8 Reasons to Get a VET Qualification Today

8 Reasons to Get a VET Qualification Today

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A VET Qualification such as Certificate IV or Diploma holds considerable value in the Australian job market. VET diplomas standout and are respected in the job market for being flexible, adaptable, practical and kept up-to-date with strict guidelines

8 ways a VET qualification is a smart decision

  1. Add Value Skills
  2. Employers look for skills that will add value to their business and VET is a great way to develop these skills. Many jobs being created in Australia are skilled positions, further highlighting the importance of gaining VET qualifications. VET provides courses for 9 out of 10 occupations predicted to have the greatest growth in new jobs over the next five years.

    This includes:

    • Business, HR and Marketing – 929 000 new jobs by 2020

    • Specialist Managers – 719 000 new jobs by 2020

    • Sales Assistants and Salespersons – 889 000 new jobs by 2020


  3. Better Employment Outcomes
  4. People who hold higher level VET qualifications have better employment outcomes and higher earnings that those who have not studied after leaving school. The National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) annual student outcomes survey shows that year after year, consistently 78% of all VET Graduates are employed six months after completing their training.

    This evidence suggests that people who hold qualifications at the Certificate II or higher level are more likely to be employed. Those who hold qualifications at the Advanced Diploma/Diploma or Certificate III or IV level have low level unemployment (4.0% and 4.3% respectively). In contrast, the unemployment rates for workers who do not hold post-school qualifications are higher, particularly for those who left school before completing Year 10 (12.2%).


  5. Higher Salaries
  6. Skilled workers commonly earn more. People who did not complete Year 12 generally earn around 21% less than someone whose highest educational attainment is an advanced diploma or diploma, and around 42% less than a university graduate.


  7. Employer Approved
  8. Employers are positive about the impact of vocational training on their employees, and agree it leads to increased knowledge and understanding, development of new skills and better business performance. It is a myth that employers prefer academic qualifications to vocational ones.


  9. Fast Track to Success
  10. A Diploma can be completed in three months full time or six-twelve months part-time study and gain you advanced standing into post-graduate study. A Bachelor Degree can take up to 7 years to complete part-time.


  11. Accessible Education
  12. A Diploma Qualification costs a fraction of a Bachelor Degree. The Government’s Study in Australia website lists the following indicative costs:

    • Vocational Education and Training (Certificates I to IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) – $4 000 to $22 000
    • Undergraduate Bachelor Degree – $15 000 to $33 000*
    • Postgraduate Masters Degree – $20 000 to $37 000*
    • Doctoral Degree – $14 000 to $37 000*

    *Does not include high value courses such as medical and veterinary


  13. Five Surprising Bachelor Degree Statistics
  14. The Federal Government Graduate Outcomes Survey 2017 revealed:

    1. Only two-thirds of students are completing their Bachelor degree within six years

    2. Only 71% of graduates secure a job straight out of university

    3. A further 15% remain unemployed four years after graduating

    4. Those studying at Federation University in Victoria, Charles Darwin University and the University of Southern Queensland were the least likely to complete their degree.

    5. One in four graduates said the training was not relevant to the employment market


  15. World Recognised Learning
  16. The Australian VET system stands out on an international platform for being:

    • Industry-led and responsive to changing industry and employer needs

    • Nationally collaborative between state, territory and federal governments

    • Client focused to give flexible and relevant education outcomes


Choosing a VET Provider

After you decide that VET is right for you, the next decision is who to trust to provide you with quality and relevant education. Look for an independent RTO that:

  • Uses industry experts to write their courses (rather than buying a cheap cookie cutter option)

  • Offers a range of electives so you can tailor your diploma to your needs and experience

  • Provides learning coaches, student portals and additional resources to support your learning goals to ensure that you stay on track and graduate faster.


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