How To Work Effectively With Architects


Working with architects in Building and Construction

Construction and project managers must regularly liaise with many people involved in a build, including clients, contractors, builders, local government and architects. In this blog post, we’ll look at how you can work closely with the client’s architect (or team of architects) and liaise with them before, after and throughout the building process.

Communicate throughout the construction project

Communication is paramount when working with architects to develop an effective off-site and on-site relationship. For a successful project outcome, all parties must communicate quickly and openly with each other. The client, construction manager, architect and stakeholders must commit to open and result-orientated communication.

Therefore, good project planning and project management are essential. Developing a clear plan and delegating tasks upfront means every stakeholder knows what needs to be done, giving the construction project the best chance of success.

Manage architect and client expectations

When working with an architect, there will usually be an initial meeting to set expectations about the project and discuss the client’s needs and wants.

It is up to the client to decide the overall scope of the building project and desired result, based on their requirements. From here, the architect’s role is to design a build in line with these needs. As a construction manager, you will frequently work with the architect, client, builders and contractors to make plans come to life.

To achieve a successful project, expectations must be realistic. Establish a time frame that is achievable by all parties and consider all the tasks and processes that need to be carried out. These should be communicated clearly to all involved.

Using professional knowledge and experience, construction managers may advise the client or architect in areas such as:

  • Permits required
  • Feasibility of the build
  • Time-frame expectations
  • Types of contractors required
  • Costings and budget information


Manage issues throughout the build

When working with any stakeholder on a large project, issues will inevitably arise. If challenges are handled correctly, they can strengthen the working relationship. However, if issues aren’t handled well and promptly, they can create more problems and lengthen the time frame needed to complete the build.

When dealing with issues, it is important to do so professionally. Ensure that you:

  • Raise any concerns as soon as possible
  • Speak openly with all parties involved
  • Arrive at a conclusion which is fair for everyone
  • Always stay calm and respectful
  • Seek mediation from a neutral third party, if required

Managing the client-to-architect relationship

The client-to-architect relationship is an important one as there needs to be trust established by both parties. Your client wants the best build possible and it’s your job to be the middleman who liaises between them and the architect.

The client and architect will meet directly at the start of the project. However, it isn’t always possible for them to liaise frequently throughout the build due to time or location restraints. Therefore, as a caring and committed construction manager, you must effectively communicate between the client and architect to ensure that the needs of your client are being met and that the construction team supports the architect.

Working with architects is one of the many important relationships you’ll experience during your exciting and rewarding career as a construction manager. With the right skills and effective communication, you will be highly regarded and respected in your field.

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