HR Consultancy: The Savvy Choice for HR Professionals


It seems to me that more and more professionals who have worked in management, have a career in Human Resources or other senior roles in an organisation for some time, are reflecting on their careers, their lifestyle and their options moving forward and, as a result, are moving into HR Consultancy.

What do I mean by an HR Consultancy?

Well, it is quite simply, project work where the Professional takes on a set-term, HR related consultancy project that starts and is completed by (usually pre-determined) set dates. So the consultant knows they will work for the specified company until a certain date and receive a set amount of remuneration in return. Examples include overseeing a merger of staff from two different organisations or perhaps managing the introduction of a new structure, or developing a recruitment strategy and/or implementing an updated and expanded process for recruitment, selection and induction. The wonderful aspect of HR consultancy is that there are just so many potential projects to choose from!

It wasn’t all that long ago that a consultancy position was looked on with trepidation and extreme caution – sure the work was challenging and often exciting but (and this is a big ‘but’), the job was always casual, working as needed, contracting specialist services to organisations as they required.

It’s a similar dilemma to the one project managers faced a few years ago and one they’ve successfully worked through so that now almost all project management roles are offered as contracts for defined projects and time periods. This new norm for project managers is accepted everywhere with many new starters electing to move into the field despite the almost guaranteed prospect of shorter-term project work.

The concept is exactly the same for HR Professionals. They take on an HR Project – often to do with change management, people performance or organisational development for a defined period under contract. The work is complete and they move onto the next project.

Now this entire concept may still seem a little scary to HR Professionals but there are some key reasons why it’s fast becoming the mode of choice for savvy professionals.


10 amazing reasons to be an HR Consultant:

  1. Select the projects, the people and the organisations you want to work for and forget the rest! Not for Profit, Corporates, Multi-nationals or small business – work with them all or focus on what you like.
  2. Choose assignments that best suit your personal capabilities so that you can do a great job as well as refine and upgrade your techniques as you go. Ensure you enjoy work and have only positive stressors in your life.
  3. Work when and where you want to. Choose 6 months in Bangkok or, 12 months around the corner from home and only work school hours or 3 day weeks.
  4. Earn consultancy rates so there’s plenty left over for those in-between contract times that you can use to relax and enjoy some well-earned R & R
  5. Never get bored or disillusioned. By selecting the job you want, you maintain your motivation and get maximum enjoyment and fulfilment from your work.
  6. Obtain an impressive list of projects and personal references that would otherwise be impossible to attain in a regular job and build your reputation to keep your image high and demand hot.
  7. Extend and challenge your personal best by selecting contract jobs that are slightly outside of your current markers and build your status so that the next contract is waiting in the wings when you’re ready to take it up.
  8. Embrace a wide mix of cultures – both organisational and cultural – domestically and offshore to gain the broadest possible experience and stay at the cutting edge of HR Practice and emerging trends.
  9. Maintain a stress-free work/life balance that leaves you energised and positive for all that life brings and, if you a mum or dad, a carer or whatever well this gives you the choice to.
  10. Balance family life with career aspirations so that neither miss-out. You can spend quality time with your children and other members of your family or social community while continuing your career on your terms.

So, if you have what it takes then why not share it and reap the rewards. The demand for consultancy services is growing daily. Kick-start your career today and study the Diploma of Human Resource Management.