Global Talent Shortages in HR

Global talent shortages, how to take advantage as a HR Professional

Why now is the perfect time to refresh your career with a Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50320)

Businesses around the world have been experiencing a profound market shift in talent shortages and talent management for several years. Consequently, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that the demand for Human Resources Professionals is higher than the average growth of almost all other careers. Globally, the trend is mirrored in all developed countries, including Australia.

The global Human Resources Management stage

At every stage, from bias-free recruitment to creating individual wellness programs, the role of the modern HRM Professional is ever-evolving.

With the development of technology and knowledge, human resources skills required by employers continue to be diverse and complex. Digital knowledge, agile thinking, interpersonal and communication skills, and global operating capabilities are in high demand in the current market. Global trends in Artificial Intelligence and advanced data reporting continue to drive advancements in Human Resources software and create roles for those keen to be at the forefront of implementing HR technology.

With the evolution of globalised technology, talent shortages are now an easily solvable problem for businesses. Companies in the developed world can rely on the skilled work of people in locales such as Brazil, Colombia, India and South Africa where there is a surplus of skilled talent. These outsourced workforces create challenges and opportunities for ambitious human resources managers.

Human Resources Career Opportunities in Australia

For human resources workers within Australia who are looking to take on a managerial career, the opportunities are still varied and prominent.
Currently, HR professionals need to be able to build quality relationships with stakeholders and employees, advocate for technology that will aid the company and the HR sector, be business driven to work alongside the CEO, be across changes to industrial relations laws, all while managing their team to perform other daily HR tasks.

By undertaking a current and relevant Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50320), you’ll be giving yourself the best opportunity to enter into an exciting managerial career in a growing profession.

Undertaking a Human Resources Management diploma will help you gain valuable skills and knowledge, including:

  • Being able to work in diverse cultures
  • How to manage complexity changing work environments
  • Applying the latest analytical tools
  • Being able to think creatively about filling future skill gaps before they emerge
  • How to target both individual ability and organisation capabilities
  • How to identify business trends and turn them into practical actions
  • Maintaining stakeholder expectations

Upon completion of a Human Resources Diploma, you are qualified for positions such as Human Resources Coordinator, Human Resources Manager, and Senior Human Resource Generalist. Achieving a HRM qualification is a smart move if you are already working in human resources or want to change careers from a role in sales, administration or operations.

How a double diploma will accelerate your career

While studying your Diploma of Human Resource Management, it may be worth choosing a second diploma to complete at the same time to increase your skillset and knowledge pool.

The combination of two diplomas gives a Human Resources Professional a wide range of abilities that would be looked highly upon by many potential employers. Human Resource Professionals are urgently needed across all industries in Australia. Any extra skills that a prospective employee can offer workplaces already over-burdened with management shortages are a positive asset for any company.
With the ever-increasing global and Australian demand for Human Resources Professionals, now could be the perfect time for you to consider refreshing your career or upskilling with a Diploma in Human Resources Management (BSB50320).

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