How To Stay Motivated Studying

Stay Motivated with online study

Many people choose to study online because it’s one of the most flexible forms of learning. It gives you the freedom to decide when and where you’ll hit the books. At a cafe? In your pajamas? While the baby naps? Studying online is a great option for people who are juggling work or family commitments.

However, this level of independence can make it difficult to keep on track and meet deadlines. You might be currently wondering how to study for online classes. The good news is that with a little planning and discipline, it is possible to stay motivated and make the most of online study with these five tips.

1. Remove distractions

We’ve all been there: you’ve sat down to finish an assignment, only to find yourself doing something completely different a few minutes later. Whether it’s a Facebook notification, the phone ringing, a knock on the door or a sudden urge to clean out the closet, distractions can be found everywhere.

Managing distractions is the key to improving productivity. So wherever you’ve chosen to work, make sure it’s free of anything that may pull your attention elsewhere. Leave the phone in another room. Turn off the TV. Stay away from others if you know they’ll disrupt you. You might want to head to a local library, cafe or park where it’s easier to stay motivated on the task at hand and quell your sudden desire to deep clean the kitchen cupboards.

2. Schedule smart

It’s likely that your course isn’t the only thing that requires your time. We all have other commitments and responsibilities to juggle. So much so that sometimes the days fly by, leaving you wondering what you’ve actually achieved this week. When dealing with competing tasks, it’s important to prioritise and schedule. Staying organised will make you feel more in control. It also gives you a predetermined set of priorities to follow so that you feel less overwhelmed when your plate is full.

Try this:

  • Each Sunday, take 30 minutes to plan out the week ahead.
  • Pencil in fixed things such as work or appointments.
  • Find where you have free time and schedule your study sessions. After all, one of the many luxuries of studying online is making it work with your life and not the other way around.
  • When scheduled study sessions roll around, stick to your plan and complete the study session. The amount of time you dedicate to your studies may differ week to week, depending on your other commitments, but try and keep the time and place the same.

Finally, remember that stressing yourself out won’t help you stay motivated. Be realistic when you’re planning out your week and don’t beat yourself up for things beyond your control.

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3. Celebrate your wins

Completing an online course is a big commitment. To stay motivated, reward yourself when you’re doing well. Whether it’s great feedback on a recent assessment task or successfully completing all your planned study sessions for the week, make sure to reflect on your achievements and be proud of them. Implement a reward system when you have a win to keep your momentum.

Win Reward
Complete required reading for a unit Go for a walk
Submit an assessment Have a snack
Pass an assessment Indulge in a glass of wine or a luxurious bath
Finish a unit Have dinner with friends or buy yourself something you love

Alternatively, you may want to use printable adult reward charts and stickers (or DIY if you’re feeling crafty) to track milestones and self-awarded prizes.

4. Find a study buddy

Keeping yourself accountable can be a challenge, especially without scheduled classes to attend or a campus to head to. Two is better than one though and having a study buddy can help you both stay motivated and on track. Even if you aren’t studying the same topics, having someone in a similar situation to yourself can give you a chance to connect with another student and bounce ideas around freely. You could even create a study buddy system with your high-schooler.

If you have someone in mind to study with, why not take advantage of our Refer a Friend program? You’ll not only get a study buddy to keep you motivated, but you’ll also both score a discount on your course fees.

5. Remember why you started

We all experience drops in motivation. Starting study again after a break from coursework can feel daunting and overwhelming. The important thing to remember is that you are not alone – reach out to your leaning coaches or student success advisors if you’re having trouble staying on track and they can help you rediscover your mojo.

In times like these, it’s helpful to think about why you chose to begin your online course in the first place. To further your career. To get a head start in a new industry. To secure a raise. There are many valuable reasons to be completing your studies.
Take a moment to visualise your goal and remember that all the hard work you’re putting in now will be worth it!

How can I stay motivated while studying?

Using these five tips – removing distractions, smart scheduling, celebrating your wins, finding a study buddy and remembering why you started – is a great place to begin motivating yourself to study when you’ve lost your mojo. If none of these tips have helped, remember that you don’t need to suffer in a vacuum. Book in a coaching call or reach out to our support team so you can get the help and advice you need to get back on top of things.

By staying motivated throughout your course, you’ll maximise your results and minimise time spent hitting the wall, meaning you’ll be in your new career role in no time.

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