How To Become A Contract Administrator


how to become a contract administrator

If you currently work in the construction industry, you may already be familiar with contract administrators. Contract administration is a smart career option for those already in the construction industry. It requires a certain range of skills and experiences, but is it right for you?

Read on to find out what a contract administrator does, what salary you can expect, and how you can become a contract administrator.

What is a contract administrator?

A contract administrator oversees the planning, negotiation, and delivery of contracts on construction projects. They must know everything about contracts – how to create one, ensure they are properly drafted, meet codes of practice and legal obligations, are executed by all parties – and oversee a contract to completion on a construction project.

What does a contract administrator do?

As a contract administrator, you ensure all parties involved in the contract understand their obligations and follow the rules and regulations outlined in the contract. You will also need to ensure that any changes made to the contract are communicated to all parties involved.

Every day in a contract administrator’s life can be different. This can make it a challenging but worthwhile job prospect in construction. A typical day for a contract administrator may look like this:

  • Liaise with stakeholders and ensure they understand the terms of their contract
  • Visit a worksite to check in on the progress of a job per the contract schedule
  • Finalise all that needs to be done to finish a contract
  • Research and assess subcontractors

Contract administrators can travel too. If working with subcontractors, they may travel to each site to negotiate, oversee sites to ensure they meet contract obligations and work with a team until project completion.

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What skills does a contract administrator need?

A handful of interpersonal, professional, and hands-on skills are required to be a contract administrator. Some of these will come from your experience and many can be learned through a formal qualification. To become a successful contract administrator, you must have:

  • Excellent communication and literacy, both written and verbal
  • Strong organisational skills
  • A good understanding of how contracts work
  • Familiarity with legal requirements, codes and work health and safety practices
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to liaise with stakeholders, management and workers
  • Technological know-how

How do I become a contract administrator?

Becoming a contract administrator is a great choice if you’re already working in the construction industry and are ready to grow your career. Along with your hands-on and real-life experience in the construction industry, you need a Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator) (CPC40320). This contract admin certificate will teach you the fundamental skills you need to become a contract administrator, including how to understand legal issues relating to contracts, how to read and interpret plans from a construction site, and how to prepare and administer contracts.


What does a contract administrator earn?

Upon completing the Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator) (CPC40320), you will have the necessary skills to work as a contract administrator, with an average salary range of $80,000–$125,000. Contract administrators also have an expected job growth of 9.3% by 2026. This makes it an incredibly lucrative opportunity. Jobs will always be available in this field and a certain level of job security, too.

Through both your hands-on experience and a qualification, you will have the sought-after skills to secure a position as a contract administrator. This comes with a competitive pay rate and the opportunity to go on to progress your career further.

Career pathways in the construction industry

The construction industry is constantly growing and withstanding economic and societal stresses. According to National Industry Insights, it generates over $360 billion in revenue, accounting for 9% of Australia’s GDP. This makes it a strong career choice for those looking at their long-term goals.

Small and medium-sized businesses make up the majority of businesses in the construction industry. This benefits those looking for contract administrator jobs as many of these can be found in small construction businesses. Government positions are also a common pathway within this role. This work can include working for councils and being assigned multiple contracts, all at varying stages.

Contract administrators are a key component to the effective planning and implementation of construction projects and a future-proof career path for those ready to get off the tools while still utilising their skills and experience. With a competitive salary, opportunities for growth and flexibility, becoming a contract administrator may be right for you.


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