6 Top Project Management Tools in 2020

Project management tools for 2020

Are you in charge of managing any projects? Do you use any project management software to do your tasks? There are many beneficial aspects of using the following tools in project management. Read on for some of the best tools for project management in 2020.

What is project management?

Project management is the use of knowledge, techniques, and tools in project activities to meet the requirements of a project efficiently.
Of course, it’s always recommended to divide activities into several stages to simplify the managing process. Here are 5 essential phases in project management that will assist you in organizing your activities:

  1. Initiating the project.
  2. Planning the strategy.
  3. Executing the plan.
  4. Monitoring the tasks.
  5. Closure and analysing.

This is actually a routine in managing every project and there will be a lot of various details case by case.

Why project management software?

There are a lot of tasks in every project that need to be taken care of by the project manager. Of course, it’s not possible for a manager or any of his/her staff to perform or even record all these tasks manually. The main tasks which comprise the majority of the project’s volume are planning, monitoring, and also communications in the project. These are the most vital tasks you need to do by tools. For example, Social Tradia suggests using social media platforms for communication during projects to simplify management, especially when working remotely.

Fortunately, various project management tools are available out there. Each of them covers a variety of functions, and this is up to you to choose the suitable one for your project. It’s important to know that a tool doesn’t necessarily need to be complex. In other words, your requirements and the type of your tasks determine which software is appropriate for your project.

Six top project management tools in 2020

Now that you have been familiar with the necessity of using project management tools, it’s good to know several sought-after software programs.

As it was said earlier, choosing a good tool depends on your requirements, skills, and also budget. We’ll try to introduce these tools so that you can decide easier.

1. Monday.com

Monday.com is a strong platform for project management helping teams in organizing and executing tasks.

You’ll get real-time results, no matter you’re in the workplace or at home. The simplicity and flexibility of Monday.com can provide you with the chance to instantly customizing the project’s procedure.

Fascinating features like time monitoring, automated alarms, and timeline displaying can help your team achieve results more efficiently.

2. Smartsheet

With management, collaboration, and automation features, Smart Sheet has become a leading task-planning and executing platform.

It provides you with a real-time task management dashboard and a user-friendly spreadsheet interface. Many big companies such as Cisco, Bayer, HP, and PayPal are adopting their business tasks in this software. Powerful project management features of the software help your team to use real-time information differently. They can easily switch among Gantt, card, grid, and calendar views.

3. Wrike

Another online project management platform that provides project updating, communication, and reporting is Wrike.

User-friendly Gantt charts, interactive dashboards, customized options, and different requesting templates are just some of its features. Wrike also offers a handful of more specialized features for marketers or professional services. It’s being used by more than 20,000 small and big companies around the world and is a perfect choice for beginners.

Tools to use for project management projects and career

4. Trello

Trello is also a fantastic tool useful for companies that should track tasks and stay up-to-date. It’s way better than traditional project management software even if you’re using the free version.

However, the free version of Trello offers plenty of capabilities that are enough for small teams rather than big companies. In fact, a reporting feature is the most important weakness of this software but it can’t make severe problems for small teams. Trello can really simplify workflow management using a Kanban board allowing all users to watch cards even without being assigned.

5. Backlog

Online project management tools are so popular and therefore a lot of useful tools have developed in this regard. Backlog is one of the most sought after online management tool which is particularly useful for software development. The visual interface of the application helps your team convert each milestone into a manageable task. Plenty of useful features in this software allows you to automatically perform a lot of critical development tasks like bug checking, Gantt charts, and version management. Apart from these features, the main capability of the software is collaboration features including smartphone apps, real-time comments, and also file management.

6. Teamwork

Teamwork is another useful project management tool that can benefit your teams in your projects. You can enhance your collaboration, accountability, and results by using this software. One of its main beneficial aspects is the ability to be customized. You can choose how to work and collaborate with your team no matter which style you use. Customized dashboards can show essential task metrics for your team members. With Teamwork, each member of your team can be allocated to his/her tasks and therefore easily see the workflow. You can see how your work is being tracked just by a simple glance at the activity timeline. Also, a professional overview of groups and all projects in this tool can help you easily spot mistakes and bottlenecks.

Are you ready to commence your own project? If you want to choose one of these software programs, College for Adult Learning can provide you with useful recommendations.

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