Why you Should Study an AHRI-accredited HR Diploma

Get recognised with an AHRI accredited Diploma of Human Resources

Why work in the human resources industry?

Employers place a high value on the organisations which represent and support prospective employees. Doctors, lawyers and accountants, for example, are almost always members of peak professional bodies. The human resources sector is no different. The Australian HR Institute (AHRI) represents more than 20,000 members in Australia and around the world.

AHRI was founded in 1943 as the Personnel and Industrial Welfare Officers’ Association and has been representing HR professionals for more than 70 years. Today, it sets industry standards which are recognised globally, and ensures its’ members adhere to a robust code of conduct. The Institute also supports continuing professional development, and provides a range of learning and development opportunities.

Now, the AHRI has officially endorsed the College for Adult Learning’s Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50320) as the only currently accredited Vocational Education and Training course in Australia. This honour puts CAL on a par with some of the country’s leading universities, including Melbourne, Monash and Sydney. So why does this matter? What advantages does a diploma with AHRI accreditation have over those that don’t? As it turns out, plenty.

We're excited to offer students studying Human Resources with the College for Adult Learning either a Associate (Full Fee) or Professional level membership to the AHRI.

As a member, you'll have access to valuable resources to support your studies, be able to join programs and events to help you become job-ready, and attend free member-only networking forums to build your professional network and learn about specialist HR topics. (Terms and Conditions apply)

Adapting fast in the modern workplace

These days, HR practitioners face challenges that their predecessors (even until fairly recently) could never have imagined. Staff turnover is at the highest in history, and 1.8 million Australians are looking for new employment at any one time. Its is well understood and accepted that the days of a ‘job for life’ are long gone. Well over half of Australia’s employers (57%) expect staff turnover to increase even further, an expensive proposition in terms of training new staff. Yet roughly half of all Australian businesses have no formal training or development programs, and 58% don’t even review salaries regularly.

This ever-changing (or ‘churning’) nature of the workforce poses challenges to HR professionals, particularly those entering the industry for the first time. Gaining a solid grounding in the principles and theory of retaining staff (and keeping them happy) has never been more important. That’s why you can expect great outcomes from the College for Adult Learning’s Human Resources Management diploma course. You’ll be job-ready immediately upon completion of the course.

The AHRI accreditation gives the bonus of your HR diploma being recognised by Australia’s peak professional body. Upon graduation, you receive a diploma that earns you credits towards the AHRI Practising Certification Program, which is a competitive head start towards further industry recognition.

1.8 million Australians are looking for new employment at any one time, with staff turnover at its highest in history. Click To Tweet

The biggest of challenges can be met with the right qualifications

There’s no better example of how quickly an industry can change, or have change forced upon it than the Financial Services Royal Commission. The commission’s findings, released in 2019, highlighted systemic and entrenched business practises which disadvantaged customers. As a result, general public trust in banks and other financial institutions plummeted and share prices were slashed. Yet, even after the findings were released and the fallout settled, a survey of AHRI members concurred that leading businesses hadn’t heeded the lessons that were staring it in the face.

One of the next three big issues facing workplaces is compressing work time (ie, the ‘four day week’), democratisation (closer links between management and employees), and the rise and rise of remote workers. That’s in addition to ongoing core issues like business strategy, recruitment, and staff retention.

The first port of call for a company which truly wants to develop a winning culture is its’ Human Resources department. The College for Adult Learning’s Human Resources Management Diploma gives you the skills to identify problems in the workplace, and come up with ideal solutions. Getting it right will ensure a happier workforce, better employee retention, a solid share price and goodwill from customers.

The confidence to make a difference

Graduation with a qualification that is endorsed by the AHRI means you’ll be placed to make a real difference from the beginning. An industry-recognised diploma gives graduates a level of confidence and peace of mind that’s unrivalled. In a job application and interview situation, you will also immediately earn the respect of individuals within the HR industry. The onboarding process becomes easier and everyone benefits from a strengthened team.

Employers are looking for job-ready graduates with the backing of an institution which sets such high professional standards. CAL’s core units are designed to map precisely with the AHRI’s globally benchmarked Model of Excellence for HR practitioners and academics. You’ll be a standout diploma-ready candidate, armed with knowledge about how to handle all the challenges on the average HR professionals’ plate.

The AHRI sets the standard for the human resources professional of the future and the present. Today’s top performers are focused, adaptable, and up-to-the-minute educated. The future needs more HR managers and team players who understand the value of excellence in learning in culture. Considering the peak industry body has given a stamp of approval to CAL’s online Human Resources Management diploma, you’ll know from the outset that your future looks bright.

We are proud to announce that from 2022 all CAL graduates of the Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50320) will have their qualification accredited by AHRI.

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