The New Style Business Administration in Australia

The New Style Business Administration in Australia

New Business Administration


If you thought Business Administration in Australia was an old-fashioned vocation, you need to take a closer look at the new style in Business Administration Diploma offered by accredited providers like College for Adult Learning.

Modern roles in the Australian workplace continue to evolve at a rapid rate. Business Administration in Australia is one of those roles.

Administration in the 2000s is no longer the second cousin to human resources or finance but rightly acknowledged as an essential core foundational aspect of any successful organisation.

Today, organisations looking to succeed in competitive markets demand that they recruit smart, accredited and business-savvy individuals into key administration roles.

A modern business administrator must have these ten essential skills

To succeed in business administration in Australia, you must be willing to learn on the job and grow your skill sets. However, you must also have a firm foundation of knowledge to begin with. A modern business administrator must:

  1. be knowledgeable about many aspects of an organisation
  2. easily adapt to changing scenarios
  3. understand how to be a team player
  4. lead and manage junior roles by example
  5. have well-rounded and personable communication skills
  6. be professional and comfortable in high-level executive situations
  7. efficiently produce important management related work
  8. work calmly to many demanding deadlines
  9. know how to use a range of software programs and tools
  10. co-ordinate and often facilitate meetings and projects


Changing Business Administration pathways

The promotion opportunities for Business Administration roles are better and brighter than ever. Your role on reception, or as an assistant, is often the first contact touch point for new and existing clients. While the goal for career advancement is natural, you need to be willing to start at the start and embrace the opportunity to move forward from there.

Be assured, an administration pathway that begins as a receptionist or admin assistant can soon become a promotion to a personal assistant or office manager for the right person. From there, many opportunities exist to expand upon your role and make yourself an indispensable asset to your workplace.

Having a qualification such as a Bachelor in Business Administration helps you to become the right person for the best positions, faster. Of course, the salary incentives that result from your degree ensure that your choice to invest in your future is a sound one. An investment in vocational qualifications is always quickly recovered and is often the best one you will make in your lifetime.

Business Administration in Australia

Closing the generation gap – Why Millennials and Gen X shine as administrators

Australia’s senior executives and business managers understand that having competent and out-of-the-box thinking Millennials on their teams enhances the overall success of their organisation in today’s fast paced environments. Millennials (born 1982 to 2004) often come under scrutiny as being the laziest generation ever.

Other, more open-minded employers point out that what some call lazy is simply this generation’s ability to harness technology and create efficiency in different ways to before. What is clear is that an Australian Business Administration qualification gives any Millennial instant standing and credibility in the job application process and assists you to stand out in the crowd.

The same applies to Gen X’s (born 1965-1984) re-entering the workplace or looking for a career refresh. Forward thinking and hardworking Gen X’s who are willing to upskill to a Diploma of Business Administration, find their years of experience combined with latest cutting-edge knowledge, to be a quickly valued commodity in the job market. Obtaining a Bachelor in Business Administration is a prudent way to fast track your career makeover.

No matter what your age, the current job market for business administration in Australia is seeing a united conversation and methodology across all the generations who hold modern diplomas. For more information on the latest Bachelor in Business Administration in Australia, visit

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