logistics Manager do?

Logistics Managers are responsible for the smooth flow of resources in an organisation. They oversee the planning, organisation, transport and distribution of goods and products in supply chains for businesses. Logistics managers have skills including:

  • Developing systems and processes for the distribution and purchasing of goods.
  • Coordinating production schedules, storage, and shipping of products.
  • Liaising with staff, suppliers, and clients to confirm stock supplies are recorded and ordered, and the delivery schedule is maintained.

Is Logistics and Supply Management a good career choice?

A career in logistics and supply management is appealing if you are looking for:

Job growth: Demand for Logistics Managers is always high, particularly since COVID.

Relatively low barrier to entry: You can build a successful career in logistics without an advanced degree or graduate education.

Transferable skills: Your skills from previous roles are easily transferred. They include workflow optimisation, financial planning, and forecasting.

  • 53.4%

    % of managers with at least a Diploma qualification

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I have just completed a Double Diploma with CAL, the overall experience was great and allowed me to complete this certification whilst working full time. Marissa was an amazing support throughout the entire course and l could not speak more highly of her as a trainer and person in general.CAL is a great option for people wanting to study whilst working as they offer out of hours and weekend support/training and it can all be done from home.
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I had a great experience undertaking this course. The CAL team were available to assist me when I was unsure of my next steps. The content was extensive & different methods of learning really assisted me via videos, being able to use my workplace experiences and 1:1 support. A big shoutout to the coaches that provided direction & kept me on track. I recommend this course for anyone wanting to enter the managerial environment or, like me, wanted to support my previous experience with a certification. Thanks CAL!
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I was talking to amazing consultant Stephanie regards to my course , as I was confused which course I wanted to do, she has been most helpful by far in regards to understand which course would be suitable by clarifying my questions and taking the time to , very happy with her service ,very informative.
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Studying with CAL has been a great experience, especially studying later in my professional career. The fact that I could study at my own pace around work and every day life’s demands was perfect. The team at CAL are supportive and encouraging every step of the way. I want to acknowledge and thank Marissa for helping to keep me motivated and always going out of her way to make bookings with her easy and organised!
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I am writing to provide a glowing review for Marissa Litonjua, who served as my trainer during my recent studies. Marissa's dedication and commitment to her role were nothing short of exceptional. I attribute my successful transition to a new industry to her brilliant guidance, unwavering support, and expert knowledge.Marissa's ability to impart skills and knowledge is truly remarkable. She demonstrated a deep understanding of the subject matter and consistently facilitated my learning with clarity and precision. Marissa has made the learning process enjoyable and productive.One of Marissa's standout qualities was her remarkable efficiency in assessing my work. She consistently provided prompt feedback, enabling me to make timely improvements and progress in my studies. Her keen attention to detail ensured that I received the guidance I needed to excel in my coursework.Marissa went above and beyond her role as a trainer. She was always willing to offer additional support, answering questions and providing invaluable insights. Her guidance extended beyond the course curriculum, as she took the time to provide me with advice on modifying my personalized learning plan, to reap the greatest rewards.In summary, Marissa Litonjua is an outstanding educator and coach. She possesses a rare combination of expertise, dedication, and an innate ability to connect with her students. Her guidance played a pivotal role in my successful industry change, and I am deeply grateful for her contributions to my academic and professional growth.I wholeheartedly recommend Marissa Litonjua to anyone seeking a trainer who is not only proficient but also genuinely cares about their students' success. She is an asset to any educational institution, and her commitment to excellence is evident in the results she helps her students achieve.
Helen H
Helen H
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Thank you, Marissa, for you support throughout my studies with CAL. I can't fault my decision to study my Cert IV + Diploma with CAL, and you have been the best support during my studies. At one point, I was unsure if I can actually finish it, and your advice helped me to move forward. I recommend everyone who studies with CAL to reach out to you for coaching.My journey with CAL taught me self-discipline and resilience, and of course all the subject-matter knowledge. After countless of mock ups, simulations, documents and reports I have created, I feel much more confident and ready to execute all of this in the workplace. I gained so much practical know-how and collected a great selection of resources that I can draw from in the workplace.
Shirin Afshar
Shirin A.
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I couldn’t be more happier with my experience during simulation sessions with Mrs. Roma Jaitly at college for adult learning.She was so kind and patient to me. Her coaching was engaging and effective, making learning a joy. I feel fortunate to had the opportunity to learn from such a kind coach.After several months of struggling with the first unit, I have finished it successfully and I am continuing my path with more confidence.
shirin afshar
shirin A.
05:04 05 Oct 23
I couldn’t be more happier with my experience during simulation sessions with Mrs. Roma Jaitly at college for adult learning.She was so kind and patient to me. Her coaching was engaging and effective, making learning a joy. I feel fortunate to had the opportunity to learn from such a kind coach.After several months of struggling with the first unit, I have finished it successfully and I am continuing my path with more confidence.
Kylie Montgomery
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I had a great experience with the College for Adult Learning. The coaches were great, especially Marissa, she was helpful, calming and patient at all times.If your thinking about learning something new, or, just believe continuous learning is as important as I do, jump Online and sing up for a course where help is just a button click or phone call away.
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My online study has been made so easy with one on one coaching calls to help me understand course requirements and course content. I'm so grateful for my Student Coach who supports me.
Nicholas haig
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Completed a double Diploma in Business Compliance & Buisness Auditing. Some units were challenging more than others though was able to obtain help from coaching calls with Marissa Litonjua, Parveen Dahiya and Roma Jaitly. The Spark system is easy to navigate and the learning material is detailed. Validation needs to be done with align some of the assesments and quizz questions with the learning material. Overall if you're looking to be able study at your own pace this would be reccomended.
Rayan Elayoubi
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I am currently pursuing a Double Diploma Course in Leadership Management and Practice Management, and I must say, it has been an incredible experience so far.At first, I was a bit anxious, as I work full-time, and the initial adjustment to the course structure was challenging. However, I soon found a rhythm, thanks to the excellent support and resources provided by the program.The consistent and constructive feedback I receive throughout the course gives me motivation, pushing me to excel in each unit I undertake. It's incredibly rewarding to see my progress, especially considering that I've managed to complete two units in just one month. This achievement has given me confidence in my abilities, proving that with effective time management and dedication, I can successfully balance work, life, and education.One of the strategies that has worked exceptionally well for me is scheduling in simulations before tackling the assessments. Setting these deadlines for myself has helped me stay on track and maintain a steady pace of learning. This approach makes the entire learning process smoother.I must say, the coaches are not only experts in their fields but also incredibly friendly and approachable. It's reassuring to know that there's a supportive team behind me every step of the way.
Holly A
Holly A
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Like many it was time to retrain, up skill and gain some much needed security. CAL was great, self guided as I still needed to work part time and the coaches were always available. They had a great offer of a Double Diploma in Building Construction and Project Management , the work load was manageable and it has enabled me to get a job with a top building company in Perth. Thanks CAL.
Theuns Grobler
Theuns G.
22:54 10 Sep 23
The Diploma I have done was great, learned a lot, and I am able to use the new skills in my daily work. I had an amazing coach and assessor, Marissa from CAL is great, she really supported me as a learner and guided me.
Andres Ferreira
Andres F.
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Professional team! Nasser was an excellent teacher for my Builder course. Also, all the administrative and financial team there was very helpful. I did the course working full time, so it was a little challenging for me, but with the support of the coach and studie 2 hs every day, you can do it!
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Stacey S.
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I completed a Double Diploma of Practice Management and Business (Operations) with CAL, and they were a fantastic RTO to study with. They were upfront about the requirements of the course, and student support was always prompt in responding whenever I needed assistance, with a number of different support options available. I would especially like to thank Marissa who was always so patient and helpful through-out the whole process!The style and structure of the learning materials were extremely engaging and easy to follow as well, which made it really easy to find information when needed. Especially given the competitive pricing of their courses and the level of support provided, I would happily recommend CAL to anyone looking for an online study option!
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I have had an amazing experience at CAL! All the staff and learning coaches are brilliant. I would like to single out the exceptional Marissa who is engaging, knowledgeable and very supportive, always went above and beyond! Thank you. If you are thinking of going back to study, CAL is highly recommending institution.
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Jasmine F.
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I strongly endorse The College for Adult Learning and its exceptional quality of education. Having successfully completed a Diploma of HR Management and the Diploma of Leadership and Management, I am compelled to express my unwavering appreciation for the invaluable experience I gained.Throughout my journey, the coaching provided was truly exceptional. I must highlight that Marissa, in particular, has been an incredible asset. Over the span of the past few years, her patience, support and insightful guidance have played a significant role in equipping me with the knowledge and skills necessary for my certifications. Marissa's profound expertise in the field is unmistakable and I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have collaborated with her.I extend my deepest gratitude for not only enabling but also empowering me to pave the way for my future career endeavours. If you are considering furthering your education, I wholeheartedly recommend Marissa and the College for Adult Learning.
11:17 22 Aug 23
My experience with CAL was pleasant enough but my star rating is olnly due to one of the assessors - Marissa! She is worth double whatever it is they are paying her, she actually went out of her way to assist me with some administration errors 🙏 also a very thorough and pleasant assessor. I don't think I'm the only one who thinks she's amazing considering she's usually booked out for a month in advance!!!
Kara Pook
Kara P.
06:38 20 Aug 23
Marissa is a star! Marissa is the reason for this 5 star review. She has been the most supportive trainer that a student can ask for. She always answered any questions easily and I never felt like I couldn't ask a question to her. She is the reason why I made it through this course, the assessments are enormous (probably much bigger than they need to be) and her encouragement, industry knowledge and advice helped me to move through them when I felt that they were just completely unachievable. Thank you Marissa for everything, I honestly could not have done this without you!
Louise Perkins
Louise P.
10:48 14 Aug 23
I would highly recommend CAL to everyone, who is looking to study and extend their skills and knowledge. I have found them all to be the most supportive, respectful and knowledgeable college they give 110%, and cannot do enough to support their students to achieve their goals.I have found this in all areas of the CAL college from Admin, Finacial and Cal Coaching Teachers. I must also highlight Marissa my CAL coach she is fantastic, extremely knowledgeable and so supportive; she always leaves students better then she found them, builds self-esteem, and confidence just through coaching calls and simulations, an absolutes pleasure to speak too.If you wish to study to enhance and advance your skills enroll with CAL, I am very glad I did, that's for sure!!!!
Bianka Radovics
Bianka R.
18:58 09 Aug 23
I haven't finished my studies yet, but nothing shorter then 5 start for the team of CAL.
Craig Murray
Craig M.
06:22 08 Aug 23
I recently completed a double diploma in Project Management and Leadership and Management with the College for Adult Learning. With the help of their very professional, friendly and helpful coaches I was able to complete the diploma’s early whilst working full-time as a tradesperson. The course content is also well balanced between theory and practical. The coaches were always there to help and were a pleasure to deal with throughout the process. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to further their careers or build on their qualifications as I did.
Caitlin Metcalf
Caitlin M.
07:33 30 Jul 23
Studying through the College for Adult Learning was a seamless and positive experience. I was supported through the entirety of my course by the Coaches. I would recommend the College for Adult Learning for those that are looking to up their skill set, are self disciplined and independent learners.
Paige Eygenraam
Paige E.
05:14 28 Jul 23
I personally made the decision to start a double diploma in business and leadership & management, to up-skill my knowledge and to have the educational certificate to my name. When starting my double diploma it was very daunting and it was very tough personally. The admin staff are exceptionally good at running you through All of the criteria. And making sure you know what to do, what is required and how to get the best out of your study. I took everything on board that they explained to me and it has led me to proceed through all the starting difficulties that I faced and to get six units completed before I know it, and it has been one of the best experiences I could've ever asked for. The coaches are there to help you. Anytime that you go to them with a question about the course you will get an answer and they will help you. The help from the coaches is exceptional!! I believe that once you get the hang of it, you are going to exceed through the whole entire course and the more you put into it the more you're probably going to get out of it. It's not all hard and it's not all easy but it is definitely worth doing it.All of the staff are exceptional, all of the teachers are there to help you and every time that I have contacted the college or a coach for support, they have all made me feel so genuinely important and so valued and it feels like we have a connection and that they really understand what I'm asking for and what I need, without even seeing them one on one in a classroom.I highly recommend studying at the college. It is so adaptable and it is so easy to fit in with my full time employment and I hadn’t studied for eight years and I felt like I was completely too old to get back into it but this was definitely a really good decision.So, Back yourself, and enroll into the course!
Joel Berry
Joel B.
03:22 25 Jul 23
College for adult learning has been a fantastic experience for me. Started off with a huge hesitation around further study as I am still currently working full time. The team at CAL assured me i would be supported the whole way. I have just completed a double diploma in project and construction management. A reasonable time frame for this was 2.5 years. I found that both the coaches and admin team were fantastic to deal with, always quick to sort out any problems and efficiently answered any questions I was faced with. Persistence is the key with any of CAL courses. I would certainly recommend this training organisation for further education.
Tahlia de Klerk
Tahlia de K.
01:19 18 Jul 23
I have had a very positive experience studying through The College for Adult Learning.The support that they offer, as well as the online learning material has been instrumental in helping me to have achieved my qualification.They have a wide range of coaches, all of which are brilliant. Marissa was an excellent coach.I am excited about what the future holds.
16:14 05 Jul 23
I started my studies during Covid because I had lost my job and wanted to learn new skills and work towards achieving a goal while I was at home figuring out what to do next. Doing my double diploma was more work than I expected (there are a lot of assessment calls). However, I found that I looked forward to the assessment calls because the assessors were so nice and friendly! A special thank you to Roma and Marissa for their support and guidance throughout my studies! Also, thank you to the online support representatives who always responded promptly to all of my questions. I had a great experience studying with CAL and I would recommend CAL to everyone!
Komoka Kanguya
Komoka K.
06:19 25 May 23
Excellent Learning Platform
Tsholofelo Matemotja
Tsholofelo M.
12:33 13 May 23
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Simi S.
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Ketrina Humberdross
Ketrina H.
07:07 13 Feb 22
I did my diploma in business administration I found the course to be very informative and the support was incredibly if you want to study and your of a mature age I recommend college of adult learning
Jasmine Pacini
Jasmine P.
23:34 25 Apr 21
Friendly knowledgeable staff.Great resources.Fast response time.Convenient format.
Alex Shambho
Alex S.
12:15 30 Jan 21
Absolutely amazing start, Jason was super helpful in getting me signed up for the course. we needed to clarify some details via phone . Jason was fun to talk to and very competent in helping me out with my problems. I am looking forward to the start of the course. thank you very much
Elizabeth Flemming
Elizabeth F.
09:59 25 Jan 21
Has anyone done the Double Diploma of Business and Business administration. needing a little help full time mum . and full time worker doing 40 + hours a week. All suggestions would be helpful
Nick Larubina
Nick L.
04:35 02 Dec 20
Jason was a legend !!! So easy to deal with and I can’t wait to complete my studies and advance my career
Jennie Mcgorlick
Jennie M.
05:45 31 Oct 20
I have just completed the Double Diploma of Business and Leadership Management. The course was closely aligned with the skills I was developing in my role at my workplace. I was priviledged to have such an excellent, professional, supportive tutor in Marissa Litonjua. She was always encouraging, very helpful, approachable and accommodating. I will miss the weather updates from sunny Queensland. Thanks for being a vital part of my career aspirations. Jen
Tom Mahlook
Tom M.
12:38 21 Oct 20
Hi there. Has anyone enrolled in, or completed the Double Diploma in Logistics + Business (Procurement)?Any feedback would be appreciated. Thank you😁
Sonia Wise
Sonia W.
03:41 09 Aug 20
I have just completed my double diploma in HR Management and Business Admin. This has been one of the best online platforms that I have used for my learning experiences. The content Is excellent and very thorough, there are various methods you can use, depending on your learning style. There is a lot of work, but is totally rewarding as you work through it. My biggest take home is if you have any issues or get stuck is to always communicate with the lecturers or even the office staff, the whole team is super supportive. I struggled a couple of times with work time pressures where it got too much, the CAL team where very supportive and assisted me through it. Kerry and Marissa where both great facilitators when working though my major assignments, and thanks them both for making it an easy process. At the end of the day CAL want you to pass and will work with you through the process. Thanks to the CAL team!!! 😎😎
Ray Millard
Ray M.
04:10 28 Jul 20
Starting my HR Diploma in March 2020, being part of CAL has been an amazing experience. The information is very rich and up-to-date. The staff and assessors are extremely helpful. Thank you CAL for helping me transition back into HR and into the workforce !
John Simunovich
John S.
08:25 24 Jun 20
CAL has been a great online learning platform. Access for a coach is simple & easy and never too hard to get hold of one.
Francisco Pina Pais
Francisco Pina P.
11:25 04 May 20
I strongly recommend the studies at CAL. My experience so far was exceptional; I learned immensely and always had the support of all team. Great people, Great teachers, Great school. The methodology and the contents are beneficial and aligned with the requirements of the work industries
Luke Long
Luke L.
06:34 03 May 20
I recently finished my double diploma of building and construction / project management through CAL. It is a great course and I learnt a lot along the way - a great experience and there is always plenty of support through the CAL team and the facebook group. Nasser was very helpful throughout the course as well!
Ashleigh Rowe
Ashleigh R.
05:04 20 Apr 20
I have just completed my double diploma in project management and leadership management. It has a lot of information and I learned so much. The price you pay in money and mentality was worth having these two diplomas now and I can’t thank CAL enough. I have always had good experiences with the coach’s, timing and content. I would recommend studying with CAL to anyone. Just chip away at it and keep motivated.
Serneste Mare
Serneste M.
06:16 30 Mar 20
In the current climate, we are all facing I have found that my coach and also the student support and administration has been VERY helpful, reassuring and timely in their communication and help. I enjoy the course and my experience from the start has been great. The effort is on me to contact and reach out and once I did this the team was on my questions immediately.
Luise Napier
Luise N.
09:28 27 Mar 20
I have studied with CAL for the past 22 months, completing a double diploma of Practice Management and Business Administration, Meagan my accessor has been a wealth of knowledge and assistance in developing my career in Practice Management. By learning the modules of the course this has allowed me to transition smoothly into my new career. I had already accepted my new role prior to completing this course, with commitment, discipline, and perseverance and an end goal the double diplomas are achievable.I strongly recommend CAL to anyone looking to further their education !!
Dau Wer Mayen Anyuon
Dau Wer Mayen A.
01:29 16 Mar 20
To convert PDF Assessment to word document
Eldrian Basson
Eldrian B.
04:55 13 Mar 20
Thank you for extending the expiring date of my current course.It is clear that the College for Adult Learning is a institute of high ethical values, where the student's education is still superior to potential monetary gain.GOOD ON YOU.I will highly recommend the College for Adult Learning to any future students, and will also make a point to promote CAL to all young people in the hospitals where I work. Dr Eldrian Basson - Clinical Epidemiologist
Gail Kerr
Gail K.
05:40 06 Jun 19
I found my whole experience with CAL to be a positive one. It's been many years since I have been in a "school" environment, so it took some discipline to get through this course. I set myself a 2 hour minimum study period each day which took a fair bit of effort and focus, as I work full-time plus have a family to look after. It was hard initially, but after a couple of weeks, I found my rhythm and it was smooth sailing after that. I also didn't put any pressure on myself-if I had a bad day at work-I didn't touch any study as I found no joy when I hit the books in that frame of mind, and that made it hard work. So, I found giving study a miss for one or two days actually beneficial, and when I did go back, I was more involved and interested in my course than before. I have nothing but praise for the support I received from the whole team at CAL - from the admin staff to the tutors. They responded quickly and the coaching calls helped me to get to the next questions/units quickly. A big thank you to each of you for the part you played in helping me achieve a long-held goal. I highly recommend CAL to anybody who is looking to take on some study. The content is laid out well and easily followed. The exercises for each topic and the assessments went a long way in ensuring that the information absorbed was drilled home.
Ben Clark
Ben C.
04:03 05 Jun 19
CAL provided a great opportunity to learn at your own pace. I would highly recommend their Diploma of Project Management if you are new to the field and looking for an opportunity to learn as you do. The Diploma greatly supported the project I was working on at the time, running me through all the steps as I implemented them.
Carl Wicken
Carl W.
10:11 20 May 19
I have just completed a double diploma with CAL. I found all of the staff there very supportive indeed and did not experience any rudeness whatsoever. Unforeseen circumstances meant that i had to request an extension , CAL were very professional in their response and understanding. Studying online is not for everyone and can be difficult if you are returning back to study after a long period. However CAL are there to support you it just takes a little bit of time to get a response from your coach, but once you are speaking with them they clarify and help you with your course work. I would recommend sourcing a study group either students from CAL or somewhere else where you can bounce ideas off each other regarding the course. This will help you as you work through the self directed learning and complete your tasks and activities in the course.Thanks to all the team at CAL who helped me through my course and got me to the end.
Robert Michael Gatt
Robert Michael G.
06:50 18 May 19
I have been impressed with CAL from the first point of contact, I totally recommend for anyone that's thinking off further their education to make the first step and contact CAL
Belinda Rantino
Belinda R.
02:54 22 Jan 19
I really enjoy my studies at the college of Adult Learning, ( I am studying the double Diploma in Human Resources and Leadership Management)the trainers are helpful and very easy to talk to. It’s taken me a bit longer to complete than expected but I can go at my own pace and I now book regular coaching calls to keep me active in my studies. Over all, I’m really happy I choose this course and this college.
Sylvia Iskandar
Sylvia I.
22:32 20 Dec 18
I have officially finished my double diploma with CAL and I must say it was a great experience. The content was terrific and the staff/assessors were very prompt with their responses. I highly recommend if you enjoy online studying.
Noora N Bill
Noora N B.
09:26 14 Nov 18
I’m currently doing a double diploma of construction management and Project Management. All the coaches and staff at CAL have been very helpful and the studies have been great as they provide all the text books and study resources that I need to understand all processes and regulations involved in the field I am pursuing.
Timmy Eisel
Timmy E.
08:11 17 Oct 18
I recently completed the Double Diploma in Project Management | Leadership and Management. From my initial enquiry and dealings with Tristan who was super helpful, informative and supportive, through to starting the course with the help of Student engagement coach David who helped me every step of the way and checked in to see how I was getting on, The College for Adult Learning was a fantastic learning experience which exceeded my expectations. With each Unit completed the next would be unlocked straight away and marked within the times stated (generally in half the time). The feedback from the coaches was the best of all always super encouraging and supportive but also included much needed advice in areas that may require extra study or focus. Anything I was unsure of I simply booked a time that suited me for a coach to call me to discuss anything I was unsure about. I highly rate and recommend CAL and look forward to studying with them again in the near future! Thanks so much guys !!
Johnny Preston
Johnny P.
00:51 09 Oct 18
It's got the best support mechanism in place.Coach I have been using it calm her name is Meaghan.She's calm. I'm calm.
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CAL’s Diploma of Logistics (TLI50221) offers industry-relevant units to help you succeed. Companies across the globe are always looking for ways to streamline their logistics processes to make them more efficient. Completing a logistics qualification can equip you with the skills needed for the following positions:

Planner or Analyst: Identifies problems, assembles data, and creates recommendations for supply chains.
Buyer: Sources supplies, manages relationships with suppliers, and evaluates and negotiates contracts with suppliers.
Inventory Specialist: Responsible for inventory accuracy and quality, works on stock location, develops strategies to optimise workflow, and monitors inventory flow and labour productivity in distribution facilities.
Material Planner: Coordinates manufacturing, purchasing, and suppliers to ensure cost-efficiency and reliable material delivery.
Transportation Coordinator, Traffic Analyst: Manages customers and carriers, ensuring goods are delivered promptly.
Production Coordinator / Operations Planner: Coordinates daily forecasting and production schedules for future production requirements.

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If you’re looking for a course that will enhance your employment prospects, then CAL’s logistics diploma will provide you with a flexible way of getting the comprehensive skills that you’ll need to find success in the sector.

Job skills may revolve around managing inventory, meeting regulatory requirements, and reading and interpreting transport schedules. The College for Adult Learning’s Diploma of Logistics (TLI50221) provides knowledge and skills for a successful career in logistics, including:

  • Managing a supply chain
  • Developing and maintaining operational procedures
  • Implementing and monitoring transport logistics
  • Managing customer service

Logistics Supervisor
Logistics Manager
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Double Diploma of Logistics (TLI50221) + Leadership & Management (BSB50420)

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Upgrade to the Double Diploma with

Diploma of Leadership & Management (BSB50420)

Develop your logistics and people management skills to move into strategic supply chain management positions.

Double Diploma of Logistics (TLI50221) + Leadership & Management (BSB50420)

Double Diploma
Upfront Deposit Discount only $4695*
Flexible plans available.
LIMITED TIME ONLY Upgrade to a Double Diploma and pay only $3695* Enquire now
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I thoroughly enjoyed the course and would happily recommend to anyone who is in a leadership role.

Lee Hartwell

It covered all topics. Talent management, operations, leadership and metrics. Great overview issues in work place discussion. Great output.

Lenny Ewers

It was really great to be able to complete my Diploma at my own pace and I received excellent support from my CAL coach.

Kylie Jarvis

Very practical and useful information that is directly related to the workplace.

Angela Henderson

There are no other RTO's where you can do this and undertake work at your own pace in your own time. 

Shannon Watkins

Thank-you to the CAL team for providing me with a flexible learning environment that would fit around my working commitments.

Joshua Polkinghorne
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