Find Success in a Human Resources Career with a Business Administration Qualification

Find Success in a Human Resources Career with a Business Administration Qualification

Find success in your HR career with a Business Administration qualification

Imagine getting two valuable professional qualifications and saving yourself up to six months of study time in the process. The key to finding success in a Human Resources career could be a Business Administration qualification.

The College for Adult Learning offers diploma courses you can complete at a time and pace that suits you, with 24/7 support from industry experts. Diplomas in Human Resources and Business Administration are two great examples.

The best of both worlds

There’s a multitude of reasons you might wish to undertake a double diploma course, aside from the financial and time advantages. Perhaps your passions are evenly split between two, or more, fields of expertise. You may want a career that combines skills as learned in two separate, but aligned fields.

A good example of getting the best of both worlds would be the College for Adult Learning’s Diploma of Human Resources Management(BSB50618) and Diploma of Business Administration (BSB50415). One diploma steers you towards understanding processes relating to, among other things, people management (HR). The other allows you to focus on ‘bigger picture’ business issues such as management, planning, and strategy.

They complement each other perfectly. When a recruiter has to choose between somebody with two qualifications instead of one, it’s pretty obvious which candidate has the advantage. They’ll also be making a choice between somebody who’s taken the initiative to invest in themselves by undertaking a double diploma, and somebody who may not have.

Which is the right course for me?

The HR industry employed 218,000 Australians in 2016 - 2017. By 2022, that number is estimated to increase to 245,00. Now is a great time to kickstart a HR career, with entry-level HR roles starting salaries at $46,000. Click To Tweet

Diplomas aren’t the only human resources qualifications offered online by The College for Adult Learning, and with good reason. If you are looking for a ‘foot in the door’ in the HR industry, then a Certificate IV in Human Resources might be a better course for you.

In these days of increasingly frequent employee turnover, the ability to build and maintain a thriving and happy workplace has never been more important. That’s where your human resources skills will shine. If you have a few years’ of workplace experiences, then the Diploma of Human Resources Management is a better choice.

In other words, the Cert IV is more a career ‘kick-starter’, whereas the diploma helps consolidate and improve skills or qualifications you’ve already earned. The average entry-level HR graduate can expect to earn about $46,000. Beyond that, the news is even brighter. The HR industry employed 218,000 Australians in 2016 – 2017. By 2021 – 2022, that number is estimated to increase to 245,000, showing that demand is increasing. Naturally, competition for these workers will increase, meaning salaries will rise too.

How will a business qualification help my human resources career?

When you combine diplomas, the sum is far greater than its’ parts. To start with, the list of jobs through which you qualify more than doubles.

For example, imagine you’ve decided to apply for a Human Resources position at a business which has 100 or so employees. Any applicant who ticks the HR box will be a lot more attractive if they’ve got a broader skill range that what the position requires. Having the business administration qualifications to run a meeting, contribute to the overall strategy, and identify improvements to production processes are beneficial skills to have, on top of the important HR qualities the company is seeking.

A double diploma can be undertaken concurrently with a crossover of units, and be finished far quicker than if you were to do one diploma after the other. Plus, the initiative you’ve shown is a great indicator to your prospective boss that you are a forward thinker and go-getter who’s happy to invest in their future.

Make the most of your versatile skills

A Diploma of Human Resources Management opens up a world of career paths. You may wish to specialise in training or employee development, recruitment, compensation, employee assistance, or any number of other specialties. In fact, a company with several hundred or more employees may have separate positions for some or all of these jobs.

Likewise, a Diploma of Business Administration is also a versatile qualification. You may wish to concentrate on administration itself or branch out into areas such as marketing, sales, accounts, finance, or numerous other options. An employer may be looking for a specialist but realise that an applicant with qualifications in both areas would offer a competitive advantage to the business.

A business administrator with a good understanding of employee welfare issues is likely to be a more empathetic manager or supervisor. Conversely, a human resources professional who can identify training requirements to enhance a business’ overall strategy, will have a head start over candidates with only one specialty.

Stats don’t lie – Quantifying the value of a double diploma

In August 2019, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released its latest comprehensive report into the nature of Australia’s workforce. The ABS found that in the previous five years, weekly earnings for those with a diploma had increased by $123 per week, and by $150 per week for those with Certificate III/IV qualifications. These were among the largest increases right across the workforce and occurred over a period in which wage growth was generally flat.

Statistics don’t lie, and what the ABS found is good news for anyone undertaking a diploma course in the current job market. What the College for Adult Learning offers is a convenient, proven path to achieve your career goals.

You can get qualified online, with great support, by studying at your own pace for qualifications that are recognised across diverse industries. Now you can start planning for your future career path knowing that doubling up on Human Resources Management and Business Administration diplomas might get you there even faster.

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