What Careers Are in Social Media Marketing


social media marketing careers

Social media marketing has become a crucial aspect of the digital world in recent years. With billions of people using various social media platforms across the world, businesses have recognised the importance and potential of hiring skilled professionals in this field to connect with their target audiences and drive conversions.

With this understanding, social media marketing jobs are becoming more and more common and vital to marketing teams of every size. Find out what jobs are available in social media marketing, and how you can begin this exciting career.

Jobs in Social Media Marketing

From entry to senior-level positions, starting a career in social media marketing is an exciting and rewarding choice as the industry continues to grow. Jobs in social media marketing can be found in a range of companies and organisations, as more businesses find the benefits of a strong social media campaign. Many also find success by starting their own social media businesses as social media managers.

Why Choose Social Media Marketing as a Career

Social media marketing has become an integral part of the digital marketing landscape, and it continues to grow rapidly. As more businesses shift their focus to digital platforms, the demand for skilled social media marketers continues to rise.

As a Social Media Marketer, you can help businesses increase their brand awareness, reach new customers, and build stronger relationships with existing ones. The skills you acquire in this field are highly transferable, making it a versatile and valuable career choice. In a constantly evolving industry, it offers exciting career opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

With a projected job growth of 11.4% over the next 5 years*, social media marketing is a smart choice for those looking for longevity in the changing and uncertain job market.


Entry-level social media marketing jobs

You can still break into a social media position without experience in the industry. There are several pathways to a career in social media, however, gaining a qualification in social media is the best way to ensure you are prepared for roles and have the latest and most up-to-date industry news and information.

Some of the entry-level social media marketing positions include:

Social Media Assistant

A Social Media Assistant helps individuals or businesses manage their social media presence. Their main responsibility is to assist in the creation, scheduling, and publishing of social media content. The average salary for a Social Media Assistant is $55,000 a year. (Seek)

Marketing Assistant

A Marketing Assistant supports the marketing department of a company or organisation. Their primary responsibility is to assist in the implementation of marketing strategies and campaigns. Marketing Assistants can earn on average $58,000 a year. (Seek)

Both of these entry-level positions require a qualification like the Certificate IV in Marketing and Communications (BSB40820) can prepare you for these jobs. With this course, you’ll gain the skills to deliver marketing projects including communications plans, analysing consumer behaviour, developing content and executing marketing campaigns.

Senior-Level Positions

With a few years of experience in marketing and other related fields, you can go into more coveted, senior-level positions. As your responsibilities grow, having a Diploma qualification will allow you to have a thorough understanding of the workload and demands of working in social media.

Common senior-level roles in social media include:

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Manager is responsible for managing a company’s social media presence across multiple platforms. This role involves creating and implementing social media strategies, managing social media campaigns, monitoring social media activity, and analysing social media performance.

They generally need at least 1-2 years of experience as well as a Diploma qualification. Social Media Managers can expect to make $88,000* a year.


Digital Marketing Coordinator

A Digital Marketing Coordinator is responsible for assisting with the development and execution of digital marketing campaigns. This role involves collaborating with various teams, such as creative, social media, and content marketing, to ensure campaigns are executed effectively across various digital channels.

To become a Digital Marketing Coordinator, you need about 1-2 years of experience as well as a Diploma qualification in marketing or social media. You can expect to make $70,000* a year in this role.


Social Media Strategist

A Social Media Strategist is responsible for developing and implementing social media strategies that align with the company’s marketing objectives. This role involves conducting market research, identifying target audiences, creating social media campaigns, and measuring and analysing social media performance.

Social Media Strategists need at least 2 years of experience, as well as a Diploma in either Social Media or Marketing & Communications. Social Media Strategists can earn on average $85,000^ a year.


Head of Social Media

A Head of Social Media is a senior-level role responsible for leading a company’s social media strategy and managing a team of social media professionals. This role involves overseeing the development and execution of social media campaigns across various platforms.

To secure a senior role such as a Head of Social Media, you will need a minimum of 2-3 years experience, as well as a strong qualification behind you, such as the Double Diploma of Social Media Marketing (10904NAT) + Marketing & Communication (BSB50620). In this position, you can expect to make $150,000` a year.


Social Media Remote Jobs

Social media jobs have emerged as the perfect remote work opportunities, aligning seamlessly with the global trend towards remote employment. The inherent nature of social media work, which relies heavily on digital communication and online platforms, lends itself well to remote setups. With the world increasingly embracing remote work, social media professionals can now operate from the comfort of their homes, and the continuous improvement of digital technologies has allowed seamless collaboration real-time interactions, and effective project management regardless of location.

As the world continues to prioritise flexibility and work-life balance, social media jobs have become a prime example of the power of remote work, revolutionising the way we connect, communicate and do business in the digital world.

What skills do I need?

A career in this industry will require a range of practical and interpersonal skills. You’ll need to be comfortable analysing data and using metrics, as well as staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Strong communication skills, a creative mindset, and a passion for social media are all crucial qualities to start your career in this field. Other soft skills such as flexibility and adaptability are key. Social media platforms and best practices can change rapidly, requiring you to pivot your strategies and tactics quickly to keep up with the evolving landscape.

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