How To Build Your Leadership Skills as a Manager

Leading team by developing skills

Most people are not born as natural leaders, but the great news is that the leadership skills required to be a manager are easily learnt. On the flipside, you might be a natural leader, but chances are you just haven’t uncovered these skills yet.

What skills do you need?

To be a great leader and a good or great manager, you need to possess several skills and wear many different hats within an organisation.

Effective leaders should have good communication skills and be easily approachable. They need to be skilled in delegating tasks to staff members based on strengths and make decisions decisively and confidently. A good leader is empathetic, creative and flexible with solving problems and implementing new ideas. Most importantly, they are reliable and committed to the role, their staff and the business.

Not everyone is born with these skills, but they are attainable. Finding a way to cultivate them is key to moving into a management role.

How to get management skills

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A great way to build your confidence as a leader is to take on small leadership roles. It could be within your work, such as putting your hand up to lead a group project or starting a new initiative such as a social club.

There are plenty of opportunities outside of work, too. Think about any clubs or activities you’re involved in and how you can practise your leadership skills. You could volunteer to start a fundraiser for your local sporting club or lead a reading group in your child’s class. These projects will present you with leadership opportunities and challenges and give you valuable skills and confidence for your next leadership role.

Another way to learn management skills is to talk to other leaders or watch how they handle themselves in leadership situations. Make a note of how they solve problems and work with others, and aim to start taking on some of those qualities yourself.

If you’re serious about moving into a management or leadership role, getting qualified is the best way to start. College for Adult Learning has several online diplomas which can teach you how to become an effective and respected leader.

Skills needed to become a leader and manager

Why a double diploma will triple your skills

If you’re looking to learn more about leadership and gain valuable knowledge through a diploma, a double diploma is a great option for many reasons.

Not only does a double qualification save time by combining overlapping subjects, but it also gives you a wider range of employment opportunities, meaning you can get to your dream career faster and open more doors.

A double diploma provides you with the skills and context to support each degree. For example, a double degree in human resources and business administration allows you to learn the people related skills of human resources as well as the more technical administration skills that support it.

By selecting qualifications that go hand in hand, you are giving yourself a wider understanding and making sure you’re highly employable in whatever role you choose.

Flexible double diploma options

If you’re looking to take on new challenges, College for Adult Learning’s double diplomas are perfect for you.

Choose from a wide variety of areas and mix and match the diplomas to suit your specific interests and career goals. There are several complementary degrees to pick from, in a variety of industries. You could pair the Diploma of Project Management (BSB50820) and the Diploma of Quality Auditing (BSB50920), the Diploma of Logistics (TLI50221) and the Diploma of Business (Procurement) (BSB50120) or the Diploma of Human Resource Management (BSB50320) and the Diploma of Business (Operations) (BSB50120) – just to name a few.

All diplomas are delivered online and have flexible study and payment options available, so you can continue to work while you study. and start implementing your learned leadership skills right away.

Moving into a management role is a rewarding and enjoyable career choice with salary progression opportunities. If you are determined, persistent, and have taken on a double qualification, you will stand out from other candidates and be an ideal choice for competitive management positions. Choosing a double diploma shows you are a natural leader, and a confident future manager.