The 19 Step Guide to Employee Inductions

Conducting effective Employee Inductions
So you’ve hired a new employee and you don’t know where to start! Follow the below 19 employee induction process steps before your new hire starts to ensure that both they and you are ready to hit the ground running on their first day.

To maximise productivity and get the best out of your new employees, you have to take steps to ensure that they:

  • Feel welcome and respected in the workplace
  • Understand your business and their role within it
  • Have access to everything they need to perform their job well.

This does require forward planning! Here are 19 steps you can take to help you build great relationships immediately and get the best out of your new employees.

Upon acceptance of employment offer (ideally at least 10 days prior to commencing employment):

1. Forward all necessary paperwork – Including a signed contract & letter of offer, employee details form and a signed tax declaration form.

2. Assign and clear work space

3. Organise access card – If required

4. Arrange printing of business cards – If required

5. Organise corporate charge card – If employee is required to travel for business

6. Telephone set-up – This may include providing a desk phone/mobile phone, updating phone director on intranet and ensuring that voice mail facilities and instructions are available

7. Computer/IT applications – Including making sure all required hardware/software is installed, advising IT of new employee’s start date, setting up an email account and arranging external internet access

8. Prepare manager – Ensure the manager of the incoming staff member:

  • has been briefed and is adequately prepared for the arrival
  • fully understands the position description and
  • can communicate the position’s SMARTA objectives, KRA’s and KPI’s

9. Communication with current staff members – Advising current staff and key contact of the new employee and start date. You may wish to allocate a ‘buddy’

10. Create a first-day package – Aligned to the specific role of the incoming employee, but should include a list of key internal/external phone numbers, list relevant training sessions required for role

11. Arrange Meeting times with key stakeholders (spread over the first week if necessary)

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In the week before the employee commences:

12. Contact new entrant – Pre-welcome, run through details for location and start-time on first day, who to ask for when they arrive and what to expect on the day, as well as answering any questions they may have

During the first week of employment:

During the first week of employment, ensure to conduct a workplace 'tour' with essential information

13. Welcome and introduce to team (& ‘buddy’)

14. Workplace tour – Make sure to include first aid information, toilets, stationery cupboards, tea/coffee facilities, meeting rooms, fire fighting equipment, security controls and procedures, building access cards

Also include an explanation of evacuation procedures and meeting points, as well as an introduction to Fire Wardens, First Aid Officers, OH&S Committee Reps.

15. Explain HR procedures – Ensure all required paperwork is completed and returned to HR and explain procedures including pay period, annual leave, sick leave and OH&S

16. Compliance checklist – Create a comprehensive check list for new employees to complete and sign, stating that:

  • you or a representative of your business have made every reasonable effort to help them understand their rights and obligations under the law and your business policy
  • they understand their rights and obligations
  • understand and agree to your business policy

17. Discuss position – As well as KPI’s and Performance Framework where necessary

18. Book required training sessions – Including when necessary computer, intranet and software training

19. Ensure everything is working for your new employee – Check that all required software, intranet, databases and emails can be accessed, that phone line is properly set up and everything is in place

You will need to tailor these 19 employee induction steps to your own business, but this will provide you with a great framework to do so. 

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