How To Talk To Your Boss About the Skills and Training Boost

How to talk to your boss about the Skills and Training Boost
Are you working in a business and wanting to complete further education and training? Now could be the perfect time to take the next step in your study journey and create opportunities for success in your career. The new Skills and Training Boost is a government initiative that makes it easier for your boss to invest in you and your further studies.

What is the Skills and Training Boost?

In the 2022–2023 budget, the Australian government announced the Skills and Training Boost. The initiative is designed to support businesses that invest in their employees’ further training and study. The incentive is available until the 30th of June, 2024.

Businesses with annual turnovers of less than $50 million will benefit from a 120% tax deduction in the cost of external training courses when delivered by registered training providers in Australia. The Skills and Training Boost will allow businesses to support their employees’ further education while receiving tax savings for their business.

Another benefit of the Skills and Training Boost is that it encourages businesses to take on new employees who may have less experience and have them complete further training from a registered provider alongside on-the-job learning.

How to approach the conversation with your manager

Having a conversation with your boss about completing further training doesn’t need to be intimidating. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to discuss and plan your future with the company. Remember, there are plenty of benefits for the business too.

There are a few things to keep in mind to ensure the conversation goes well:

Let them know early

If you’ve been thinking about completing a qualification, make sure you bring this up with your manager as early as you can. They will appreciate the advance notice, and you can both work together to discuss your training options. Scheduled catch-ups can be a great time to mention your plans, but don’t be afraid to ask for a specific meeting either.

Focus on the benefits

Completing further training has many benefits for your boss and the business. It’s important to keep this in mind and not feel like they’re ‘doing you a favour’ by supporting your studies. Thanks to the Skills and Training Boost, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement with even more benefits for the ‘bottom line’.

Pre-empt any potential hesitations and address them

Think about any hesitations your boss might have before the conversation. These could be a concern about perceived high fees or worry about a drop in your productivity at work. Come prepared with a plan for overcoming these considerations to ensure the best chance of a successful conversation. CAL has lots of information on payment options and tips on fitting study alongside work. Don’t be afraid to mention the Skills and Training Boost either.

Why should your boss support your further training via the Skills and Training Boost initiative?

Ensuring that you communicate the benefits of completing further training to your manager is the most logical way to get them on board.

Apart from the Skills and Training Boost, other benefits for the business include:

  • Education makes you more valuable to the business thanks to your increased skills.
  • Allows you to help train other team members, mentor junior staff and share your knowledge with the wider team.
  • Provides options to promote you internally, potentially reducing their recruitment costs.
  • Ensures that you have up-to-date knowledge of industry trends and best practices.
  • Leaves a positive impression on internal and external stakeholders.
  • It can be a drawcard to new potential employees if the business can show a history of supporting employees with further training.


What study options could I complete with the Skills and Training Boost?

A range of qualification options is available to suit your career stage and career goals.

Certificate IV

  • A certificate qualification is a perfect option for those working in entry-level positions and who want to formalise on-the-job learning.
  • A Certificate IV is great for those looking to try out a new area or industry to see if it’s something they want to pursue further in the future.
  • A great example that provides an entry point to a range of career pathways is Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication (BSB40820).


  • A diploma is a well-rounded qualification that can formalise your existing skillset as well as ensure you’re up to date with industry trends and current skills.
  • It is suited to those looking for comprehensive knowledge about a new area to change careers or those with experience that they wish to build upon for income and promotion benefits.
  • There’s a substantial range of diplomas available across various industries, ensuring you can find one to suit your needs and aspirations and get going right away.
  • A popular diploma in a highly sought-after career sector is our Diploma of Business (Procurement) (BSB50120).

Double Diploma

Advanced Diploma

  • An advanced diploma is comparable to a degree but, due to the practical nature of the study, is often more immediately valuable to the workplace.
  • The price points and timeline to complete an advanced diploma make it beneficial if you are ready to grow your career fast.
  • There’s a substantial range of diplomas available across various industries, ensuring you can find one to suit your needs and aspirations and get going right away.
  • The Advanced Diploma of Business (BSB60120) is a sound choice if you wish to be your boss, freelance as a consultant or progress into a leadership role within an organisation or SME sector.

If you’re considering further study, now is a perfect time, thanks to the Skills and Training Boost. Don’t delay discussing your plans with your manager – they’re likely to be more onboard than you think.

What could you be eligible for this tax time?

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