Is the Diploma of Logistics Right for You?



The Diploma of Logistics qualification (TLI50219) prepares current and aspiring logistics professionals for a fulfilling and progressive career in a growing industry. The College for Adult Learning prides itself on being able to offer a course which is as diverse as the people who study it.

This qualification is packaged to continue to meet the needs of the current industry, ensuring the skills and knowledge gained by students are workforce ready. The Diploma of Logistics (TLI50219) meets the training standards of the logistics industry, offering a competitive qualification.

Naturally, prospective students will have a number of questions about the course and whether it will offer them the outcomes they would like to achieve.

1. Your Level of Experience

The course is structured to give entry-level and mid-level professionals the opportunity to further enhance their employability and practical skill set. At the completion of this course, many of our students step directly into logistics roles.

Those who have come from the logistics industry, or have previous vocational logistics experience, can expect to present as highly competitive candidates for supply chain and purchasing supervisor or management positions.

For those without prior work experience, adult education courses offer an insight into managing these functions. The units of the course meet current industry standards and have been developed in collaboration with industry professionals.

2. Your Course Expectations

By undertaking this course, students will equip themselves with a number of general and specific logistics skills to help them land a graduate job. Alternatively, to fast track to more senior positions, many students use this course as a springboard to enter into Bachelor degrees or further study. The course prepares students for a number of careers in logistics, ranging from general logistics leaders to niche logistics sectors.

The industry as a whole is experiencing continued growth, and undergoing significant advancements with the introduction of new logistics technology. Students will gain an understanding of the wider future of the industry, and their place within it.

3. Your Learning Style

Unlike a number of other institutions, The College for Adult Learning tailors its courses to meet the preferences and learnings styles of individual students. With RPL options available, students can even fast track their course, narrowing the course content down and learning the skills they need to get qualified, sooner.

The Diploma of Logistics is offered online, which can have an array of advantages such as the convenience of working from home, the flexibility to study when it suits the individual, and the accessibility of resources at all times. Online learning provides one-on-one learning that brick and mortar facilities often do not. Students are assigned a personal coach who will be on hand to answer questions, provide professional feedback, and help students to navigate the online environment.

Online learning does require a level of dedication and self-motivation from students, as they are entirely responsible for the pace they set, the work they complete and the standards they maintain. The time management skills exhibited by students who study online are highly respected by employers seeking to employ driven, well-rounded students.

College for Adult Learning is a respected provider of adult education courses, recognised by industries and other institutions around Australia. The Diploma of Logistics is a comprehensive course which grants students an understanding of and practical skills in logistics.

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