How to choose the right course for you

Choosing the best and perfect course for your career

Trying to choose the right course for you can be challenging. What if you make the wrong decision? What if you don’t like the content? What if it doesn’t help you get where you want to go? 

Sometimes, even knowing where to begin is a challenge. Analysis paralysis can strike and delay the decision-making process. To help combat this, we’ve developed a quiz to help you identify the courses that will align most closely with your goals and lifestyle. 


Factors to consider when choosing a course

  • Flexibility. If you’re looking to continue working while you study or have family obligations, flexible studying options can ease the stress of juggling priorities. Particularly helpful features are online study, self-paced learning, and additional time to complete your course.
  • Application to your career. One of the most crucial elements of your decision is focusing on what you wish to gain from your study. Are you formalising what you’re already doing, gaining skills for advancement, or changing careers? What skill sets and knowledge will help you achieve your goal more directly? Look closely at the course descriptions and unit details, study pathways, and possible career outcomes. If you have any questions, reach out to a learning consultant.
  • The education provider’s reputation. Read the testimonials and case studies from the learning institution you’re considering. Check the course code is the most current one available and compare their offered student benefits and price points against other providers.

  • Alignment with your needs. Sometimes, a checklist or set of guiding questions can help you decide which course is right for you and helps to broaden the scope of your analysis. Questions that are important to you may include:
    • What is the expected completion time?
    • Does the course allow me to work at the same time?
    • Is the course online or in-person?
    • Can I work and continue to earn an income while I study?
    • Will I be able to spend time with my family while I study?
    • Does the course allow me enough time to do the things I enjoy and still complete my course in a good timeframe?
    • Will I be supported throughout this process of learning?
    • Is it within my budget?
    • Can I get course credits for past study or work experience?

Do you have what it takes to go back to study?

If it’s been a while since you’ve studied, you may feel intimidated about returning to study now. The good news is that VET (vocational education and training) qualifications are designed to be practical and funnel you straight into work within the industry. 

Effective students employ many skills you’ve likely already built through work. These include:

  • Time management: Pre-planning your week and blocking time according to your study plan will be essential to your success.
  • Perseverance: The ability to keep at it and do good work, even when you’ve got a long list of to-do’s.
  • Grit and a growth mindset: The belief that your skills are not set in stone and that you can keep improving, learning, and growing.
  • Priotisiation and organisation: There may be weeks when you have more coursework or assessments to complete. Knowing when to cut back on outside activities and dedicate time to study instead is an excellent skill that will serve you well.
  • Basic computer and internet skills: Nothing too technical is required, but it’s good to understand how to use a computer.

It’s also important to remember that a good education provider will have support options in place to help you if the going gets tough. For example, at the College for Adult Learning, we offer coaching calls, a live support chat, group coaching sessions, and a dedicated support team. You are never alone, even when you’re studying online.

If you can’t decide between courses

If you’re feeling torn between two courses or a qualification doesn’t cover all the topics you’re interested in, consider a double diploma. A double diploma ‘doubles’ up your expertise and allows you to offer potential employers a specialised skill set not likely offered by other applicants. If designed well, a double diploma will have a shorter duration and more affordable price point than studying two diplomas separately. 

Find your perfect Double Diploma

Want to improve your career potential, be qualified quicker and gain a unique skillset?

In just three easy steps, compare the best double diploma option for you and your goals.