5 Currently Growing Jobs in Logistics


Growing jobs in logistics industry
There are approximately 10,000 jobs advertised in the manufacturing, transport and logistics sector in Australia right now. With 38.4% job growth in the last 5 years, very strong growth for the next 5 years and above average future job openings, the future looks bright for those that are in this field as there are currently growing jobs in logistics.

With all that being said what kind of growing jobs in logistics are available and what are the jobs that will be in high demand in the coming years? Below you will find a quick snapshot of some of the jobs in the manufacturing, transport and logistics field, what skills you’ll require and the salary ranges that you could expect.


1. Procurement Manager

Procurement Managers are responsible for the sourcing of suppliers, purchase orders, negotiation with suppliers on prices and contracts and oversight of all orders and purchases. You will be in charge to deliver cost saving initiatives and performance improvement as well as developing positive relationships with suppliers. Other responsibilities include liaising with transport and operation staff to ensure optimal stock levels at all times, development and implementation of procurement strategies and ensuring a safe workplace.

What Skills are Needed?

  • Great interpersonal relationships
  • Ability to work autonomously and in a team environment
  • Project management and organisation skills
  • Contracts management
  • Strong problem solving and decision making skills

Salary Range: $60k-$150k

2. Distribution Centre Manager

Working as a Distribution Manager, you will be responsible for managing the movement, organisation, supply and storage of goods through your centre. Functioning with a team, responsibilities also include supervising the daily function of the distribution centre, maintaining appropriate stock levels, dealing with customer issues effectively and timely, ensuring proper WHS practices are adhered to, tracking stock using programs like SAP, review data and perform analysis and presentations and ensuring quality control of all stock and its movement.

What Skills are Needed?

  • Leadership skills and being able to work in a team
  • Detail orientated and well organised
  • Good communication skills
  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Customer service skills

Salary Range: $115k-$140K

3. Operations Manager

As an Operations Manager, your main area of focus will be on coordinating and planning the business operations to ensure that the day to day tasks are well organised, running smoothly and efficiently whilst also having oversight of staff, projects and clients. You will also be in charge of workforce planning, cost controls, customer service, developing and implementing business plans in consultation with senior management, equipment management and movement of goods.

What Skills are Needed?

  • Significant leadership experience or training
  • Attention to detail, problem solving and people management skills
  • Advanced computer skills
  • WHS exposure
  • Client and stakeholder management

Salary Range: $80k-$120k

4. Logistics Manager

Often reporting directly to the CEO, Logistics Management jobs are varied and generally will have oversight over the whole supply chain managing the purchasing of goods, movement, storage, scheduling and delivery. As a logistics manager, you will need to ensure the safe, smooth and efficient storage and distribution of goods along the whole supply chain, to meet the needs of the end customer. Other job requirements will be to negotiate and tender contracts, coordinate staff, prepare regulatory paperwork and implementing WHS standards. Often times, international trade will be involved and as such, logistics managers must have an understanding of import and export legislation and have strong knowledge of international freight procedures.

What Skills are Needed?

  • Must be detailed and well organised
  • Leadership and managerial proficiency
  • Numeracy skills and analytically minded
  • Strong IT skills
  • Ability to work extremely well with others especially with resolving conflicts and negotiation

Salary Range: $110k-$150k


5. Transport Scheduler

The role of a transport scheduler involves ensuring that company assets are available and on time for delivery routes whilst also maintaining continuous improvement and efficiency to enhance profitability. Key responsibilities include the planning of transport of goods on time, cost effective allocation of resources, management of drivers and staff to meet KPIs, maintaining schedules, WHS and fatigue management compliance, schedule internal and external deliveries and ensure all customs and transport requirements are met. A hands on operational role, a transport scheduler will be dealing directly with staff and drivers helping to troubleshoot problems daily and also ensure value is passed on to all stakeholders.

What Skills are Needed?

  • High attention to detail and very organised
  • Knowledge of Australian transport rules and regulations
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Good record management skills
  • Enjoy working in a fast paced environment

Salary Range: $50k-$120k


Logistics is a huge growth industry in Australia and globally. Last year it added $131.6 billion to Australia’s economy and employed 1.2 million people and, in the US it’s growing every day. There is no doubt that logistics is a boom industry that is full of opportunities and growth as well as challenging, exciting jobs.

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