The Advantage Bespoke Online Courses will give You

In the world of online diplomas, all is not as it appears. Registered Training Organisations must operate within the standards of the Australian Quality Framework; however course content can vary significantly across providers. Many RTOs and online training providers simply purchase the same basic cookie-cutter course from a central provider and on-sell to the customer. That leaves you without any advantage while you online study or once you complete your course.

Bespoke is better

The College for Adult Learning goes well beyond basic government requirements with every course provided.

  • CAL retains experts to write original content relevant to the changing workplace landscape.
  • We keep up to date in changes to the bigger picture such as industrial relations, evolving legislation, environmental advances, technological innovations and overseas trends.
  • Our learning case-studies are chosen to reflect what is happening in the world today, not last decade.
  • Our course writers regularly overhaul our certificate IVs and diplomas to ensure you are receiving the best practice, leading edge adult education available.


Walk your talk with pride and confidence

Achieving your new qualification will increase your management position prospects. Along with that comes the immediate expectation that you will be able to walk the talk of what you have just invested time and energy into studying. If you decide to change jobs, this will happen when you interview for a new position, and from the first day of your new role. Even if you stay in your existing role, your boss will have new expectations of your abilities and knowledge.

Once you have a recognised qualification, you will be expected to be an industry expert, express well-formed opinions, lead others effectively, contribute to the company vision and articulate your arguments with current facts, not fluff. A cookie-cutter course will only scratch the surface of what you need to know to grow your career and thrive in the workplace.


Elect a better level of education

As well as the core course modules, CAL rolls out electives that cater to the higher level of learning demanded by our students. We understand that you choose an elective because the subject appeals and interests you, and we aim to fulfil that choice with robust content you will not find with other providers.

Protect your well-earned reputation

If you have been in your industry for a few years and have decided to secure a qualification that has some degree of prior recognition of learning, then you want to choose a course that honours your knowledge. You want to be stimulated in your learning and connecting with other students who get your experience. It might seem easy to choose a cookie-cutter course, but do you really want to be studying subject matter that someone with no industry knowledge is breezing through easily?

You are right to expect the best!

Many course providers play a numbers game and sign up students who sadly become unmotivated and never complete their courses. Year after year, we have seen that when you enjoy and are stimulated by what you are studying, it is easier to sit down and study it each week.

We want you to remain curious and excited about learning. We want you to become better at your job then you ever expected to be. A learning mentor who respects your desire for quality learning will be matched to you to get you started and keep you focused on your end goal.


Do you Have What it Takes to Achieve a Diploma?

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Our unique quiz will calculate if you are in the best position right now to take on a diploma.



You will also discover that we invest in providing leading-edge resources including a rich library of blog content relevant to your industry.

We are committed to you achieving a quality outcome. When you graduate, we are delighted for you, but it’s when you tell others about how great your course was that we know we have done our best!