How To Get 2 Free Online Courses: Our Real Outcomes Guarantee

free online courses real outcomes guarantee

At the College for Adult Learning, we’re dedicated to providing real-world results to our students. We are proud to offer our Real Outcomes Guarantee: the choice of two free online courses for our students upon completion. 

We provide real outcomes, not just certificates. We want to ensure you continue to grow and smash your goals even once your learning journey is completed with us. Read more about our Real Outcomes Guarantee and find out how you can unlock your two free online courses. 

What is the Real Outcomes Guarantee?

Our Real Outcomes Guarantee is our commitment to you and your career goals, ensuring that your studies will give you real-world benefits. We’re committed to helping you reach your career goals as a result of studying with us. Our team, assessments, and feedback are all focused on helping you in your career, not just passing your course.

When you enrol in your qualification, you’ll be asked for your motivation for studying. This is your goal – what you hope to achieve once you’ve completed your qualification. This also helps our coaches and Student Success Advisors to assist you in your study to know what drives you and ultimately helps you to know exactly what you’re working toward. 

Once you’ve completed your qualification and reached your goal, you’ll gain access to two free online courses. We truly believe in providing real outcomes to our students, and we guarantee these outcomes through these free online courses. 

“When a student first signs up for their course, we ask them what their primary motivation is, so we can make a note of this in our system and refer back to it during their studies – it helps to have an idea of their career goals from the outset so we can support their achievement and help them retain their motivation to complete their qualification.”

  • Jenni, Career Coach

Why is continual learning so important?

Continual learning is how we grow in our career and life. Even when your qualification at the College for Adult Learning is complete, that doesn’t mean your learning journey is. We understand that the world is ever-changing and continual learning is how we adapt and keep up and thrive in the workforce. 

By seeking new knowledge and refining your skills, you’ll foster your personal growth and professional development. It allows you to stay ahead in your field, remain competitive, and seize opportunities as they arise. 

Moreover, in a knowledge-driven world where information is abundant and easily accessible, continual learning empowers you to think critically and make informed decisions. Ultimately, continual learning is the key to unlocking personal potential, fostering innovation, and building your brighter future. Your learning journey doesn’t stop when you get your certificate, and we want to help you as you continue to grow. 

“We want CAL graduates to be work ready today and employable tomorrow.”

  • Sarah Sabell, CEO of the College for Adult Learning

What free online course can I study?

As part of our Real Outcomes Guarantee, once you’ve finished your qualification and completed your goal, you’ll gain access to your choice of two of the following free online courses:

  • Productivity Through People
  • Project Management Essentials
  • Gaining the Negotiation Edge
  • Presenting with Impact
  • Leadership and Management Essentials
  • Time Tactics
  • The Assertive Communicator
  • Managing Difficult and Confronting Conversations

*These courses are subject to change at any time

How do I get my free online courses?

When you enrol, tell us what your motivation is for studying and what is your goal. Throughout your learning journey, you’ll have access to resources and advice to help to take extra steps towards your goal. Once you’ve graduated from your course, we’ll check in to see if you are like the 96% of students surveyed, have also reached your goal that you set out to achieve before studying.

What if I don’t reach my goal?

If you’ve really tried but haven’t been able to achieve your goal within 6 months after you complete your study with us, we’ll give you additional resources to help get you there. You’ll be able to enrol in two additional short courses for FREE to give you an extra boost towards your goal.

What help during my course is there to reach my goal?

At the College for Adult Learning, we’re proud to offer multiple valuable support networks for our students. These include:

  • Student Success Advisors
  • Flying Start program
  • Career Coach and Careers Hub

Careers Hub

As part of our commitment to real outcomes, CAL offers complimentary career services throughout your study. You can use our templates to improve your cover letter and resume, build confidence in your job search, and book a coaching call for tailored career advice as we support you through your learning journey and beyond.

“We provide complimentary career services to all students throughout their enrolment, including: a careers hub unit, containing tools, templates and 35 topics to help them manage their own career including career planning, personal branding, networking and interview skills, free resume and cover letter review service, and complimentary career coaching calls.”

  • Jenni, Career Coach

Student Success Advisors

Our Student Success Advisors are here to ensure that you have everything you need to be successful in your studies. They are your number one supporters, helping you with motivation, study plans and tips on productivity and organisation.

“We have student success advisers who are there to guide our students throughout their whole study journey at CAL. We understand that students come from different paths in life and want to ensure they are comfortable and confident to start their studies.

Throughout their course, students can reach out for support for any units or assessments in their studies. Anytime students have questions or need further explanation in their course they can reach out using the method that suits them best: live chat, email or booking a call.”

  • Jenni, Career Coach

The Real Outcomes Guarantee opens doors to a world of knowledge and continual learning, with no extra cost to you. Whether you’re seeking to upgrade your professional skills, embark on a new career path, or simply expand your horizons, choose CAL with the added peace of mind that real outcomes await.