Handbrake on/Handbrake off?


WOW 58% ((Figures quoted in this article are taken from Seek research (as quoted in Herald Sun 03/03/15). Seek Australian Employee Satisfaction & Motivation Study 2015.)) of Staff less than happy with their job! Now that’s a big figure! And it’s also sad, because it’s not unexpected.

Worse follows: It seems that, 38% of staff are actively looking for another job but only 23% would make the switch if another job came up.  So that means 15% don’t like being in the job they’re in, but aren’t going to go. Now that’s not healthy.

OK. So what are the workplace happy and sad factors?

Happy Factors

What makes people job satisfied. How about these 17 ‘likes’:

  1. People I work with
  2. Work environment
  3. Proximity to home
  4. Variety and contents of work
  5. Benefits/conditions (leave, flexitime etc.)
  6. Hours of work
  7. Level of job security
  8. My direct manager
  9. Company culture
  10. Workplace morale levels
  11. Quality of overall management
  12. Feedback/appreciation
  13. Salary
  14. Training and development
  15. My stress level
  16. Career development
  17. Human resources approach

Sad Factors

  1. Poor management, lack of direction, poor leadership
  2. Not caring about/for their staff
  3. Pay rates too low
  4. Input is not valued or respected
  5. Lack of opportunities for professional development
  6. Too many internal changes. changing requirements and restructuring

It’s just not rocket surgery is it? Imagine the lost productivity. Wow!

So the question is: How do YOU choose to operate – handbrake on/handbrake off?