5 things you can learn from a Diploma of Business

Is a Diploma of Business really worth it?


The smarter way to learn fast is study online and gain a Diploma of Business (Leadership) (BSB50120). You will start ahead of the field with immediately applicable skills, and a whole lot of knowledge at your side.

Beginning a business course online means that you will gain these five key learnings that you can take and immediately apply in your existing job role, or use as a launch-pad to get your ideal job position. The versatility of a business diploma is a surefire way that you can climb the ladder of success without looking back.


A head start with electives that fit your interests

Every successful business minded professional needs to have generalist knowledge across all areas of business. However, if you know that your business focus is going to be in a specific niche such as project work, or business development, then you can choose business course electives that meet your key needs. Once you hit the job market, you will be better equipped to secure the career path you really want.

Best practice methods

One of the biggest advantages of online training is that you learn how to perform business functions with best practice methods. Tested and tried by professionals and experts in the field, you can be assured your methods and processes learnt in a diploma qualification will help you lead your organisation to success. Whilst experience in any professional capacity is essential, so is fundamental knowledge and continual learning of the most recent and current business practice methods.

How to be an instant authority

A Diploma of Business helps you form essential interpersonal and ‘soft’ skills that will allow you to feel prepared and confident
When you’ve learnt and practised the best ways to manage business, you are winning from day one. You will start confidently qualified instead of having to attempt to apply theoretical knowledge to real-life experiences.

How to be supported

One of the hardest things to learn in life is how to seek out and ask for support. Most of us think we have to go it alone, and most business-minded leaders are no exception. In fact, every successful entrepreneur will tell you the key to their success was having great mentors at their side. That is why you will be assigned a supportive team of expert coaches for the duration of your course. You will get advice on how to develop a learning plan, prioritise, and keep on track. Your coaches will help you celebrate your successes in your learning, and be able to offer you real-world advice based on their extensive experience in their respected fields.  They will encourage you through any learning curves where you might need a little push to keep on your way.

What you won't learn on the job..

The all-important time management skill

Taking on the challenge of a diploma online is an excellent way for you to develop your time management and efficiency skills. The rigid structure of TAFE and University qualifications means that you can fall back on others’ organised timetables, and simply attend classes and fit your lifestyle what has already been determined. A wonderful advantage of studying online with CAL is that you can be completely flexible with your own learning. With no set deadlines for submitting work, undertaking quizzes or assessments – the onus is on you to study and complete your learning. This will push you to be more organised in your daily and weekly routines, and encourage you to become more driven and self-motivated. The soft skills you gain from undertaking an online qualification are fantastic attributes to bring into a professional job role.