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Procurement, purchasing, contract management: which supply chain sector is best for my career

If you’re looking for a career in supply chain management, you’ve likely heard of purchasing, procurement and contract management. There is a high demand for skilled candidates and plenty of long-term career opportunities in each area. While these three areas are distinctly different, they also feature elements of overlap in their required skills. You may have the opportunity to work in a variety of these sub-industries throughout your career, which is perfect for those who like learning new things or value a varied role.

There are several pathways to careers in these areas. Whether you’re already working there, or working elsewhere in construction, selecting the best qualification is paramount to your success.

When it comes to Procurement and Contract Management online courses, a lot of training providers offer courses that appear similar. However, doing proper research into each course and its career outcomes will give you the best chance of a long-term career path which is perfect for you.

Procurement versus contract management courses – which is better?

While you might already be working in the construction industry, you may not know what direction into managerial roles you would like to venture into. This is where qualifications such as the Diploma of Business (Procurement) (BSB50120) can allow you the freedom to go across a range of opportunities in construction. It will equip you with the skills to become a Procurement Officer, but also give you a wealth of understanding on business and management that you can transfer across jobs and even industries. The best part about completing a broad and well-rounded qualification is that it’s easy to move into different areas as your career progresses. As you want to try out other areas of the supply chain industry or the business world as a whole, you have the skills and knowledge to move there with ease.

However, if you’ve already been working in construction and do know the career trajectory you would like to take, job-specific courses such as the Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator) (CPC40320) will give you the skills and understanding you need to go straight into a contract administration role. It will still give you a host of skills you can transfer between jobs, but is very role and industry-focused for construction and contract management. 

Contract administrator or management online course

On the other hand, contract administration can provide you with a range of new and exciting opportunities in the construction industry. A contract administrator oversees the planning, negotiation, and delivery of contracts on construction projects. They are responsible for ensuring that contracts are properly drafted and executed by both parties.

CAL’s Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator) (CPC40320) will give you the building blocks to set yourself up on a career pathway to contract management. This course will teach you the pragmatic and fundamental skills for a contract administration role. When studying this certificate at CAL, you get the benefit of flexible online learning, allowing you to work and develop your hands-on skills, whilst also gaining your formal qualification.

Upon completion of this certificate, you will have the necessary skills to work as a contract administrator, with an average salary of $125,000. This job role has an expected 9.3% growth in the next five years, making it a very appealing career choice for those wanting to think long-term. There will almost always be jobs available in this sector, and job security is very safe.

Whether you’re looking to grow your career in construction or want to stay in the industry but get off the tools – this contract administration qualification will help you gain the skills and expertise to be a successful contract administrator.

Procurement online course

The Diploma of Business (Procurement) (BSB50120) is a popular and well-rounded course for a good reason.

It couples essential business skills with more specific procurement based units. Upon graduating, you are well equipped to work in procurement and have a solid understanding of business practices too.

Combine your solid business knowledge with the specific skills required for your industry. This will set you up for long-term success, particularly in construction. This combination is well regarded by employers who value prospective employees that have a concrete understanding of the business landscape. You can also tailor this diploma to your specific interests or gaps in your current skill set.

Manage supplier relationships, develop organisation policy, plan and implement strategic sourcing, manage contract performance and finalise contracts are just some of the units you can complete as part of this procurement qualification.

If leadership positions or senior roles are part of your long-term career plan, the Diploma of Business (Procurement) (BSB50120) equips you with the skills and knowledge to help you gain these. Learning specific supply chain skills, and also how to manage people, work in teams and foster positive relationships with suppliers.

In terms of earning potential, the average salary for a Procurement Officer is $85,000. For Procurement Specialists, the average salary is higher, at $110,000. For management positions, the average earnings for a Procurement Manager can regularly exceed $150,000. These earnings make it a lucrative option amongst construction managerial jobs.

Diploma of business procurement is the best online qualification for a supply chain management career


Choosing the best procurement and contract management course

Choosing the best procurement and contract management course to do online is an important career step. There are a few different qualifications on offer, but however similar they may sound, they’re not all equal.

Selecting a well-rounded qualification, that offers a comprehensive variety of units will set you up for long-term career success. You want to be mindful of your career growth and ensure that these aren’t limited to a particular area. By having this foresight now, you will better afford yourself the opportunity of a lifetime of success in the supply chain and contract management industry.

The Diploma of Business (Procurement) (BSB50120) ticks all the right boxes, allowing you to graduate with a solid understanding of not just procurement and business skills as a whole.

If you already have experience within construction and contract administration is something that is more to your skillset, the Certificate IV in Building Project Support (Contract Administrator) (CPC40320) will afford you the expertise you need to grow your career. 

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