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SEEK has released an update on Australia’s highest-paying jobs in 2018 vs 2013 and it is satisfying to see that a few high-paying roles in construction have emerged in the top 10. What sort of construction salary can you expect?

What is the best career opportunity in construction?

Project management, contract administration, site management and building estimating are the clear forerunners in construction jobs. Even with a slowing of the mining sector, opportunities continue to flourish for these positions within the construction sector.

Project Managers:

The average salary for construction project managers is $124,603. This actually outperforms the average salary for engineering project managers which is $120,775.

Building estimator:

Building estimators can expect to earn $90,000 once qualified with a certificate. They can also expect big job growth, with an expected growth rate of 8.6% over the next 5 years, making it a lucrative career choice.

Contract administrator:

The average salary of a contract administrator is $115,000. It also has an expected job growth rate of 8.8% over the next 5 years, giving it a certain level of job security as well as a good salary.

Site Manager

Site managers make an average income of $120,000 per year. Site managers also find themselves in many career paths leading to management, with roles such as foreman or leading hand along the way.

The average annual salary for construction overall is still impressive at $109,325, again higher than the $104,347 for engineering.

Where are the best job opportunities?

Opportunities in construction careers are available across Australia in all States and continue to show strong growth. By 2019 the forecasted number of construction jobs in Australia will increase by over 125,000, with Construction Managers in high demand and over 10,000 positions available each year.
SEEK is reporting that the highest demand for construction jobs is in the Northern Territory. In fact, for those willing to relocate, the Northern Territory has some of the biggest salaries in Australia.

By 2019, it is expected that the number of construction jobs in Australia will increase by over 125,000. Click To Tweet

How do the States compare?

Construction Managers are in demand and pay top 20 salaries across all States. Construction Project Managers offer top 20 salaries in all States except Tasmania and Victoria. Beginning a career in construction as a forehand or supervisor is also lucrative with plenty of opportunities for career advancement into management or project management.

Below is how the average wage for project management and management jobs in construction breakdown by State, if they appear in the top 20 jobs of that State:

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NT has the most variety with construction jobs available in:

  • Quality Assurance & Control – $144,121
  • Foreperson/Supervisors – $132,219
  • Contracts Management – $131,287
  • Health Safety and Environment – $124,269
  • Planning and Scheduling – $120,735

Construction is a diverse and flexible career choice

New data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows the following:

  • As of November 2017, the construction sector in Australia employed 1.163 million people – up from 1.063 million in November 2016.
  • Of these, around 1.039 million were men while 123,800 were women. This means men outnumber women in the sector by a factor of 8.4 to one.
  • Around 769,600 workers are employed in construction services, followed by 303,400 in building construction and 87,900 in heavy and civil engineering construction. A further 2,200 workers were not classified.
  • 994,100 construction workers were employed full-time while 169,000 were employed part-time.


Why you need to act on the construction opportunity now

A career in construction makes strategic sense, with scope for great salaries, job satisfaction and job security. With so much growth and access to jobs within the construction sector, you don’t want to miss out on entering the sector now and securing a position that is a perfect fit for you.
As the job market becomes more educated about the wealth of opportunity available in construction, more candidates will make a move from other sectors such as mining, building, engineering and even IT.

With such an abundance of growth and opportunity in the construction industry, it makes sense to secure that future with the right qualification. Study a Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Estimator) (CPC40320), a Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator) (CPC40320), Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Site Management) (CPC40120), Diploma of Project Management (specialising in Construction) (BSB50820), or Diploma of Building & Construction Management (CPC50320)

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