Why Become A Human Resources Manager?


Human resources is an extremely exciting and evolving profession. It is a highly strategic role and involves a range of policies, processes and practices relating to the needs of individuals, as well as overall business needs amongst the organisation.

As an HR professional, you are involved with planning, developing, implementing and evaluating staff recruitment, assisting in resolving workplace disputes, and overseeing rates of pay and conditions of employment for each individual. Some of the major reasons why people are choosing a career in HR are the opportunity to influence innumerable aspects of the organisation, to assist in the development of its employees, and to play a part in influencing strategic business decisions. A business is only as good as its employees, and an organisation’s employees are only as good as the HR team that supports them.

1. Human resource managers have a great job outlook

Human resources is becoming an extremely sought-after role. More businesses and organisations are seeking HR managers and specialists who are highly educated and trained within the profession. Presently in the job market, there is a great outlook for HR managers and it is expected that salaries will rise within the next 10 years for those in the field. People are more frequently choosing a career in HR and by 2026, the number of job openings for human resource managers is expected to increase by 16.3%.

2. Human resource managers are highly paid

If you’re ready to take a seat at the table, then HR is the right career choice for you. Get into the board room, make yourself heard, and fight for what’s right. And above all else, get a high salary and buy yourself that Audi or take that dream holiday! The typical HR manager’s salary is $127,140 per annum (or $2,445 a week).

3. Travel opportunities as a human resources manager

It’s hard to choose just one thing and feel comfortable committing to it ‘forever’. HR is a career that can take you around the world – see new places, face new challenges – so who knows where you’ll end up! HR also provides you with the ability to work in a variety of businesses and organisations. All types of organisations and businesses are hiring HR managers, from small, non-profit organisations to large corporate businesses that may require several human resource workers.

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4. Human resource managers can make a difference

It doesn’t matter what the industry is or what decade we’re in – the most successful way to achieve the greatest profit and influence for an organisation is through its people. But people can’t always look after themselves. They need someone with strong professional integrity who will always look out for them and support them. CEOs are often too busy and aren’t always able to see the benefit of investing in people – but can you?

5. Climbing the corporate ladder as a human resources manager

One of the reasons to go into a career in HR is to have the opportunity to grow within the organisation. Some companies offer their employees the opportunity to gain new skills and to learn new HR tactics, knowledge and methodology. Many HR managers continue to advance within their company and find employment in upper management positions. At the top, you’ll work harder than ever but you’ll find more flexibility in the way you work. Is there a niggly voice in the back of your mind that’s reminding you that you’ll want to buy a house, raise a family or travel internationally in the next decade? HR is where your lifestyle is at. Go take it!

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