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Logistics professionals sit at the heart of modern business; responsible for the management of the flow of goods and services from origin to consumption and, to meet customer requirements.

CAL’s Diploma of Logistics Qualification TLI50415 is nationally accredited in Australia, plus highly respected in Asia Pacific and worldwide.

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Ease your way by simply ‘filling the gaps’ of your knowledge by only studying and submitting what you need to. Your coach will develop your own personal learning plan and get you to accreditation in the quickest time line possible.


CAL’s Diploma of Logistics is easily achieved in 10 – 18 months even if you know very little about logistics. Also ideal if you need to supplement past experience with further evidence gathering, or need to work your study schedule around other commitments. You can submit your work 24/7 from anywhere in the world, in a flexible timeframe that works for you. Discover your anticipated timeline – Simply fill in our enquiry form to talk to a course advisor.

Logistics professionals sit at the heart of modern business and decide what kind of people a business needs, how goods and services move from supply to production and the marketplace and how a business is structured to create the ideal operating environment. They also play a key leadership role in improving and sustaining productivity.

As we become more and more engaged with the global economy, logistics plays a critical role in the development of international supply channels that supports economies throughout the world.

This qualification presents an opportunity for logistics and supply chain specialists to further their careers and gain valuable skills and knowledge and, if you want to build a successful enterprise from the ground up, Logistics is the place to start!

This course prepares students to responsibly manage varied functions in the wide area of logistics including freight, supply chains, transport, inventory, procurement, warehousing and other areas.

Potential Job roles

Job roles and titles vary across different sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

  • Logistics Manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Logistics operations manager
  • Distribution centre manager
  • Supply chain manager
  • Supply chain customer service manager
  • Purchasing manager
  • Procurement manager
  • Contract manager
  • Road transport manager
  • Vehicle fleet management

Successful completion of this course may improve employment prospects, enhance current job performance, aid promotion and increase graduates’ ability to meet new opportunities in a global business environment.

Graduates in this qualification could expect to find employment in these sectors:

  • Customs and freight
  • Dispatching and deliveries
  • Postal services
  • Warehousing and inventory
  • Road, rail and freight operations
  • Domestic and international airlines
  • Public transport
We guarantee logistics and supply chain information that is up to date and real-time relevant. It will provide learners with a solid background and the key knowledge areas that underpins logistics and transport as well as applicable processes that can then be applied to the varied and different transport and logistics methodologies on the global stage.

CAL is continually updating the units of study to ensure that every video tutorial completed contains the most recent changes/updates and cutting edge practice. The units in the Diploma of Logistics are in a continuous improvement cycle – we never stop working on, updating and improving our content. Our promise to you is to provide you with the most recent, most relevant information and to support it (where required) with up to date statistics and tools. The examples we provide are always based on cutting edge models and global best practice. We guarantee participants will be exposed to new and developing theory and practice that can be immediately applied on the job – a comprehensive yet practical program of study!

  • An Accreditation you can trust from an authentic RTO with over 15 years’ experience in adult learning.
  • Flexible unit selection for adult learners – A tailored course that practically ‘fills the gaps’ in your experience, and does not require you to study what you already know.
  • Online 21st century learning – Quality video tutorials with comprehensive voice instructions and hands-on exercises that enable you to learn by doing.
  • Expert and up to date content – programs that are purposefully developed to be globally and future focused, rich in current workplace topics and practically relevant to your career.
  • A 30 day “earn your trust” no-risk Money Back Guarantee.
  • The option of quality 1 on 1 interactive support – Fully trained learning coaches who have been adult students themselves and actually care about your future success.
  • Access to a comprehensive package of bonus elective tutorials, unique to CAL, that will support your Accreditation with a distinct competitive advantage.
  • Specialist industry specific tool kit and resources that you will not find from any other course provider.

The Diploma of Logistics provides a qualification for students interested in the integrated management of logistics. This course focuses on procedures for transport and logistics management. Students will explore areas such as the management of suppliers, supply chain and customer service as well as the management of operational and financial plans and budgets.

Requirements for completion of the qualification:

This qualification comprises 14 units of competency comprising:

9 core/ technical units



6 additional elective units

Core/Technical UnitsAdditional Elective Units (select 6)
TLIL5020 Develop and maintain operational procedures for transport and logistics enterprisesBSBLDR502 Lead and manage effective workplace relationships
TLIL5055 Manage a supply chainBSBWOR502 Lead & manage team effectiveness
BSBWHS501 Ensure a safe workplaceBSBMGT502 Manage people performance
TLIR5014 Manage suppliersBSBHRM402 Recruit, select & induct staff
TLIP5004 Develop a transport & logistics business planBSBWOR501 Manage personal work priorities & PD
TLIA5058 Manage facility & inventory requirementsBSBWRK510 Manage employee relations
TLIX4028 Apply knowledge of logisticsTLIP5035 Manage budgets & financial plans
TLIL5018 Manage customer service
TLIF0002 Administer chain or responsibility Policies and Procedures

FACT: Qualified managers, supervisors and team leaders earn more and get promoted faster. Seek.com lists the average salary for Transport and Logistics jobs at $80,270 with the minimum salary at $65,045 with more than 5,000 logistics jobs on SEEK in January 2015.

This logistics course may lead to career opportunities in a variety of opportunities such as a national or international career in Warehouse Management, Transport Operation Management, Distribution Operations Management, Logistics or Inventory Management, or Supply Chain Management.

Logistics forms a part of the supply chain process. Logistics is the management function where plans are implemented to control the efficient, effective flow and storage of goods, services, and related information. This usually occurs from the point-of-origin to the point-of-consumption with the intention of meeting customers’ demands.

Studying to become a logistics professional could be a pathway to a successful and in-demand career.

You’ll provide an invaluable service by overseeing chain management, procurement and purchasing. In the logistics industry you’ll need to be able to integrate key business processes while considering the end user as well as managing the original suppliers.

This course is designed to give you the real, working skills you’ll need to step directly into a role, or continue your logistics studies at university. If you’re seeking to develop your knowledge and skills in supply chain management, this diploma would be suitable if you already have vocational logistics experience but are new to the role of supply chain/purchasing supervisor or manager.

Equally, this course will train you in managing these functions in an organisation if you don’t already have work experience. It includes a selection of units to meet the current industry demands for the logistics sector and has been created in consultation with industry.

If you’re looking for a course that will enhance your employment prospects, then the Diploma of Logistics could provide you with a flexible way of getting the comprehensive skills that you’ll need to find success in the sector.

To undertake this qualification prospective students are required to have successfully completed year 12 or its equivalent and/or successful completion of a language, literacy and numeracy test.

There is no formal prerequisite study required to enter this qualification however, it is recommended that individuals have a Certificate IV qualification in their chosen field of study and have relevant industry experience to assist with the learning application required for this course. This may have been obtained through formal and informal training, work experience and/or life experience.

Entry for mature age students is determined on a minimum of 5 years recent, relevant industry experience.

Upon enrolment all students will be assessed for their language, literacy and numeracy skills. Where these levels fall below the requisite standard for the qualification a learning coach will advise the student of the remedial options open to them. This may involve a withdrawal of enrolment and refund of fees paid.

Please refer to the student handbook for full details of the entry level requirements procedure.

Gaining a qualification is an important career choice, (especially for Adults, you want to get it right the first time). Even after researching and reading about our course information, facilitator background, high quality of coaching and graduate testimonials, we understand that you may still need more…

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  • Online learning is an exciting and dynamic learning environment. You are not a passive learner, but fully engaged in the tutorials, assessments and learning outcomes.
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  • You win from the start with no classes, no rush hour dash or parking hassles
  • Tutorials are easily navigated and the order can be adapted to your priorities.
  • Talk privately and securely with your personal coach as often as you need via phone, video conference and email. There are no chat rooms or message boards; you receive private direct answers to your questions.
  • Unit quizzes serve to demonstrate knowledge obtained and your readiness to proceed to the next unit.
  • Your coach evaluates each assignment and advises any areas that need to be expanded upon. This method ensures you understand ‘best practice’ project actions, calculations and plans.
  • Advice from a real person, not a computer! You receive a personal learning plan and regular feedback and personal assistance from our experienced facilitators, including our instructor who has over 15 years of PMP experience.
  • Learning occurs on the job and you are able to apply your knowledge real time for immediate results.
  • Online learning abilities are highly respected by employers – read our blog for more.
  1. Many course providers offer ‘cookie cutter’ one size fits all courses based on a mass production model that does not allow for individual tailoring.
  2. Traditional training with a TAFE type course is a one schedule for all, rigid semester system that may not be conducive to your timeframe.
  3. Some employers prefer to employ students who have studied with private RTOs rather than TAFEs and other publicly funded RTOs because they know you will be work ready; employers also value that there will be no need for wasting time with lengthy workplace induction programs, as a CAL course will have you hit the ground running.
  4. Large course providers are virtually a training supermarket. They often do not offer facilitators with specialist knowledge in course fields. You may be chatting in forums with school leavers or international students who are not on your wavelength and don’t share your level or experience or maturity.
  5. Beware of courses that do not have a legitimate course identifier number, or who use these expressions; ‘Like a Diploma, ‘Based on a Diploma, ‘the same as a Diploma’, or ‘a Partial course’. These courses are not worth the paper they are printed on and will not be recognised in the workforce.
  6. Check that the company or individual providing the training is a Registered Training Organisation with a TOID number. (CAL’s TOID no. is 22228).
  7. Ensure your course provider is one that knows the current curriculum and is up to date with changes in PM related regulations, codes and legislation. Content and guidelines are constantly changing and courses must be updated regularly to stay relevant to your job and the market. Eg: CAL recently included updates to reflect the changes to Fair Work Australia contract legislation, the recent ISO review and emerging project governance issues.
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