Get an insight into a career in logistics from a CAL graduate

Get an insight into a career in logistics from a CAL graduate

Logistics Student Interview


We caught up with Simon, one of our diploma of logistics graduates, to see what he’s been up to since finishing his course last year.


What have you been up to since completing your diploma?

After completing my diploma I started applying for as many jobs as I could, hoping to get into a career in logistics. I was lucky and scored a job as a warehouse supervisor with one of the companies I used to work with when I was a truck driver and have since moved up to the warehouse operations manager.


Why did you decide to do the course?

I had been working in the transport industry for about 10 years and found myself stuck in a bit of a rut. I was chatting to one of the distribution managers about how he got started in his job and he suggested a diploma qualification in logistics.


Have you been able to implement any of the things you learnt from the course into your current work?

Absolutely. When I was looking for a promotion, they asked me to produce a mock business plan for the company. Thankfully that was covered within the course and I was able to produce a comprehensive business plan and got the job in the end!


Did you find the course helped you to get your new job?

Definitely. Apart from being able to produce a business plan I was able to talk the talk when in the interview and I was able to back that up in my everyday operations in work.


How long did the course take you?

All up the course took me about a year to complete. Right in the middle of study I got re-married and went on honeymoon which extended the time it took me. But I let Jess know and she sorted it all out for me.


How are you finding your career in logistics?

I love it. It’s definitely a challenge and pushes me, but I get a real satisfaction at the end of the day when I know I’ve done a good job. Plus, I’m not working nights and weekends anymore, so that’s definitely a bonus!


What was the most challenging part of the course?

I think the most challenging thing I found throughout the course was sitting down and finding the time to get stuck into it. But, I knew I had a goal to achieve at the end of my study so I set aside an hour each night to go through the course content and one day per month dedicated to completing the assessment documents for the course.


How was the student support for the course?

Great. If I had a question I emailed my coach and they always got back to me and the few times I was really struggling I got in touch with them and booked in a coaching call.


What are your plans for the future?

Now that I have the Diploma and some work experience behind me, I’m looking at starting my graduate certificate in logistics and supply chain management and continue a long career in logistics.


Would you recommend the course to your friends or co-workers?

Absolutely. It was well laid out, clear and concise. As I said previously, it helped give me all the knowledge and information I needed to get my current job and given me a pathway for a career in logistics.


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