Why Choose A Career In Logistics

Where can a career in Logistics take you?

When was the last time you ordered something online? Did you get is as soon as you expected?

These days you can order for same day delivery while most online orders are at your doorstep in 2 -3 days at most, but, I wonder how many of you have ever thought about how this happens or, given a thought to a career in logistics?

I doubt anyone does – maybe the older generation might marvel in a general sense about how quickly a desired object can turn up on the doorstep with minimal effort on their part but, that’s about it.

The Logistics industry is on the rise

The logistics industry is growing in leaps and bounds. It’s huge, already making up 8.6% of GDP and growing fast. Last year it added $131.6 billion to Australia’s economy and employed 1.2 million people. But, to most job seekers, it’s misunderstood or invisible.

So, how can such a massively expanding industry be hidden in plain sight? Well, it’s pretty simple, this industry operates, in the most part, behind the scenes. 

Many people still think of logistics and supply chain as dusty old factories and rumbling round in forklifts but, this image couldn’t be further from the truth. The industry is high tech and focused around innovation, engineering and robotics with a strong dose of analytics, problem-solving and decision-making processes.

Modern logistics and supply chain management

Logistics is extremely competitive

Logistics is all about the challenge of getting the right product to the right place at the right time and for the right price. In today’s fast-paced global market companies around the world are competing not only on the quality of their goods and services, but also on the speed and efficiency with which they deliver them. To manage these supply chains logistics companies use high tech and leading edge technologies to provide shared resource efficiency and real-time information in conjunction with rapid transaction processing. The internet of everything is big in logistics management enabling high functional capability and strong business growth.

The Logistics industry offers room for growth

If you want an exciting and challenging career at the forefront of technology and innovation then logistics and supply chain management is the career to be in.

With a median salary of just on $101,000 and high demand for management roles there has never been a better time to consider a career in logistics and/or supply chain management. What with the wave of baby-boomers retirements through the next few years, the logistics business will be looking to fill about 1.4 million jobs, or roughly 270,000 per year, by 2018.

And it’s not just management and supervisor roles that are hot in logistics, there are many transferable skills and lots of opportunities for proven salespeople. Analytics, scheduling, complex problem solving, project management — the industry needs all of these, and they’re very easily transferred from another business.

Qualified logistics leaders keep the supply chain flowing so logistics is definitely the job with limitless potential!

Your Career in Logistics

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