Why a Work Health & Safety Diploma is an Excellent Career Choice

WHS jobs and benefits of WHS Diploma

The opportunities within work health and safety are diverse and ever-evolving to meet the challenges that face the modern workplace. The importance of these roles extends across all industries from medical practices to construction sites. For people entering the workforce, a job in health and safety is looking like an excellent career choice, backed by great job security and career advancement opportunities.

2020 brought health and safety challenges to the workplace previously not seen on such a scale for a hundred years. The COVID-19 pandemic meant that workplaces redefined the way they operated. They were subject to social distancing, temperature testing, working from home, reduced numbers on worksites, and much more.

Though always important, health and safety are now paramount. How can workplaces continue to meet productivity goals while managing risk, leading teams, and ensuring workers stay safe from the virus?

Health and safety is now a career that is very much in the spotlight. The excellent news for people looking to get into this valuable field is that the College for Adult Learning is now offering the Diploma of Work Health & Safety (BSB51319).

Why is the WHS Diploma a good career choice?

The benefits offered by the Diploma of Work Health Safety are many. By choosing to undertake this qualification, you guarantee yourself a strong foundation of useful, quality skills.

Like all online diplomas offered by the College for Adult Learning, this one can be completed at your own pace, with a generous 24-month course length offered. Freedom to study how you choose means you can tailor a solution that fits your lifestyle, and you can better determine the length of time it will take you to complete the diploma. For people with more time or determination, the qualification can be achieved in 12 months. For those who have varied work or family commitments, there is the option to complete the course over 24 months.

You will develop knowledge across a broad platform of subjects, covered through engaging tutorials, assessments relevant to the industry, and work that will get you ready for the real-life situations you will be facing.

A taste of the learning offered includes:

  • Lead initial response to and investigate work health safety
  • Manage work health safety compliance and contractors
  • Communicate with influence
  • Lead and manage organisational change
  • Contribute to managing a work health safety system

Is the WHS Diploma worth it?

Seeking to obtain further qualifications is always a positive career move. It demonstrates to employers that you are dedicated to your job and industry. Education like this can go a long way in helping employees gain a position, be given promotion, and receive a salary raise.

If you already hold a WHS position, completing a certification like the Diploma of Work Health Safety (BSB51319) can add depth to your existing knowledge that you can apply immediately to your role as you study.

Foundational and educational diploma qualifications aid in future-proofing your career. When you complete a WHS qualification, you are developing essential skills relating to occupational health and safety that strengthen your ability to make mindful decisions in your work. You will complete this course, having gained strong communication skills and the ability to lead a group into making meaningful workplace decisions.

Rewarding opportunities in work health and safety

The world and workforce are ever-changing, and many workplaces were changed forever during 2020. The way business must operate post-pandemic, and the policies required have entirely changed. The post-covid norm requires tightened policies that are thoroughly reviewed and implemented depending on changing government mandates.

While this was challenging, it also presents great opportunity across all industries. Health and safety laws are a vital part of any and all workplaces now more than ever. Taking the initiative to secure a respected qualification in WHS will create rewarding career opportunities. Being able to demonstrate WHS skills will stand you in good stead throughout the entirety of your working life.

As a WHS professional, you will be working in a career responsible for ensuring employees’ practical wellbeing while keeping the company doors open. By guarding employees’ health and safety, you guarantee security for people who rely on the business running safely with top-notch policies and procedures.

A flexible career choice

Work health and safety is a rewarding career that will keep you satisfied. As your WHS skills and knowledge are transferrable, it is a field that can be applied across multiple industries. This flexibility means that career advancement is possible, easy, and gratifying. You have the freedom to try a range of industries until you find the one that suits you best.

Completing an online course, like the Diploma of Work Health Safety (BSB51319), will give you the risk-assessment skills to safely lead and manage a changing workforce. With change being the only certainty there is, you will be making an excellent career choice.