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Are you deciding which career path in healthcare management is right for you? Jobs in medical administration, practice management, or health information management are excellent choices for those with high-level organisation skills and the ability to work with a range of people, both inside and outside the business. The benefits of working in these areas of healthcare are the wide variety of sub-industries to choose from, whether that’s in the public or private system. The hours are often friendlier than a career such as nursing, for example, where shifts can be on a 24-hour roster.

Let’s compare roles, salaries and the courses to get you there. Depending on your specific goals, several diploma and double diploma options can help you start your dream career.

Health management courses

Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management) (Specialising in Health Administration)

This course combines a broad foundation of business skills with a specific focus on the health industry. The particular health units prepare you for a career in health administration while giving you a well-rounded business skillset and the ability to understand important information and record-keeping management practices.

You’ll complete units such as:

  • Interpret and apply medical terminology appropriately
  • Manage health billing and accounting systems.
  • Monitor business records systems

Some people begin a career in health administration based on work experience alone, yet, completing a qualification such as the Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management) (Specialising in Health Administration) (BSB50120) can increase your eligibility for more senior roles and lead to faster career progression. Completing a qualification is an excellent way to stand out from other applicants and ensure you’re well-versed with current industry trends. The diploma can also help command a higher salary when beginning your career and into the future.

Double Diploma of Practice Management + Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management)

Completing a double diploma is an excellent way to broaden your skillset and allow for future evolutions in your career path. Thanks to a large amount of crossover between the Diploma of Practice Management (HLT57715) and the Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management) (BSB50120), you can graduate with two qualifications in a much shorter time frame than if you were to complete them separately.

Alongside the business and health units completed in the business and information management diploma, the practice management diploma features unique units essential for anyone wanting to move into management positions in the future. Even if leadership roles aren’t part of your considerations, attaining practice management skills will set you up for more senior roles in the future and give you a further edge over other applicants in the short-term too.

You’ll complete units such as:

  • Implement and monitor infection prevention control policies and procedures
  • Develop organisational policy
  • Manage legal and ethical compliance

Your career path in health administration

If you want to work in health administration, there are several ways to get your foot in the door. However, completing a relevant qualification such as the Diploma of Business (Records and Information Management) (Specialising in Health Administration) (BSB50120) is an excellent way to land your first role. You may begin as an administration assistant in a hospital, general practice medical centre or an allied health practice, such as physiotherapy. Other options include an alternative medicine practice such as naturopathy, or a private specialist’s office.

From there, you can work into more senior roles such as office manager, administration manager or head of administration. The specific health record skills gained during your course offer potential specialisations in this area, which is becoming increasingly important due to privacy issues and the increased need for compliant digital record keeping.

Your career in health information management

A career in health information management is an excellent choice for those interested in healthcare management with an aptitude for data. Health information managers usually begin their career in health administration, making it the perfect career path for those already working in this field. Health information managers may work in a specialised role focused solely around record-keeping, or they may complete these duties as part of being a practice manager.

Interested students should consider the double diploma option to gain skills in both practice management and health record keeping. As mentioned, the demand for accurate, accessible and secure record-keeping has never been so important as many practices move to digital information management.

Should I study a diploma or bachelor’s degree in health management?

Completing a diploma rather than a bachelor’s degree allows you to complete your course faster and get to work in your dream career sooner. Diplomas are more affordable and flexible than university study, making it a smart option for those wanting to study while they work. Employers value the hands-on nature of diplomas and appreciate the focus on practical skills students gain during their courses.

Whether you want to work in health information management, health administration, practice management or a combination of all three, you’ll find that there is a diploma course well suited to you and your career goals.


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