Why Study an Online Construction Management Course

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Construction management courses teach you the fundamental and versatile skills needed to succeed in this industry and are paramount to securing a job. Studying a construction management online course can fast-track you into a rewarding career across a range of entry-level and senior management roles.

Ready to pursue a rewarding career in construction management? With an online course, you can get the education you need without the traditional classroom commitment. 

Why Study an Online Construction Management Course?

The construction industry is a strong industry that is constantly growing and withstanding economic and societal stresses. According to National Industry Insights it generates over $360 billion in revenue in Australia, accounting for 9% of our Gross Domestic Product*. This makes it a strong career choice for those looking at their long-term goals within a strong industry. 

Small and medium-sized businesses make up the majority of businesses in the construction industry. This benefits those looking for management jobs as many of these can be found in small construction businesses.

Upskilling and furthering your career in construction management usually means a good salary increase. Roles such as contract administrator can earn $120,000 a year, and construction managers themselves can earn on average $175,000 a year (Seek). Along with strong industry growth, a career in construction management is a smart career choice. 


Why Study Online?

Unlike traditional study methods, online courses are incredibly flexible – with access to your coursework available 24/7. You can study at any time that is convenient for you, without the need to travel to on-site classes regularly. This makes it possible to balance studying with the demands of a full-time job or family commitments. With no fixed assignment deadlines and 24 months to finish your course, you can fit study around your life and not the other way around. 

With online courses, you’re in control of the pace at which you learn. That means if you need to take more time on a certain topic or area, without sacrificing additional classes, then you can do so – a flexibility that isn’t possible in physical classes.  As such, this enables you to focus and concentrate to fully understand each area taught.

By studying online, you’ll get the same credentials and qualifications as those who attend on-campus courses. This means you can fast-track your studies and graduate earlier than anticipated. It’s also worth noting that many courses available online feature an extensive network of mentors, learning advisors, and lecturers, meaning you have as much support as those attending physical classes. For anyone wanting to fast-track their career in construction management but lacking the availability to attend classes in person, online study represents a valuable opportunity to become educated from the comfort of your own home.

The benefit of studying a construction management diploma online at the College for Adult Learning is that you can enjoy self-paced, flexible study while gaining a nationally recognised qualification. Gain hands-on experience while also developing expertise that only formal education can provide.

Construction Management Qualifications

Whether you’re ready to take your first step into construction management, or you’re after a senior-level position, the College for Adult Learning has the right online construction management course for every step of your career path. 

Site Manager Courses

Specialised site manager courses can fast-track you straight into a site management position. By completing the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management) (CPC40120) you’ll get key site management skills to confidently supervise small residential and commercial construction projects. With the know-how to ensure construction plans comply with building codes and regulations, paired with critical planning skills to meet construction site labour and facility requirements, you’ll be confident to manage sites and teams within a construction workplace. 

Contract Administrator Courses

Specialised contract administrator qualifications and training are crucial to understanding the complex needs of contracts within the construction industry. With a contract administrator course such as the Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator) (CPC40320), you’ll be ready to begin your career as a contract administrator. You’ll understand how to prepare and negotiate contracts as well as being able to process subcontractor claims and ensure all contractual obligations are met. 

Building Estimator Courses

Completing a building estimator course such as the Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Estimator) (CPC40320) will see you develop key estimating skills to confidently prepare and deliver estimates and cost plans for construction projects. With this online construction estimator online course, you’ll be able to step into estimator roles with the know-how to identify project needs, from labour and resources to materials and facility overheads, as well as researching and comparing quotes and contractor rates to produce a full project cost estimate. 

Construction Manager Courses

A construction management diploma is the best way to be prepared for a career in management in this exciting industry. Become a successful certified construction manager by undertaking the Diploma of Building & Construction (Management) (CPC50320). In a competitive but highly rewarding job market, top-level companies demand construction certifications from professionals to ensure their skills covering a wide range of areas are industry-relevant. This construction manager online diploma will prepare you to excel in your rewarding management career, with the ability to learn a wide range of skills crucial to overseeing high-level construction projects.

Construction Project Manager Courses

Take your project management career a step further with a valuable construction project management qualification like the Diploma of Project Management (Specialising in Construction) (BSB50820). Managing construction projects is a rewarding career step to take for any project professional due to the vast number of job opportunities. With the right construction project management diploma, you can pursue opportunities in managing multi-million-dollar construction projects, running your own successful trade business, and more. 

Builder Licence Course

While there is no one course that can guarantee a builder’s licence, in most states the prerequisite for obtaining your builder’s licence is the Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) (CPC40120).  After completing this construction course, you’ll be equipped with valuable knowledge to successfully kickstart a career in the construction industry and take the first step on the path to achieving a builders licence.

Construction management is a smart choice for those ready to upskill and build on their existing experience in a growing industry. Find out how you can take the next step in your career in building and construction with an online construction management course at the College for Adult Learning.