What’s Hot in HRM

What’s Hot in HRM


If your heart is in people management and you really want your human resources (HR) job to be with and about the people in the organisation. Yet you also want to be challenged and stimulated in your role, then the future looks bright for you!

A recent survey conducted by the world renowned Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) has found that retaining and rewarding the best employees and developing the next generation of corporate leaders will be one of the greatest challenges HR Professionals face over the next decade. It seems that long-awaited skills shortage is finally upon us and affecting organisations’ abilities to find and recruit the skilled worker they are looking for. Surprisingly, these skills aren’t high level either. It is much more about being able to write, comprehend and solve problems. Along with these basic skills, more and more prospective employees are not meeting the mark with their professionalism and work ethic. The applicants are often not up to standard in their basic work ready skills, let alone more professional skill levels.

This, of course, goes to the heart of human resource management (HRM) and back to the two most influential strategies of the 21st-century HR Management: employee engagement and employer of choice.

HRM’s biggest challenges

All organisations need to actively engage with prospective employees is a strong, positive and appealing message about the company, its values and what it can offer employees. Once the organisation has found quality, employees it needs to proactively engage them so that they will stay and be highly productive throughout their tenure.

Of course, business isn’t national anymore; it’s international. Employers aren’t limited to employees within the area no that so many people can collaborate online at home. This presents many new challenges and opportunities for HR Professionals who must coordinate with a variety of people both in office and online.

Working with so many different people can be tough, but the most organised HR professionals know how to best design policies such as equal employment opportunity to match the needs of the company. This requires working with many different departments, who will have their own insights on the policies. HR Professionals know how to take the needs and wants of multiple parties and create clear policies that everyone can follow.

Managing so many people across multiple platforms will also be one of the toughest challenges that HR Professionals will face. With the internet, companies can now employ people halfway across the world, which can make communication somewhat challenging especially when the employees are in different time zones. HR Professionals must meet the challenge of coordinating several different schedules at once and make sure that all employees are aware of company policies, benefits and other great programmes the company provides.


Your HR role

As an HR Professional, your role will also be focused on developing strategies to engage and retain staff with the right match of skills, knowledge and values. The better trained and informed employees become loyal and very valuable to the company at a whole so HR Professionals should do their best to promote the best values of working with the organisation.

Some of these great values could include differentiating your organisation from others in the marketplace to attract the employees you want and provide these valued employees with what they want for example:

  • Flexible working conditions
  • Collaborative leadership and management
  • Culture of trust, transparency and open communication
  • Productive team structures
  • Value-adding options such as childcare, free parking, gym memberships and so on
  • Balanced workloads and the right mix of challenging and operational assignments
  • Opportunities to grow and develop leadership capabilities
  • Professional/career development opportunities
  • Competitive remuneration strategies

What many of these programs do is provide for the longevity of the employees and therefore the company. HR Professionals must look at long-term goals and plan for what employees will need and want down the line. If they are successful at predicting and fulfilling the needs of employees, then HR Professionals will have a better chance at keeping highly skilled employees around.

The single biggest challenge facing organisations over the next decade is their investment in human capital, and getting this right will be a major responsibility for the HR Professional!

So, if you love working with people and finding out what makes them tick, then HR Professional role could well be the role for you.

Wondering what to do now? Click here for more information to find out more about gaining an HR qualification, or contact CAL today and chat to one of our experienced consultants who can help you decide on the best qualification for you!

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