Is a Building and Construction Management Career Right For You?


Move from Tools to Construction Management

Discover why you need to make the transition from tools to a construction management career 

Ever thought you were destined for more than just nuts and bolts? To take the next step in your career, consider a construction management role. Studying a Diploma of Building & Construction (Management) (CPC50320) online is the key to your secure future.

Building and construction management is a rewarding career path that offers a range of opportunities to work on some of the world’s most exciting projects. Learn more about the benefits and salary potential associated with this field and the various job roles available to you.

Build on your knowledge

A career in building and construction management requires a highly specialised set of skills. Completing a qualification allows you to build on your existing knowledge to upskill and secure a construction management position. Generally, individuals need to have a qualification in construction management that focuses on project management, which will equip them with the necessary knowledge for the profession. 

Qualifications can also provide excellent organisational skills, problem-solving abilities, and an understanding of various building codes and regulations. It’s also essential to be adept at both understanding technical drawings and speaking with people of diverse backgrounds.

After completing your study, you will gain the confidence to back yourself.

You’ll work through core learning modules to plug the gaps in your know-how in areas such as:

  • Budgets and financial plans
  • Staff recruitment
  • Operational planning
  • OHS Risk Management
  • Project basics
  • Managing other people

Building & Construction Certificates

The College for Adult Learning offers a range of specialised certificate and diploma courses for professionals to go straight into a construction management role. 

Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator) (CPC40320)

With the Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator), you’ll be ready to work as a contract administrator, site manager, or building scheduler.

Certificate IV In Building Project Support (Estimator) (CPC40320)

You’ll gain essential estimating skills to confidently prepare and deliver estimates and cost plans for construction projects when you complete the Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Estimator).

Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Site Management) (CPC40120)

With the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Site Management), you’ll gain the skills to supervise sites for small residential and commercial construction projects confidently.

Certificate IV in Project Management Practice (BSB40920)

The Certificate IV in Project Management Practice online has been designed to equip you with a complete range of skills, including project scoping, scheduling and quality planning.

Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) (CPC40120)

By completing the Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) you’ll set yourself up to start a career as a builder or site supervisor on small residential and commercial construction projects. 

Building & Construction Diploma qualifications

Diploma of Building and Construction (Management) (CPC50320)

Become a successful certified construction manager by undertaking the Diploma of Building & Construction (Management). 

Diploma of Project Management (Specialising in Construction) (BSB50820)

Take your project management career a step further with a valuable qualification like the Diploma of Project Management (Specialising in Construction). 

Build your construction management career

The best part of an online qualification is how flexible it is for you. You can start at any time, adapt it to your routine, go fast when you have more time, or go slower when you need to. 

By continuing to work on the tools while you study, you get the bonus of applying your learning in real-time. You’ll be able to see with new insight just what your current bosses do well and what they could do better, and apply this learning as you go. That kind of experience is valued by managers looking for practical expertise.

Building & Construction Qualities

A strong construction management professional needs to have certain interpersonal and hard skills. Some of these can be learned through formal education, on the job, or through their own personal traits. 

Innovative Management Solutions rates these five qualities as vital to success in the building and construction field:

  1. Clear and effective communication, including being able to take intricate project details and turn them into small, easy-to-complete activities.
  2. Delegation skills, and the insight to know who you can trust to step up and take on more
  3. Prioritising resources around the unexpected, such as weather, workforce issues, and other delays
  4. Problem-solving of day-to-day details, without compromising on the big picture.
  5. Creating Teamwork in your workforce, willing cooperation based on a mutual understanding of trust and appreciation within the team

Building & Construction Management Salaries

A career in building and construction management can be financially rewarding, as well. Average annual salaries for construction management roles range from $80,000 to well over $100,000 depending on location and experience. 

Some of the highest-paying salaries in construction management are:

  • Construction Manager – $108,000
  • Contract Administrator – $115,000
  • Site Supervisor – $105,000

Career Growth in Construction Management

The construction industry is a strong industry constantly growing and withstanding economic and societal stresses. According to National Industry Insights, in Australia it generates over $360 billion in revenue, accounting for 9% of our Gross Domestic Product*. This makes it a strong career choice for those looking at their long-term goals.

A construction management position is a smart choice for those ready to grow their career. Talk to us about how to make the transition from the tools to Building and Construction Management.

Studying a construction certificate or diploma at the College for Adult Learning can fast-track you into a construction management career. With online, self-paced study, you can earn a nationally recognised qualification while you build on your experience. Upon graduating, you’ll have the tools and expertise to go straight into a construction management position. Find out more about how you can grow your career in construction management.