Why you Should Choose a Career in the Logistics Industry



In a time of globalising trade and commerce, knowing how to move freight across the world is crucial and understanding how to streamline this process will prove indispensable.

The link between supplier and consumer is critical. Every company in the world relies heavily on transport and logistics to export their goods to the desired location. Without these critical connections, many industries across Australia and around the world would have difficulty operating efficiently.

If you are looking for an interesting and exciting career with a variety of work and advancement opportunities, a career in the logistics industry could be perfect for you. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider a career in the logistics industry today!

Current Logistics Boom

We once knew the world’s heart of logistics to be North America and Europe, although this has now moved to Asia. China is known as the biggest manufacturer in the world and being so close to Australia, we play a major role in transporting goods to their destination as affordably and efficiently as possible. Currently, the world’s oceans and airports are filled with freight traffic, many companies are streamlining, planning and actioning the timely movement of freight around the world to a critical issue, in the coming years we will be sure to see many advancements to resolve these issues.


The logistics industry is the pillar to our country. The industry contributed an astonishing $131.6 billion to Australia’s economy in 2013 and is currently estimated to employ 1.2 million people, according to the Australian Logistics Council report. These impressive statistics show the industry is not declining anytime soon. Start your career in the logistics industry today and enjoy a secure and certain job that few other industries are able to offer.

Logistics Professionals in High Demand

Logistics management is the section of supply chain management that plans, organises, implements and controls the efficiency of the flow, storage of goods, and services. Logistics managers are required to deal with the collection and delivery of goods between the place of manufacture and the place of consumption in order to meet the customer’s needs. The complex system within the logistic industry and ongoing growth mean there is a lot of room for professional progression and for individuals to excel in their chosen field.

Varied Work Opportunities

Given the vast scope of the entire logistics industry, you can be assured the workers in this industry are never bored or limited. Your day could consist of working for a large-scale logistics firm to a local small business. This dynamic type of work presents a challenging yet fulfilling career path.

The logistics industry values people will all levels of qualifications, from truck driver to logistics manager and all that falls in between. Whether fresh out of school or an academic, there is a range of positions available to you in this industry. Qualifications like the Diploma of Logistics (TLI50221)  offers further opportunities to advance in the industry and specialise in various areas within the industry. This qualification presents an opportunity for logistics and supply chain managers to further their careers and gain valuable skills and knowledge for industry professionals.

Travel the World

A great benefit to a career in the logistics industry is that you are not restricted to one area, in particular, the transport industry. All of Australia is required to be connected to other regions both locally and internationally, so you will likely find logistics career opportunities regardless of your location. Although, location is completely dependant on the type of job you want. For instance, if you live in rural Australia and are looking for a career in the tech field, you would look to relocate to one of the major cities.


Many people measure their professional success on having a positive impact on their company. With a career in the logistics industry you can be sure you are making a distinct and noticeable difference daily.

From organising and managing deliveries and freight to working with a team to ensure products are being delivered to their destination safely and in an efficient and timely manner is highly fulfilling and rewarding.

Your Career in Supply Chain Management

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