How to put your Business Diploma to work while you study

Working while studying

Don’t wait until you finish studying

You don’t have to wait until you finish your Diploma of Business (Leadership) (BSB50120) to start applying your learning.
When you study business online, the course is structured in standalone units that all fit together like pieces of pie. You finish the course with every piece you need for well-rounded knowledge across all business areas. The cream on top is you’ll have a business qualification that attracts better salary for management positions and ensures greater success for small business owners.

Let’s break down the study units and show you how to put your diploma to work while you study.

Manage personal work priorities and professional development

The clearer you are as a leader about your goals and work/life balance, the better your business will be. Some of the practical areas you can apply this from the beginning are with personal goal setting, team goal setting, effective time management, professional wellbeing, peer-to-peer networking, developing your staff and implementing performance reviews. This unit will allow you to get the big picture right from the start, and set up the correct measurements to keep on track.

Manage recruitment, selection and induction processes

Every successful business needs to grow, and wise recruitment is essential to strong growth. Recruiting the right people can be tricky and requires insight and diligence. Even if you outsource to an agency, you still need to know they are doing it right and putting the best people in front of you. Once you finish this unit, you can get to work on your recruitment, employment contracts, and induction systems in preparation for the next unit where you learn how to pay your people.

Manage payroll

Again, this is an essential part of the business to get right from the beginning. Tax, Superannuation, Leave provisions, and more, are all areas you need to understand so you can manage your budget and cash flow effectively. You can set yourself up for success from the very first pay run. Instead of payday admin being daunting, it can become satisfying to know that you are organised and providing for the welfare of your team.

Manage separation and termination

One thing you will learn quickly in business is that people come and go. You can look at this reality as a chore, or you can manage it effectively as part of business life. Sometimes it is the employee choosing to go, and sometimes you will have to take steps to move them on fairly yourself. Having a firm understanding of employee industrial relations will anchor you either way.

Manage business document design and development

Every business needs to rely on business documents and have hardware and software to produce them. The better you understand document design, the more professional your business will appear to your customers. When you complete this unit, you can get to work on creating or updating your key templates such as quotes, proposals, HR and OHS documents, standard letters, newsletters, and more.

Manage risk

Understanding risk assessment and management is a prudent business skill. Your business will need operational policies that meet legal, insurance and WorkCover requirements. You will learn how to produce policies, procedures, and processes that manage your risk and get to work creating them. This is a key operational must for your business that you will be glad one day that you took the time to learn.

Undertake project work

Your business will have many projects on the go at once time. This unit will give you the skills to assess each project and its overall benefit to your goals. After learning how to assess and manage a project, no doubt there will be some projects you might decide to let go of. There will be others you decide to speed up and even more that you will begin anew. The difference is you will know with clarity where each business project sits in the big picture of your business mission.

Manage meetings

Now that you have a team, policies, projects and priorities in place you can get down to doing business. That will involve meetings and just like the people who attend them; meetings come in all attitudes, shapes, and sizes. You will learn which meetings are a waste of time and which are essential. There are ways to chair a good meeting so that everyone leaves on track and on purpose. Your meetings will become productive, and you will know how to support each meeting with the right technology to ensure success.

Now you can see how an online Diploma of Business (Leadership) (BSB50120) will focus your operations and give you smarter business skills that you can action as you go. The quicker you start to study business online, the quicker you will be achieving your business goals.